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Top 10 Reasons for Owning a Yorkie

Why Yorkshire terrier is a special and very awesome dog breed that could be one of the best choices you have ever made in your life. To ensure you in this, we have gathered for you 10 reasons for owning a Yorkie. The list, actually, is exhaustive, but these 10 …

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Are Yorkies Hypoallergenic

Some people say Yorkie is one of the best options to have a dog without experiencing the top common issues a dog can cause to both: your house and your family or humans at all. Indeed, a Yorkie is a dog with small body and big heart that causes big …

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Yorkie Temperament and Personality

picture of yorkie

When looking for a pet dog, for sure one of the most popular breeds is the Yorkshire Terrier. This is because of two reasons, it is really cute, because it is so small and fragile, and the other factor is its charming, friendly personality. As whole, the dogs of this …

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Yorkshire Terrier History

Yorkshire terrier history - photo

Yorkshire Terrier Breed – Origin If you know the appearance of the Yorkshire Terrier, then you know that this is one really interesting breed, and its history is as interesting as the breed itself. Not only the owners of such a dog, but other people also know that the name …

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