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Can Yorkies Eat Oranges?

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Establishing a healthy diet for a Yorkie is a must. As a small and very delicate dog it does require lots of attention and preliminary investigation of each taken food product in advance.

Fruits, as you know can serve a lot of good to Yorkie’s organism. Most of them contain a lot of vitamins and minerals that are important for the healthy Yorkie’s progress and development in life.

Yet, you need to know which fruit types are OK for the dog. The way you treat your dog with the certain fruit and the specific amount of it per day are also important factors for the fruit diet a Yorkie can have.

And when it comes to oranges, you need to know that yes, Yorkies can eat them.

Though, there are some specific things you need to have under consideration before feeding your dog with this citrus.

Is it fully allowed for a Yorkie to eat an orange?

Rule number one is to be 100% sure that the orange is fresh,  washed thoroughly as citruses usually come with a lot of poison all over their peel and in a small quantity if this is your Yorkie’s first treat with the fruit.

Make sure to peel off the fruit. Indeed, peels aren’t toxic for dogs, but in most cases the origin of the orange cannot be certainly determined, so avoid any risks.

On the other side, give your dog one segment as a beginning and see how the Yorkie will react on it within 24 hours. If everything is fine it means your Yorkie can happily eat oranges daily.

According to the best world vets a big dog can eat up to 1 orange per day, while a small dog should be limited to a third part of it as a maximum.

Since Yorkies are some of the least dogs in the world, make sure not to exceed the amount of one third of an orange per day. Plus – it is better to give oranges between regular meal courses.

Treating your dog with an orange is also fine. Never give your Yorkie orange juice. Unlike whole fruit pieces orange juice can cause diarrheic conditions to dogs.

Why giving oranges to a Yorkie can be quite beneficial?

If you follow the rules from above orange consumption can be quite beneficial for your Yorkie’s health condition.

As you know well oranges are rich in vitamin C. And dogs need it in big amount, too – especially for immune system boosting, which is an important task for you as a Yorkie puppy owner.

We do know how fragile and sickly these small canine fellows can be. Meanwhile, oranges are full of fibers and they are great for metabolism regulation.

Oranges protect your dog from high blood pressure, as well as from overweight if consumed in regular quantity. In addition to these, thanks to the rich amount of potassium, oranges keep your Yorkie healthy and away from flue or cough.

Can oranges be dangerous for a Yorkie?

Unfortunately, they can be.

If you don’t follow the rules from above and you exceed the amount of oranges give to your puppy per day, it might get some serious health problems. The most common issue a Yorkie can have due to the big quantity of consumed oranges is digestive.

Meanwhile, since oranges are full of natural sugars, they can be a threat for diabetes and overweight. Veterinarians remind you that if you see any unusual behavior of your puppy after feeding it with oranges, visit a vet immediately.

Some Yorkies even might have citrus allergic reaction, so make sure to avoid any serious consequences. Yet, if everything as a recommendation by your vet is followed oranges can become your Yorkie’s most favorite desert.

Oranges can cause a lot of digestive upset conditions to your Yorkie if not given in proper amount and time.

But if you are cautious and your dog does not reach to the fruit negatively, an orange might become a source of important vitamins and minerals that are important for the overall health condition and beneficial for the immune system and metabolism work.

So don’t underestimate the orange as a part of your Yorkie’s healthy diet.

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  1. My yorkie likes Clementines. I only give her two pieces.

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