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10 Cute Yorkie Puppy Photos

You don’t have to be a dog expert or a genius to name the cutest little puppy in the world. By all means, it`s the yorkie puppy and a glance is completely enough for you to fall in love with it, to wish you could hold and even own it. Want to try this experiment with us? To participate, you need to only look at the following 10 pictures. They will show you who the winner in the nomination of cutest doggy ever is. Take a look at the following 10 cute yorkie puppy pictures and enjoy them! By the way, there is 80% chance for you to ask it for your birthday after this amazing and awesome photo session…But let’s skip to the pictures, though!

1. This little lady is a total gorgeous Miss Yorkie Puppy of 2016! We hope, no one`s going to mistaken her majestic breed just what we`ve seen on the latest Miss World beauty contest this year…

Miniature Yorkie with a ribbon - picture
Source: smalldogsrock.com

2. Puppies are so cute that sometimes, we think it’s enough to hold them only! But no! They are quite pretentious – including as to fashion. See what a dress code this yorkie owner has found for his little dog! We love this harmony between a puppy and its owner!

Cute Yorkie puppy with Green sweater - picture
Source: yorkshireterrierkingdom.com

3. Who says Halloween is only for scary and repulsive creatures? Actually, a yorkie can also participate on this traditional fest – just like this one, which already has even prepared for the night. However, we are not sure someone is going to need a trick from this puppy. It`s so cute that it will soon get the treat!

Halloween Yorkshire terrier - picture
Source: cityunwrapped.com

4. This look…It’s like someone is asking for help and for a loving hug at the same time. Well, considering how loving puppies yorkies are, this might be a look for both!

Cute Yorkie Baby - picture
Source: cuteanimalsphotos.com

5. And now, we call this Rihanna-style yorkie, which has almost the same rebel haircut and such a nasty look! Ok, it’s not nasty, but the puppy has tried at least…!

Cute yorkie haircut - picture
Source: quotesgram.com

6. And now check out the two buddies! Just like dog is man’s best friend and best friends are possible only between men, these male yorkies are totally fellows for life, or at least for the fashion picture pose!

Sweet Yorkie buddies - picture
Source: www.allanimalsfacts.com

7. Another couple of fellows, but these puppies seem to be stronger friends, because they have survived something really awful together. Or at least the faces say so…

Yorkie Bath Time - photo
Source: www.petsworld.in

8. Hello, spring!, says the cute yorkie, which wants to immerse into the festive mood of the warm weather! We are not sure what this flower sort is, but it’s definitely not bigger than your palm. So, please, see the difference with the puppy size now!

Cute yorkie puppy and flower - photo
Source: petcollectionworld.com

9. If there is a Madam Bovary among yorkies, this one is getting the title – so stylish and confident! We just cannot believe that this puppy can actually bear so many gems on its tiny body.

Yorkie puppy with red ribbon - picture
Source: yourzantiquesz.blogspot.com

10. It seems this final, last yorkie puppy has been waiting for Christmas for such a long time! And now it wants its present. Don’t disappoint your puppy. Puppies can become very annoying, when they are not appreciated much!

Christmas Yorkshire terrier puppy  - picture
Source: sunsetacrespuppies.com

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