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Can Yorkies Eat Bananas?

can yorkies eat bananas - photoYorkies have become quite popular dogs we see almost every day on the streets. Ladies just love them, because they are so cute and lovely. When it comes to yorkies, as a matter of fact, we can say two basic things about them. First of all, as Yorkshire Terrier, it is a very vigorous puppy. And second of all, as a toy terrier, it is a very delicate dog for pampering and taking cares of attentively. This is why you need to approach the cares of yorkies as they are little babies, as well as to play with it on a regular basis, because kids and babies need and like it. As to cares, one of the main things you will have to consider is the proper, healthy and safe nutrition. Speaking of which, it is a very common habit and custom for people to feed their dogs with human foods – those we eat and take benefits of daily. Such a product, for example, is the banana. So, the question today is: Can yorkies eat bananas? Here is what we can tell for sure!

You can definitely give your yorkie bananas!

First of all, they really love bananas. Many yorkies owners do feed their puppies with this sweet and healthy fruits just because they really enjoy it. However, looking inside the nutritive ingredients in bananas, we cannot deny that they are all very pleasant to dogs, including to yorkies. Actually, many fruits are very pleasant to dogs. And when we speak specifically for yorkies, they are kind of vegans, because they do enjoy eating plants and veggies. Still, don`t underestimate the animal products, either. Besides, bananas, yorkies love milk products, meat and etc. Fruits, though, are their favorites – including apples and pears, oranges, kiwis. However, there is no need that if yorkies can choose, they would count on bananas, which is good, because bananas have important and healthy components to meet the needs these dogs have.

Are bananas good for yorkies?

Bananas are rich in potassium and this ingredient is very healthy and beneficial to yorkies. Potassium is well-known to provide the possibility for the right and faultless functioning of enzymes, as well as for the improvement of dog`s muscles. Potassium is also good for the nerves and since the yorkies are so delicate and always frightened, bananas will make them braver and more vigorous. In addition to these, bananas help the support for the regular fluid balance throughout the dog`s body. Do not doubt that the big amount of vitamin C and B will support the overall health of your yorkies.

Many dog`s owners in general prefer to feed their pets with bananas, when they have big stomach and digestion issues. If you mix bananas, with peanut butter, beaten eggs or dried parsley, you will get a superb healthy breakfast for a great day. There is also an option for cooking the bananas for yorkies – anyway, they will like it regardless the meal you will prepare. The best way to cook bananas for your yorkies, is to pre-heat the oven and place a paste of bananas, some milk and butter. Make sure you don`t overcook the meal, but only make it become softer. Don`t serve the meal to your yorkies, while it is yet too hot. Dogs can get hurt of quite hot dishes.

Are there any contraindications for yorkies and bananas?

Actually, there are and you need to consider them. For instance, it is not good at all to feed your yorkies with the banana peels. They can hurt the stomach and cause vomiting, pain and sometimes, even chronic digestive problems.

Also, if this is a diet you need to apply to your dog`s nutrition and you are trying to cure it from some medical problem, don`t give bananas until you consult with veterinarian. Bananas might be healthy, but not specially to the problems your yorkie has.
Last, but not least, remember: some yorkies are in love with bananas, but others might hate them. So, taking under consideration your pet`s taste is also important. If a yorkie does not want the banana, don`t try to feed it with all of the benefits of the bananas!

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