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Yorkie colors – The Coat colors of Yorkshire Terriers

Yorkie colors - picture of Yorkshire terrierThis is a breed which coloring is really interesting. It could be easy for a person to identify if the Yorkshire Terrier is a purebred, due to this distinct color. This dog is different from other breeds that are famous for having any color or just one solid color. It is also interesting that the color of the little puppy will be much different from the color of the adult dog. Due to this reason it will be easy for a person to identify quickly if the dog is a puppy or an adult dog.

And about the specific coloring – only four colors are met for this breed when it is a Yorkie – blue, black, gold and tan. The colors of the little puppies are black and tan, and the adult dogs are colored in blue and gold. This coloring is so typical for the breed that when in 1984 a little puppy was born with 3 distinct colors, it actually started a different breed, which is known under the name Biewer Terrier.

So the typical coloring of the Yorkie is blue and gold, and the blue should start from the neck and end up to the tail. But sometimes the Yorkshire Terrier will different color-fall.

Why is the Yorkshire Terrier so different?

The unique things are the genes that the Yorkshire Terrier carries if the puppy is a purebred. They are responsible for the changeover of the puppy’s coat from black color into blue color when the dog grows as adult. And there is also a gene that is responsible for the silky coat which is also so typical for the breed.

Yorkie puppy colors - pictureThe color of Puppies

The little puppies are born with the two distinct colors – black and tan. And from pup to pup the percentage of tan and black on the puppies will vary. It is interesting that some of the little puppies will have their tan on points. And the usual places where these points are located are above each eye, on the underside of the tail or under flap of the ears.

Is it possible to have a Yorkie which is all tan or all black?

Actually, it is not possible. Even though you may think that the little puppy is all black, after closer inspection, some kind of tan coloring should be seen on its body. It could be just a few strands or a really small patch, but it presents on the dog’s coat. Usually both colors should be well seen on the coat of the little Yorkie puppies.

When the Yorkshire Terrier changes its color?

It is a bit individual for every dog, but approximately the process starts at about the age of six months. And it does not happen for one night. It starts when the dog is several months old and finishes when it is 1-2 years old. For some dogs the process may continue until the third year or they might develop some silver hairs.

Is there a change in the color of the Yorkie?

Yorkie colors Change - picture

As you already may guess, a change in the coloring of the Yorkshire terrier is not a drastic one, but it is an official change, so it is expected to happen when the dog turns into an adult.
The adult dogs appear to be with lighter coats in comparison to the puppies because the tan or gold coloring is much more than the black color. And with time the black color turns into blue color.
But you should know that the blue color in the dog’s world is not the actual typical blue that we know, it can be described more as a diluted black color.

For the different breeds, there can be different shades of the blue color. When this color defines the terrier, it is described as dark steel blue or shiny silver. Because of this dark shade, it could easily be mistaken for black, but when it is seen in bright sunlight, you can see that there is a difference from the usual black. And while the black will change to blue, the tan will also change with time to gold. This hair is darker at the roots and is getting lighter at the ends.

While the terrier is changing its color, it is interesting that all four colors could present on the dog’s coat at the same time. The individual hairs do not change their color, but new hair grows out. The process of changing the color of its coat is slow and it happens gradually. The hair grows, rests and falls. That is why the dog’s coat looks as thick as it was while the dog was a little puppy. The coat of the Yorkshire terrier is much like the human hair, it is in a constant state of renewal. You will not notice whole chumps of hair, while the dog is changing its color, but only a few hairs while you are grooming your dog.

The Adult Coat

If the dog participates in dog show events, then the full adult hair of the Yorkshire Terrier will be of great importance, as it is according to the requirements of AKC. The guidelines of the association claim that it is most important that the Yorkshire terrier has a distinct color of black/blue and tan/gold coloring, which is without intermingling. But there are many terriers of this breed that do not meet exactly these guidelines.

Yorkshire terrier colors - photoOther shades and Combinations

It is rare, but sometimes the Yorkies can have a little black or blue on their coat. It is quite rare to happen the opposite way, it is usual that the dog has more blue or black and little god, because the genome of the black hair stays recessive. But after all there also could be met some Yorkshire Terriers that the majority of their coat is fully cram, tan or gold.

Although these dogs are really gorgeous, it is not recommended to breed them, because after starting breeding such dogs, it would eliminate after some time the standard coloring of the Yorkshire Terrier.

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