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Can Yorkies Eat Eggs?

Your Yorkie is always watching you while you are eating?

Well, I’m not surprised 🙂

Yorkies are fluffy little dogs who are full of energy and love towards their pet parents.

If you have a Yorkie you have probably experienced its lovability and intelligence.

The Yorkshire terriers are awesome as pets, but you as an owner need to provide them with proper care and training.

Part of taking care after a Yorkie is to feed it with nutritional and quality food.

Moreover, while there are many dog foods, many owners love to give their pets some of their own meal.

However, is the human food, and in particular: Are eggs good for Yorkies?

This is the question we are going to answer in this article.

Can Yorkies Eat Eggs

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The today’s domesticated canines are descendants of wolves and as we know the wolves are predators who eat almost anything they can find.

This includes hens and whenever they attacked hens it is pretty certain that they ate the eggs as well.

Even if this is arguable to some point, it turns out that their descendants – the dogs – are actually very keen about eggs.

Of course, with eggs, as with any other food, moderation is important.

Any food should be properly portioned for too much of a good thing can actually be bad.

In addition, again, this is true not only for the eggs but for every other food.

Can Yorkies eat raw eggs?

Actually, dogs love eating raw eggs.

Since they are predators and the predators eat their food raw, it is a safe bet that dogs will also eat plenty of things raw and will enjoy it.

This is also the best way to take up all the good nutrients in the eggs.

Eggs contain plenty of the building blocks of life, since they were intended to provide nutrients for the chicks to live on until they hatch.

Therefore, there are plenty of important nutrients and they make an awesome food for your Yorkie.

Some people worry about biotin deficiency as a side effect of consuming eggs but, once again, if given in moderation and as a supplement rather than a main dish,

the eggs will most likely not lead to any deficiencies, but will rather provide extra important nutrients.

Can Yorkies eat hard-boiled eggs?

Yes, they can.

Probably some nutrients will be lost while the egg is being boiled, but this method is the easiest way to give eggs to your Yorkie.

Can Yorkies eat scrambled eggs?

Of course, they can!

Yorkies can (and enjoy to) eat scrambled eggs but, remember, that they MUST be clean and without any additives with the only exception of a little bit of cheese.

However, there should definitely be no avocado, no oils, no onion, no garlic, no pepper, salt and no spices.

The scrambled eggs should be plain and simple if you think of giving them (or some of them) to your Yorkie.

The first time you should give the pet only a little portion to see if its stomach can handle it well since some dogs have more sensitive stomachs than others do.

Can dogs eat egg shells?

The egg shells are an awesome source of calcium. Thus, many dogs will benefit of eating the shells of the eggs.

Nevertheless, there is the question of how to serve them.

Some people just give the broken shells to their dog.

However, some hold the opinion that it is better to grind the shells to fine powder and sprinkle this powder over the food of your Yorkie.

Personally, I would prefer this method, because it is safer.

Which choice will you make depends on your dog’s preferences and on how healthy its teeth are.

Most dogs are not picky and will eat anything no matter how you serve it.

Top three of the benefits for your Yorkie

Eggs have plenty of nutrients no matter how you serve them.

Thus, they can be beneficial for your dog and will provide it with some nutrients, which the commercial dog food does not necessarily has.

The top 3 benefits for your Yorkie are:

1. They contain plenty of protein.

Eggs provide animal protein which is what should the meal of the dog consist of. The animal protein is a necessary part that is a building block for the body.

2. They also have vitamin B7 (biotin).

The eggs yolks contain plenty of nutrients among which is the biotin. The biotin helps to develop a healthy coat.

However, if your dog suffers from a deficiency in B7, remember that is should not eat eggs whites.

3. Eggs have vitamin D.

Vitamin D is abundant in eggs. It, with the help of the protein of the eggs, improves the bones and the teeth of the Yorkie.


Even given all the benefits, eggs as a dog food are still somehow controversial, for some people think shells should not be given to dogs, others say that cooked eggs should not be given to gods, etc.

Still, it is totally your choice.

You can start with giving small portions and see if your dog can handle the eggs.

If you have any suspicion that your dog is too sensitive or allergic to eggs, stop giving them to the dog and consult with your vet.

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