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Are Yorkies Hypoallergenic

Yorkie Hypoallergenic - pictureSome people say Yorkie is one of the best options to have a dog without experiencing the top common issues a dog can cause to both: your house and your family or humans at all. Indeed, a Yorkie is a dog with small body and big heart that causes big love among the whole house. But the danger a big nasty dog can bring in your house, while wandering just to play with you and meanwhile, drop everything down on the floor is not the only great benefits of these puppies. Many people actually believe that Yorkies are also hypoallergenic. And this is why, when it comes to choosing a dog for a person with allergies or with family members with such, a Yorkie terrier comes as a really amazing alternative. The Yorkshire terrier is one of the 10 or maybe, 15 hypoallergenic dog breeds. Yes, there is such a list. And here you can also find the following popular and cute dog breeds: Bichon frise, Chinese crested, Bedlington terrier, Shih tzu and many others. But the question is:

Are Yorkshire terriers really hypoallergenic dogs?

We named other possible hypoallergenic breeds on purpose. Because there is something you all need to know: there is no such a thing as a hypoallergenic dog. While a dog has fur or hairs, and while it is shedding (even very very little), there is no such a thing as being 100 % hypoallergenic. Of course, the bad things it can cause are quite less and not that serious, but people with drastic and very aggressive allergic conditions might feel really bad due to yorkies.
Many Yorkie owners believe that if they groom and trim their Yorkshire terrier on a regular basis, the allergic danger might go away completely. There is nothing like that. However, what you can do to minimize the risk of getting such an allergic reaction is to take care of your dog’s hair really well. It means ordinary and regular trimming, proper hair products application, washing the puppy more often and etc.

Other allergens except dog hairs or fur:

Dander – the main reason your dog can cause problems to allergic people is the dander. It is something similar to the human dandruff. Dander is excess skin that naturally fall from the dog’s body. It is important to know that unlike common dog breeds, the dander rate for a Yorkie is determined as a very low. So you can cope with it with the right approaches and techniques.
Dog saliva – with breed like Yorkshire terrier saliva won’t be a huge problem if you have an allergy. You’ll need to teach your dog not to lick humans.

A few tips for people with allergies

Rule number one is, of course, to visit the vet regularly and to follow the checklist with the obligatory and important vaccinations you need to provide your Yorkie.

Another good thing you can do is to buy an air filter for your home place. The dander rate in the normal and everyday environment your puppy lives among will be highly reduced.
Here are some good air filters at affordable prices:

And don’t forget that if your dream is to own a Yorkie and you are ready on everything – even to risk your own wellbeing and health – you can always have the puppy, but to contact both: your doctor and your puppy’s vet about decent and effective nasal sprays you can buy yourself. If you use them on a regular basis you will minimize the chances to ever have some bad symptoms.

Last, but not least, get one special tip from us: know the sources where the allergens usually hide and eliminate them from your house. What does it mean? It means that sofas, furry blankets or toys, carpets and rugs should be better removed from your house. Here is where the pet hairs usually stick to. And here is where the allergic reaction source will hide to attack you.
Prefer the sleek floors and the leather coaches better and have no problems with cleaning, too.
By the way: who does love cleaning pet hairs after all? With these interior changes, you can avoid this annoying housekeeping chore and use the free time to enjoy your tiny and little awesome and sweet Yorkie!

Consult with your doctor if you have big allergic healthy problems, though, before getting a Yorkie!

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