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Best Halloween Costumes for Yorkies (2018)

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Halloween is one of the most spectacular holidays of the year.

Everyone gets to live out their fantasies.

Adults get to be kids again, and children get to be superheroes or princesses.

Whatever the case, everyone can be whoever they want to be without being judged.

We get creative about decorating the courtyard and house, as well as crazy makeup. And if you thought dogs don’t like Halloween, think again.

There are plenty of ways to ensure your Yorkie pup enjoys Halloween.

This post talks about the best Yorkie Halloween costumes.

A Few Tips on How to Choose Halloween Costumes for Yorkies

For small size dogs like the Yorkshire Terrier, you’ll want to make sure that they aren’t overwhelmed by larger costumes.

You can turn the most petite features into a pixie or go all out and dress your pup as a dinosaur.

It is a universal rule that people feel like they belong together if they have similar costumes.

Make your Yorkie part of the family by dressing him in a similar-themed costume.

Safety should always be a top priority when choosing a Halloween costume for your pup.

It shouldn’t have small parts that your Yorkie can pull out and ingest or choke on.

Avoid anything that restricts visibility and mobility.

Costumes with noisy and moving parts may stress your dog or make him uncomfortable.

What is your dog’s personality?

Does he love eating, protecting or exploring? Is he goofy and mischievous or bossy?

All of these are important factors to consider when choosing a Halloween costume.

Comic book hero and policeman are great costumes for protectors while pumpkins and hotdogs make good costumes for dogs that love eating.

Trendy Halloween dog Costume Ideas

Spider Dog Costumes

If you love the scarier and spookier elements of Halloween, you can turn your pup into a creepy, crawley spider.

Rather than overwhelm your Yorkie, the utilizes its small size.

It is scary, and made from 100% polyester.
The  Zack & Zoey Fuzzy Tarantula Costume is the perfect choice for someone who wants to be more authentic.

It comes with eight bendable legs and plush fabric that resembles real spider hair.

This gives the illusion of a real tarantula.

Zack & Zoey Fuzzy Tarantula Costume for Dogs, 8" X-Small
  • Fuzzy tarantula costume lets any dog be the scariest one on the block
  • The creepiest, crawliest, most hair-raising spider costume ever!

Who said Halloween costumes have to be scary?

The BingPet Halloween Dog Spider Costume is quite adorable, made from polyester and features a Velcro attachment.

It comes in two sizes, and is easy to put on.

BINGPET Spider Dog Halloween Costume Black Small
  • Size:S:Body length (not include the tail) is 10".
  • Made from polyester fibre,soft touch and durable.

Superhero Yorkie Halloween Costumes

If you are a fun of comics, dressing up your Yorkie in superhero themed costume this Halloween will be a blast.

The best thing about this is that there are dozens of options to choose from.

Our favorite pick is the Rubie’s DC Comics Wonder Woman Pet Costume.

It features a red dress adorned with the Wonder Woman symbol.

The blue skirt has white stars and a golden skirt.

Also included is a headpiece with the Wonder Woman symbol.

DC Comics Pet Costume, Small, Wonder Woman
  • Wonder Woman pet costume features Wonder Woman symbol headpiece and red dress...
  • IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ recent reviews and Q&A's before purchase to determine the...

The  Rubie’s Costume DC Heroes and Villains Collection Costume is a superman pet costume with the superman symbol.

It also includes a detachable red cape to complete the look.

DC Comics Pet Costume, Small, Superman
  • Superman pet costume features blue shirt with Superman symbol and detachable red...
  • IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ recent reviews and Q&A's before purchase to determine the...

The Rubie’s DC Comics Robin Pet Costume comes in five sizes.

It includes an eye mask, red shirt with green sleeves and a detachable cape.

DC Comics Teen Titans Pet Costume, Small, Robin
  • Teen Titans Robin pet costume features red shirt with green sleeves, detachable...
  • IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ recent reviews and Q&A's before purchase to determine the...

Other superhero costumes offered by Rubie’s include Batman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Supergirl, Joker and more.

It’s up to you to pick your favorite superhero.

You can even choose couple superhero costumes like Batman and Robin or Batman and Batgirl.

Food Yorkie Halloween Costumes

What dog doesn’t like food? If you are tired of thinking about Halloween costume themes, foodie is the best way to go.

Available in multiple sizes, the Rasta Imposta Hot Dog Costume is a one body piece costume.

Rasta Imposta Hot Dog Costume, X-Small
  • Includes one body piece
  • Recommended for dogs 2-6 lbs.

The Rubie’s Pineapple Pet Costume is a step-in bodysuit with tongue and hook closure.

It looks incredible on Yorkshire Terriers, and isn’t overly constricting. A matching headpiece with elastic is also included.

Rubie's Pineapple Pet Costume, Small
  • Pineapple pet costume is a step in bodysuit with tongue and hook closure,...
  • Important! Consult Rubie's Pet Size Chart, measuring instructions, measuring...

The Rubie’s Hotdog Pet Costume consists of a soft pullover bodysuit in the shape of a hotdog.

It is available in multiple sizes, and a perfect choice for those who like coordinating Halloween costumes.

Rubie's Hot Dog Pet Costume, Small
  • Hot dog pet costume features plush soft pullover body suit in the shape of hot...
  • IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ recent reviews and Q&A's before purchase to determine the...

The Rasta Imposta Tootsie Roll Dog Costume includes one tootsie roll tunic.

It is designed to last a long time and made from 100% polyester.

The costume looks great on small dogs, including Yorkshire Terriers.

The Rubie’s Costume Cupcake Dog Costume is made up of a cupcake bodysuit. The matching headpiece has pink ruffles and cherry on top. Talk about the perfect costume mastery!

Rubie's Cupcake Dog Costume, Small
  • Cupcake pet costume includes cupcake bodysuit and matching headpiece with pink...
  • IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ recent reviews and Q&A's before purchase to determine the...

Other food Halloween costumes for dogs offered by Rubie’s include watermelon, tacos, cookie, pizza, popcorn, bacon, banana, condiments and burger just to name a few.

Formal Yorkie Halloween Costumes

I’m all for formality and elegance, and that’s why costumes in this class are so appealing.

The Biling Dog Dress Tutu Skirt Flower Luxury Wedding Dress is made with high quality fabric and matching flowers.

It is the perfect costume for turning your canine friend to a princess. The gold color is quite charming in the crowd.

This costume is great for Halloween, Christmas, play dates, weekend parties and more.

Bling Dog Dress Tutu Skirt Flower Dog Pet Cat Luxury Princess Wedding Dress Summer Dog Chihuahua Clothes (XS, Gold)
  • Made of high-quality fabric, matches beautiful flowers. And the wedding style...
  • This designer pet outfit will bring both style and comfort to the little girl in...

The Alfie Pet by Petoga Couture is a one-of-a-kind Oscar formal tuxedo that comes complete with a black tie and red bow tie.

Available in multiple sizes, this costume transforms your Yorkie into Prince Charming.

It is well tailored and fully lined. In addition to Yorkshire Terriers, this costume is ideal for the Pomerian and Chihuahua.

Alfie Pet - Oscar Formal Tuxedo with Black Tie and Red Bow Tie - Color: Black, Size: XS
  • Size XS best fits neck girth: 9" breast girth: 14", and body length: 11.5". Red...
  • We will make your prince charming look amazing for the "Special Day"!

More Awesome Halloween Costume Ideas

Rubie’s Costume Halloween Classics Collection Costume is a red baseball player costume that features a striped jersey and tie-on hat.

It is designed for small breeds including Yorkshire Terriers, Pomerian, Chihuahua and Australian Terrier.

Rubies Costume Halloween Classics Collection Pet Costume, Small, Red Baseball Player
  • Classic striped jersey and tie on hat
  • Size Small fits up to 14-inch chest and 11-inch neck to tail

The Biker Dog Pet Costume offers the perfect way for your pup to channel the freedom and spirit of bikers.

It is an excellent way to show the neighborhood just how great a daredevil your Yorkie can be.

The costume consists of a black faux leather coat and hat.

If you can’t help loving cowboys, dressing up your yorkie as one with the UEETEK Pet Dog Costume Cowboy Rider Style will be a blast.

Available in three sizes, it is made with denim and has a soft, breathable design. It transforms your pup to a humoristic horse and includes a cowboy cosplay coat with hat.

UEETEK Pet Costume Dog Costume Clothes Pet Outfit Suit Cowboy Rider Style,Fits Dogs Weight Under 7 KG- Size S
  • Made of denim, soft and breathable. This cool costume design turns your pet into...
  • Suggested for Pug, Maltese, Jack Russell Terrier, French Bulldog, Boston Terrier...

The Zack & Zoey Cutiepillar Pet Costume is a plush green costume that features authentic details spots, bug eyes, and antennae.

It fits easily thanks to Velcro tabs at the neck and belly. There is also a leash at the back.

The costume is made from 100% polyester and comes in two sizes.

Zack & Zoey 8-Inch Polyester Cutiepillar Dog Costume, X-Small
  • Plush green costumes with authentic details spots, legs, antennae and bug eyes
  • Easy-fit design with velcro tabs at neck and belly and leash hole on back

The Animal Planet PET201 Butterfly Dog Costume is another insect-themed Halloween costume we love.

It includes printed foam wings and headpiece with antennae. The headpiece is secured beneath the arms.

The Rubie’s Costume Ghostbusters Movie Collection Costume is available in four sizes.

It consists of a Ghostbuster pet shirt and an inflatable backpack A Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man version from Rubie’s Costume is also available.

Rubie's Ghostbusters Movie Pet Costume Jumpsuit
  • Ghostbuster pet shirt and inflatable backpack
  • IMPORTANT! Not all costumes will fit all breeds without some adjustment,...

The California Costumes UPS Pal Pet Costume is made from 100% polyester fabric and filled with 100% polyurethane foam.

It’s a shirt with sleeves for the front legs and Velcro for secure fastening around the back.

There are stuffed arms on the front of the shirt with Velcro dots for holding the UPS box.

Also included is a foam visor with an elastic chin strap.

If you are all about religion and honoring the Pope, the California Costumes Collections Holy Hound Dog Costume is worth considering.

Available in four sizes, it includes a printed miter headpiece, detachable stole as well as a red and white printed costume.

California Costumes Pet Holy Hound Dog Costume Costume
  • Printed Miter Headpiece
  • Red and White Printed Costume

Halloween is all about pumpkins, so why not dress your Yorkshire Terrier in one? The Zack & Zoey Pumkin Pooch Dog Costume is a great choice.

It is made from 100% polyester and features a soft jack-o-lantern design. You also get a matching pumpkin cap, which has a Velcro chin strap for a snug fit.

Zack & Zoey Pumpkin Pooch Dog Costume, X-Small, Orange
  • Soft plush jack-o-lantern design with coordinating pumpkin cap
  • Pumpkin pooch dog costumes will drive customers out of their gourds

Go back in time with the Rubie’s Pink Fifties Girl Pet Costume, which includes a striped dress with a pink skirt.

It comes with a matching costume headpiece made with soft pink fabric and bow. The costume comes in four sizes to fit different dog breeds.

Rubie's 50s Girl Pet Costume, Small
  • Sock hop lady pet costume features striped dress with pink poodle skirt and...
  • IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ recent reviews and Q&A's before purchase to determine the...

The Rubie’s Police Dog Costume features a Velcro closure, a hat and belt with attached accessories.

It comes in four sizes and makes a perfect choice if you or your kids are wearing prisoner costumes. The blue shirt is decorated to look like an authentic police uniform.

Rubie's Police Dog Pet Costume, Small
  • Police Officer pet costume shirt with Velcro closure, belt with attached...
  • NOT all costumes will fit all breeds or all pets

Final Words

As you can see, there are so many choices when it comes to Halloween costumes for Yorkies.

Whether he is a foodie, loves superheroes or want to pay homage to the hardworking men of law enforcement, there is something to suit all tastes.


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