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Are Yorkies Good with Kids?

Yorkshire terriers and Kids

The Yorkshire Terrier is one of the most popular dog breeds nowadays and there is a reason for that! Yorkies are incredible dogs. For their small size, they are very intelligent, playful, cute and energetic. But lots of families with small kids that want to bring a Yorkshire terrier at …

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Yorkie Intelligence – Are Yorkies Smart Dogs?

Yorkie Intelligence - picture

Many people want to determine the intelligence of their dogs. In most cases when the dog owners are searching for resources on the topic for the dog intelligence there are articles that generalize for the breed but as with every living being – everything is unique and individual. So you …

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Chocolate Yorkie – Everything you need to know

Chocolate Yorkie - picture

Standard Yorkshire terriers have only four specific colors – black and tan, and blue and gold. However, there are Yorkies that are different from the AKC standard. and the Chocolate Yorkie is one of them. More and more people are interested in these dogs, but there is no official information …

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