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8 Yorkies Who are Better Gardeners Than You

Do you know that there are yorkies who love gardening. They are looking forward for spring to come and go in the backyard garden. They are planting vegetables, flowers, remove weeds and care for the garden. If you don’t believe me just see the pictures below 🙂 [nextpage title=”Next” ] 1. Let’s start …

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10 Cute Yorkie Puppy Photos

Miniature Yorkie with a ribbon - picture

You don’t have to be a dog expert or a genius to name the cutest little puppy in the world. By all means, it`s the yorkie puppy and a glance is completely enough for you to fall in love with it, to wish you could hold and even own it. …

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12 Yorkie pictures at the beach

Here is one fun collection from Yorkie pictures at the beach. Yorkies love the beach and these photos prove it (aslo see our article “Can Yorkies Swim“). We hope these pictures will make you smile and you will like them. Have a fun! 1. Source: Pinterest 2. Source: flickr.com 3. …

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