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Can Yorkies Eat Cheese?

If you decide to give some human food to your dog, you should be 100% sure that the certain human food is Ok. for your dog,

because if you aren’t, there is a big chance and worry to harm your pet.

Can Yorkies eat cheese?

This is what we are going to discuss today.

Can Yorkies eat cheese?


Is it ok to give my Yorkie cheese anyway?

Let’s start with the direct answer to your question.

Yes, a dog can eat cheese.

There are no scientific researches or evidences that cheese can be bad for a dog.

But please read below!

Because there are some rules about the introduction of cheese to Yorkies and some limits you need to know in advance!

Is cheese healthy for dogs?

Cheese, in general, is a healthy food.

Humans consume it for many health reasons.

But be sure that cheese is also beneficial for animals, including for dogs.

Any Yorkie Terrier that is occasionally fed with cheese is provided with many special and important minerals and vitamins.

Besides, dogs that are in love with dairy products usually cannot resist the tempting taste cheese has.

What is more important in this case, though, is to name the reasons why you should give your Yorkie cheese.

Here are the top health benefits

1. Cheese contains a lot of calcium.

Calcium is important for your dog’s teeth and bones.

Researchers say that the more calcium your dog consume, the less becomes the risk of fractures.

2. Cheese consists of great proteins that bring energy and power.

Playful and small puppies like Yorkie Terrier need all of these, no doubt.

3. Cheese has beneficial or the so called good fats.

They boost the metabolism and they help the body to get rid of the free radicals.

4. Cheese has a big complex of vitamins to provide, but not only calcium.

Dogs that consume cheese are granted with extra amount of the following vitamins and minerals:

B12, zinc, riboflavin, vitamin A and vitamin K2, as well as selenium and phosphorus.

What kind of cheese can I give my Yorkie Terrier?

You know how many tastes and types cheese there are today.

This is why you don’t have to forget that you should not offer any type of cheese to your dog, but only the following ones:

1. Cottage cheese.

For sure, this is the top type of cheese to give your Yorkie Terrier.

Not only being one of the mildest by taste, but also richest in Calcium and comparatively less containing fats.

Plus – it has only 50 calories per cap, so if you are worrying of overweight, this one is good for your canine fellow.

2. Cream cheese

Except for those that are filled with herbs and conservatives for extra flavors, all cream cheese types are fantastic snacks for your puppy.

3. Havarti cheese

One more amazing choice for your puppy!

Havarti cheese is specific as to its taste, but if your dog loves it, there is nothing wrong in giving it at all.

4. Cheddar cheese

Whether mild or sharp, Cheddar is low in lactose enough to be given to a dog even on a more regular basis.

5. Mozzarella cheese

Here is one more amazing option for a Yorkie.

Even though higher in lactose than Cheddar it is suitable for dogs, but in small amounts.

6. Parmesan and Swiss cheese

There is nothing worrying about these types of cheese, when it comes to your yorkie diet.

7. Feta cheese

It looks and tastes like Mozzarella and just like Mozzarella it seems to be great enough for a Yorkie Terrier’s snack.

8. Goat cheese

Goat dairy products are the best in general.

And this rule refers not only to people, but also to dogs.

And it does refer to cheese types. If your dog is on a diet or needs products that are low in lactose, goat cheese is the perfect choice for you.

When should I avoid giving cheese to my Yorkshire Terrier?

Besides the case with the allergic reaction or in case of lactose intolerance, there are some other limits in feeding your Yorkie Terrier with cheese.

You should avoid giving your puppy any cheese, if the dog is under treatment that involves antibiotics.

The absorption of doxycycline may be reduced if dairy products are fed.

And doxycycline is one of the top ingredients in the antibiotic products vets prescribe to dogs in general.

Also, avoid giving your Yorkie terrier cheese if it is either too young, or too old.

In the first case, the little puppy might not be able to process the food, so stomach colic might appear.

On the other side, adult and aged dogs, need less caloric food and cheese is quite caloric.

How to introduce cheese to your dog?

Consider your little puppy as a baby.

You know that when introducing new food to babies, it is recommended to start with small portions.

The same procedure can be applied to your Yorkie.

Begin with a small piece of cheese – better added to its ordinary meal.

As dogs traditionally, though, are individual with individual tastes, you might find your Yorkie get interested in the cheese you are eating.

In this case, it is ok to crush a small piece of your cheese and let it eat.

You will see the reaction at once – or at least you will see if your Yorkie likes it.

We definitely don’t recommend you to feed your dog with cheese on force.

There are many other dairy products you can try too, if you tend to provide your dog with more calcium and the rest of the healthy ingredients cheese contain.

Lactose intolerance

Another reaction you need to be careful about is the allergic reaction.

Usually, it takes up to 24 hours to see if a Yorkie is allergic to some product.

This is why we recommend you to start with small piece of cheese.

If your dog tends to be allergic and you give it a big amount of cheese, it might get it to serious health issues.

It is important to know that there are cases with Yorkies allergic to cheese.

To be more specific, there are not allergic to cheese concretely, but to dairy products.

The carbohydrate lactose is found in all kinds of dairy, along with several different proteins that could potentially cause an issue.

Some dogs are completely lactose intolerant, and some dogs are allergic to the proteins in cows’ milk.

These dogs should not be given cheese.

Yet, in most cases the owner gets aware of the allergic condition his or her dog has earlier, so such an owner would know not to give any cheese.

But there are also few cases, when a dog has developed the allergic later in life and the cheese might be that clue you need to be careful about.

Attention: do not feed your Yorkie with any of these cheese types:

Roquefort, Gorgonzola, Stilton or any cheese that contains garlic, other herbs and flavors.

Also, green cheese isn’t the safest choice for a dog, either.


Now when you know how and when a dog can consume cheese, you can be tranquil for your next Yorkie Terrier’s snack – delicious cheese.

If your dog loves cheese you can use it as a special treat.

It brings a lot of health benefits and you don’t have to deprive your canine fellow from its wonderful taste and rich composition of important vitamins and minerals, mostly calcium and vitamin B12.

Let us know if you give cheese to your dog and if she likes it in the comments below.

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