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Can Yorkies Eat Watermelon?

Who doesn’t like watermelon?

Especially in a hot summer day?

Don’t say, your Yorkie, because you haven’t tried to treat it with this tasty and delicious fruit yet.

And if you make an attempt, we can be almost 100% sure that your puppy will love it.

Yet, is it actually safe to give your Yorkie watermelon?

Can Yorkies eat watermelon?

Can Yorkies eat watermelon? - picture

It’s what we are going to discuss with you right away…

Yorkies can eat watermelon, but with some precautions.

We (so are vets) positive for Yorkies to be fed with watermelon once in a while.

Indeed, you can’t actually replace a whole meal course with watermelon only, but the fruit can be a great brunch, desert or snack.

Vets recommend the watermelon as a great treat while training the dog. It is a very great idea to give your dog watermelon during summer.

The fruit is light, little in calories and very hydrating. After all, 96% of watermelon is actually water. Some experts claim the fruit can be diuretic, but it isn’t confirmed by vets.

Yet, make sure not to exceed the amount of 2-3 small slices per day. Otherwise, some diarrheic issues might trouble your Yorkie.

There is also a big possibility for the puppy to pee more, as well as to change its bowel movements. If the change is serious or does not pass away with days, visit a vet.

Speaking of which, it is always a great idea to give your Yorkie taste watermelon in the beginning and once you see no reaction to establish the fruit as one of the agents it your puppy’s diet.

Don’t give your Yorkie whole watermelon

We mean you have to remove the rind.

It can be poisoning for the dog.

You don’t eat it, either, right? Well, your puppy doesn’t need it at all.

On the other side, watermelon can be safe for a Yorkie only if you remove the seeds in advance.

Only seedless piece of watermelon can be ok for puppy’s stomach. Seeds can upset an animal’s stomach, especially if it is as delicate as Yorkie’s.

On the other side, dogs have different metabolism in comparison to people.

They won’t process fruits like people will. And seeds inside these fruits will worsen the situation.

Is watermelon only delicious or healthy, too?

It is both:

Super tasty to dogs and beneficial for their health, too.

Yorkie can benefit a lot from such a snack – not only in a hot day when being thirsty.

The thing is that watermelon is rich in various vitamins. Except vitamin C watermelon is also rich in vitamin B6, A, E and potassium.

Together, they boost your Yorkie’s immune system and keep the stomach full in case of early hunger without causing any risk of overweight.

By the way, a slice of watermelon contains only 50 calories, so you should not be worried about diabetes or other cholesterol-based health issue your puppy can get.

Watermelon, though, also contains fibers. They are great for the metabolism and quite dietary.

No peak of blood sugar threatens your Yorkie after feeding it with watermelon because of these dietary fibers.

Last, but not least, watermelon is really great for your puppy’s bones and eyes.

Yet, don’t forget that nothing is too good when being consumed in too large quantities.

As we have already mentioned it, limit the daily serve up to 1 or max 2 small slices. And this is a more suitable portion prescription for summer.

As a matter of fact, avoid giving your dog watermelon in winter, when the fruit isn’t seasonal and its origin might be risky for the Yorkie’s delicate organism.

Once introduced safely and with no side effects watermelon becomes a new food that Yorkies will definitely appreciate.

Like kids, these little dogs truly enjoy eating sweet things and if being as healthy as watermelon you can be generous with treating on a regular basis.

Don’t go too far, though, but keep your puppy’s interest in watermelon by feeding it with small sizes and not every day, but once in a while.

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