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Can Yorkies Eat Oranges?

Can Yorkies eat oranges? - picture

Establishing a healthy diet for a Yorkie is a must. As a small and very delicate dog it does require lots of attention and preliminary investigation of each taken food product in advance. Fruits, as you know can serve a lot of good to Yorkie’s organism. Most of them contain …

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Do Yorkies Have Fur or Hair?

Do Yorkies have fur or hair - picture

We all know that grooming your Yorkie is a really important. But before you start bathing and conditioning your puppy’s coat, you should understand its type of coat in order to have the right and perfect approach. The canines actually can be classified in one of two ways: dogs with …

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Yorkie Separation Anxiety

Yorkie Separation Anxiety - picture

Among the Yorkie parents’ one of the most common complaints is the destructive or disruptive behavior of their dogs when they are left alone at home. In other words – Yorkie separation anxiety. The pets might try to escape, chew, howl, dig, bark, defecate or urinate. Usually, the mentioned above problems are indicator that …

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Can Yorkies Eat Watermelon?

Can Yorkies eat watermelon? - picture

Who doesn’t like watermelon? Especially in a hot summer day? Don’t say, your Yorkie, because you haven’t tried to treat it with this tasty and delicious fruit yet. And if you make an attempt, we can be almost 100% sure that your puppy will love it. Yet, is it actually …

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