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8 Yorkies Who are Better Gardeners Than You

Do you know that there are yorkies who love gardening. They are looking forward for spring to come and go in the backyard garden. They are planting vegetables, flowers, remove weeds and care for the garden. If you don’t believe me just see the pictures below 🙂

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1. Let’s start with this beauty who is monitoring what is going on in the garden in this sunny day.

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2. This sweetie is enjoying the flowers

Cute Yorkie in the garden - picture

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3. All right, I’ll stop for a moment to take a few photos 🙂

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4. Well I’m ready here. Let’s go to water the tomatoes.

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5. Everything looks great. I think that I’ll will be able to preserve more peppers this year.

Yorkie in the backyard garden

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6. Тhe Sun is really hot! I will rest a little in the shade.

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7. Do you like this roses? I planted them here so everyone could enjoy them.

Yorkie and Roses

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8. Here in the baskets you can see only a small part of the harvest. I love this flowers that’s why I wanted to take the photos here.

Do you think that there is another breed that can boast with such gardeners?


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