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Can Yorkies Eat Apples?

Can yorkies eat apples - picture of three apples

It is a well known fact that dogs are carnivores. But this doesn’t mean that they don’t also like to consume veggies. You are probably wondering is it safe for your dog to eat some specific “people food”, such as: apples, bananas, citrus, pears, beans and etc. And if you …

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Yorkie puppy cut

Yorkie puppy cut - picture

Having a long-haired dog requires good maintenance of the dog`s hair so that you can avoid rising problems like skin issues and diseases. But even if you think that a nice and fancy haircut would be good for your dog, you might be wrong, because even if it looks good …

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Yorkie Temperament and Personality

picture of yorkie

When looking for a pet dog, for sure one of the most popular breeds is the Yorkshire Terrier. This is because of two reasons, it is really cute, because it is so small and fragile, and the other factor is its charming, friendly personality. As whole, the dogs of this …

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Yorkie skin problems

yorkie skin problems - picture

Having a healthy skin of your Yorkshire Terrier means that it should be light pink in color, free of any kind of irritation, performing good elasticity and it should be smooth, without any red bumps or cracking. Yorkshire Terriers have really sensitive skin and even a small issue can turn …

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How to stop a yorkie from barking?

stop yorkie barking - picture

Barking is something that is in the dog’s nature. They bark because this is their only way to express what they want and what they need, especially when there is no other way to do this. There is only one breed that can not bark, it is known as the …

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Yorkshire Terrier History

Yorkshire terrier history - photo

Yorkshire Terrier Breed – Origin If you know the appearance of the Yorkshire Terrier, then you know that this is one really interesting breed, and its history is as interesting as the breed itself. Not only the owners of such a dog, but other people also know that the name …

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12 Yorkie pictures at the beach

Here is one fun collection from Yorkie pictures at the beach. Yorkies love the beach and these photos prove it (aslo see our article “Can Yorkies Swim“). We hope these pictures will make you smile and you will like them. Have a fun! 1. Source: Pinterest 2. Source: flickr.com 3. …

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Can Yorkies swim?

Can yorkies swim - picture

Summer is the best time for outdoor activities, camping and enjoying the nature. Who doesn’t love to relax on the beach or to go on picnics to the near river or lake. Your Yorkie doesn’t mind too. Can yorkies swim? Most people think that all dogs can swim, but in …

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Yorkie biting – Do Yorkies Bite a lot?

Picture of yorkie

When you do not want things to get out of control when it concerns the specific biting behavior of your Yorkshire Terrier, you need to learn how to control such a behavior when it is still time. There are things which are allowed to be done and things that are …

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