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Can Yorkies Swim?

Can yorkies swim - picture

Summer is the best time for outdoor activities, camping, and enjoying nature. One of the funniest things to do is go swimming. It is a great way to cool off and have a great time. If you own a Yorkie you might be wondering if your dog can swim thus …

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Are Yorkies Good with Kids?

Yorkshire terriers and Kids

The Yorkshire Terrier is one of the most popular dog breeds nowadays and there is a reason for that! Yorkies are incredible dogs. For their small size, they are very intelligent, playful, cute and energetic. But lots of families with small kids that want to bring a Yorkshire terrier at …

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Bumble Bee Costume for Yorkies

Here is just a quick suggestion for a very cute Bumble bee costume for Yorkies. It is knitted from acrylic yarn and it has a hood. Pros: Hand Knitted from high quality 100 % acrylic Baby yarn. Stretchy and comfortable Different sizes available Custom size – if our dog is …

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