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Tan Yorkies

Yorkshire terriers are dogs with very recognizable coat colors. You can say if a dog is Yorkshire terrier immediately, just because 99 percent of the puppies are black and tan, and the adults are blue and gold. But some Yorkies are different from the standard, and even though they are …

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Can Yorkies Eat Cheese?

Can Yorkies eat cheese?

If you decide to give some human food to your dog, you should be 100% sure that the certain human food is Ok. for your dog, because if you aren’t, there is a big chance and worry to harm your pet. Can Yorkies eat cheese? This is what we are …

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Best Halloween Costumes for Yorkies (2018)

Best Halloween Costumes for Yorkies - picture

Halloween is one of the most spectacular holidays of the year. Everyone gets to live out their fantasies. Adults get to be kids again, and children get to be superheroes or princesses. Whatever the case, everyone can be whoever they want to be without being judged. We get creative about …

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Can Yorkies Eat Eggs?

Can Yorkies eat eggs? - picture

Your Yorkie is always watching you while you are eating? Well, I’m not surprised 🙂 Yorkies are fluffy little dogs who are full of energy and love towards their pet parents. If you have a Yorkie you have probably experienced its lovability and intelligence. The Yorkshire terriers are awesome as …

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