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Can Yorkies Eat Apples?

Can yorkies eat apples - picture of three applesIt is a well known fact that dogs are carnivores. But this doesn’t mean that they don’t also like to consume veggies. You are probably wondering is it safe for your dog to eat some specific “people food”, such as: apples, bananas, citrus, pears, beans and etc. And if you are a responsible dog owner, you would probably already know that some of these can make your dog overweight or even sick.
Now, if you’re a yorkie owner, you should know that some human foods are even recommended. Of course, you must be aware that some fruits and vegetables may be bad for your dog, so you must pay really good attention and be very careful when you pick them.
In order to provide your yorkie a healthy life, you must feed it with several nutrients and vitamins. The truth is that you aren’t obligated to feed your yorkie with fruits because they get the needed nutrients from different types of sources. Of course, it is much healthier to use fruits, than buying treats from the store.

Are apples good or bad for your Yorkie?

Apples contain vitamin C, calcium, pectin, vitamin A, and vitamin K, which as you already probably know, are very good for your dog. An interesting fact is that apples with the skin on protect from some types of cancer in humans, because they are full of plant chemicals. But when you give your yorkie an apple, make sure you remove the seeds, because they are full of cyanide, which is not good for them, and may cause your yorkie tummy upset. Also, it is much better if you use organic fresh fruits.

How to serve apples to your Yorkie

Now, if you are wondering how to serve your dog an apple, there are several different ways. First, you can try by serving it as a frozen slice, or you can serve grated as a dinner topping. Of course, always make sure you serve the apples in small portions. If you want to have 100% success, cut them into very small pieces and remove the peel. You can also try to make apple pops with apple sauce. And remember that fruits are nature’s candy, which means that they have high sugar content, so always be careful how much apples you give to your yorkie.

Some doctors believe that apples can help with degenerative conditions, such as joint disease. They are not only healthy, but they can also make an amazing antioxidant, high fiber, low protein snack for your yorkie. Always have in mind that fruits should always be given in moderation. The key is to limit their portions and be very selective. If your purpose is your yorkie to lose weight, don’t count only on the fruit diet. You should make sure your dog is spending enough time outdoors and uses up the accumulated energy.
But never forget that your dog is a meat eater. So don’t try to replace this from its menu. It is not healthy for them. Meat also provides them protein, which gives them the needed energy.

Yes, yorkies can eat apples, but in moderated quantity.

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