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Cute Yorkie Haircuts: Yorkshire terrier Cuts and Hairstyles – Pictures

Long Yorkie haircut - picture

Everybody will agree that nowadays Yorkies are one of the most popular dogs in the world.

And of course there is a reason for that!

Even more than one..

Some of these reasons are their temperament and personality, appearance, coat type and so much more..

But in this article we’re going to talk about yorkie haircuts and different hairstyles.

If you have a Yorkshire Terrier you are aware of the fact that this dog breed needs proper grooming.

When we talk about haircuts, you may be confused that you have only two traditional variants of cutting your dog’s hair – puppy cut or long show dog style.

Actually, if your dog has clean and healthy hair, there are many variants and styles of different lengths.

This is an option that you have when you as an owner of such a dog, choose to leave it with long hair.

And even if you have shaved it quite short, you can still wait for some time and try a different style, because the dog’s hair grows relatively quickly.

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What are the best Yorkie haircuts – Short or Long style to choose?

Long or Short Yorkie haircuts - pictureYes, lots of people ask this question: What are the best Yorkie cuts?

The short answer is:

It’s all up to you!

But of course we will help you to make the “right” choice..

First, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you love long hairstyle more than short one?
  • Do you have enough time to maintain long hair?
  • Will you be able to brush your dog’s hair everyday?
  • Do you spend lots of time outdoor with your dog?

Choosing long or short hair style for your dog typically depends on the everyday activities of the family and the dog.

For busy owners or for families with children, the style is usually short cut, because long hair requires more and regular grooming.

But if you have the time and the desire, there is no doubt how beautiful the dog looks when it has a long hairstyle.

If you are willing to invest some more time and regular grooming (because the trimming should be done more often in comparison to a short cut), it is a good choice for people who want to be happy with the look of their dog and at the same time this grooming could be rather fun.

On the other hand:

A short Yorkie haircut is a preferred choice for the owners who do not have the time to maintain a longer cut.

They prefer spending the time they have with other activities – walking outside and playing for example instead of more time for grooming and brushing.

The other reason for choosing a short haircut is when having active dogs that play outside quite often. In such case the dog should stay cleaner for some more period of time and with a short hair it will not develop so many tangles.


Even if you choose short yorkie cut you will still have to groom your dog regularly!

You will still have to bathe, brush, trim and etc.. you will just need less time to do that and will be easier in comparison to the long yorkie hairstyles.

The Yorkie looks quite tidy and neat when you choose a style of shaping the dog’s hair via layering. This is also one of the most popular styles that is chosen by the owners of this breed.

Achieving a “put together” appearance does not look like this the first time you see the Yorkie’s hair, but with the shorter cuts of the coat, it is easy to maintain and gives the proper look that you want and need.

Perhaps it does not look as fancy as some special cuts, but your dog is neat and tidy, and this style shows that you put efforts and time for the proper care of your dog.

What is also great about the Yorkie hair is that it grows quite fast and you can always add your own personal touch to the hair.

How short.. 

You can cut a hair style as short as you wish as long as the skin of the dog is not showing.

It is also safe to clip any areas of the dog’s body so you have the variant to invent unlimited number of styles.

Different Yorkshire Terrier Haircuts

Let’s start with some of the most popular yorkie cuts you can see almost everywhere:

Show Trim

picture of yorkie show cut

This is the hair that is required in accordance with the rules of the American Kennel Club and the events that are sponsored by this association.

The main aim of this style is to keep the dog’s hair in the most natural way.

The possibility that you have with this style is to trim slightly the coat, the ears and the feet, getting a neat look that is desired.

The topknot, the name that the top of the hair is famous with, must be held away of the dog’s eyes and this is achieved by gathering it on a pony tail, fixing it on the top of the head with a bow.

Yorkie Puppy Cut

Yorkie puppy cut - photo

This is perhaps the most famous Yorkie cut, especially for young dogs.

When you choose this style, then your dog’s hair is clipped all over and the exact length of cutting the coat is according to the preference of the owner.

The usual length that is kept is about one or two inches.

The name of this hairstyle comes with the word puppy in it, because it makes you dog look like having a natural yorkie puppy haircut.

Squared Puppy Cut

Yorkie Squared Puppy Cut - picture

The above “puppy cut” is used as a base for this haircut.

The hair of the body and the legs id clipped short, but the face hair is trimmed in such a way that a square bob is achieved.

Using a bit of gel in the end for the facial hair, which is about an inch long, will be the final touch for getting the square shape.

This hair style also has a few different variants. So it depends on the owner if he or she wishes to keep the facial hair a bit longer so that the Yorkie still keeps the topknot or you can add rounded pompoms on the dog’s ankles.

Your dog has a neat face with this hairstyle, there are no chances to get a tangled hair and is perfect for hot summer months, because it allows the dog’s hair to breathe.

Yorkie Schnauzer Cut

Yorkie Schnauzer Cut - picture

This type of Yorkie cut is trimmed in the following way:

The black portions of your dog`s hair are clipped quite short, may be even shorter than half an inch, and the tan parts are left a bit longer, again according to the owner`s preference, but the usual length that is chosen is about two inches.

Again the hair of the top of the head is kept away from the dog’s eyes.

Flared Cut

It is again a short hair style, except of the hairs from the hocks, which is left long.

The forehead hair is also left longer, so that it goes around and over the ears.

Yorkie Westie Cut

Yorkie Westie Cut - picture

The entire coat is clipped about an inch away from the floor.

The hair of the entire face and the base of the ears is left rounded.

The side sections of the face hair almost meet under the chin.

The eyes are kept clear by putting the hair back or shaved short.

Just like with the other Yorkie cuts, this one also has different variants.

The length can again be a bit longer or a bit shorter.

3 Layer Cut

This Yorkie terrier cut is also known under the name 3 Stack.

This hair style is for the owners who wish to keep the dog`s hair as much as possible and still to be easy for maintaining.

The length of the head`s hair is about one or half an inch passed the shoulder, presenting the first layer.

The second layer is the back hair, which is cut about the same length above the floor.

And the third layer comes from the dog`s legs which are trimmed to the length of the floor.

Yorkie cuts: A Few Helpful Advices

Beautiful Yorkshire terrier hairstyle - pictureFor cutting your Yorkie’s hair or when deciding to change it, the best is to have a professional groomer for doing this unless you have a lot of experience in cutting and grooming.

It is always the best decision to ask around. And you can have a short interview with the groomer to get the feeling if he is the right person for the task you need to be fulfilled.

The groomer..

The first thing you need to know about the groomer is if he or she has previously done such a haircut that you have chosen for your Yorkie on other dogs of the same breed.

It is also possible that the groomer has done such haircuts on other breeds which is still a good experience. Ask for sharing more information with you and for sure ask for some pictures.

And while we are on the topic about the pictures, you should also bring at least one, showing the Yorkie cut that you desire to have for your dog.

Of course that you can explain it to the groomer, but it is always easier, when you take a look and you get the entire idea. This will be much easier for both of you.

And again:

When choosing your dog’s hair style you need to consider not only that you like the beautiful look of the style, but what can you afford to maintain.

It is quite important to have time for grooming if you choose a longer cut so that you can groom the dog’s hair for avoiding tangles or mats which can be quite unpleasant for you and for the dog of course.

For example, the Puppy cut can be left to grow a bit longer and the time for cutting the hair is extended, while the Squared of the Layered styles need more proper and often hair trimming.

Yorkie first haircut and when could be done?

Sweet Yorkshire terrier hairstyle - photoOne of the most often questions in the owner’s emails is when the first Yorkie terrier haircut can be done.

The usual recommendation is to wait while the adult coat has grown in. While the dog is still young it has a puppy coat which is gradually changing to an adult coat.

The owner can even not notice it until one day he finds out that the dog has a thicker coat.

When the dog is young, it is fine to make some little trimming here and there. All over the body cutting should be avoided so that it could leave sparse patches. And when the hair is so fine, it will not give this fluffy look.

And while growing up the Yorkshire terrier will get a thicker and nicer hair.


the age of the dog when this hair is completely changed and thicker varies for every individual dog, but the yorkie should have reached at least its first year, before you begin with thinking of different hair styles.

Yorkie cuts pictures

Below we will publish lots of Yorkie terrier haircut pictures.

Some of them are great for males, females or both.

If you are looking for teacup Yorkie haircuts – all of them are suitable for all Yorkies no matter the size.

Yorkie haircuts for females

There are lots of different yorkie cuts and styles but some of them are most suitable for female dogs.

Here are some of them in pictures:

Beautiful hairstyles for female Yorkie - photo

beautiful yorkie hair cut

Source: queenbee1924.tumblr.com

Short Yorkie hairstyle - picture

Extremely cute yorkie cut - picture

Yorkie girl haircut - image

Short haircut for Yorkie girl - picture

Beautiful female Yorkie hairstyle - picture

Yorkie hairstyles for males

Here are a few photos with some haircuts suitable for yorkie boys:

Male Yorkie Hairstyle - picture

Yorkie hairstyle for males - image

Short yorkie haircut for male - picture

Yorkie cuts for boys - photo

Short haircut for yorkie boy - picture

Different Cute Yorkie hairstyles

Below you can see lots of pictures with different yorkie haircuts.

Some are beautiful and stylish others are funny and cute.

Hope you will like them!

Feel free to share your favorite ones.

Different Yorkie haircuts - pictures

Yorkie cuts with floppy ears:

Yorkie cuts with floppy ears - picture

Cute yorkie cut - picture

picture of Cute Yorkie Hairstyle

Cute Yorkshire terrier haircut

Designer haircut for Yorkies - picture

Picture of Yorkshire terrier cut


Designer Yorkie hairstyle - picture


Interesting yorkie hairstyle - photo


Designer Yorkshire terrier haircut - picture

Designer yorkie haircut - picture

Designer Yorkshire terrier haircut - picture

Sweet Yorkie cut - picture

Stylish designer yorkie haircut - picture

Silent Pet Clipper - picture

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