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Do Yorkies Have Fur or Hair? And What is the Difference?

Have you ever heard that there are dog breeds that have hair instead of fur?

Well, it is true.

Lots of people are wondering if Yorkies are such a breed.

That’s why we are going to talk about Yorkshire terriers and what is their coat type.

Also you will see what is the difference between dog hair and dog fur.


We all know that grooming your Yorkie is a really important.

But before you start bathing and conditioning your puppy’s coat, you should understand its type of coat in order to have the right and perfect approach.

The canines actually can be classified in one of two ways: dogs with fur or dogs with hair.

Both of these types are classical. The method of grooming your pet is totally up to the type of the dog.

Do Yorkies have hair or fur?

Do you know which is the number one difference between the fur and hair is?

Should you answer this question, you’ll understand a lot of truths for your dog and will be able to find many tips for grooming your Yorkie.

Do Yorkies have fur or hair?

Do Yorkies have fur or hair - picture

Without many hassles, we’ll tell you that the Yorkie is classified as a dog with hair.

They are among the wonderful adorable dogs which have been blessed with an amazing type of coat, together with the Poodle, Havanese, the Afgan hound, the Silky terrier, etc.

Not only has the smooth and silky hair helped it be distinguished from the dogs with fur.

The Yorkies, as well as the other breeds with hair, are thought to be hypoallergenic.

What is the meaning of that?

It means that if you are having a Yorkie (or any other dog hypoallergenic dog with hair), the chances that you’ll suffer from an allergic reaction are lower than if you have a dog with fur.

This is the reason why many people do choose a pet with hair over a dog with fur.

That way they can avoid problems with allergies.

But you should know a simple fact – the allergic reaction one can get from the coat of the dog isn’t caused by any of its agents and ingredients.

How is the hair different from the fur?

The proteins (in particular, keratin) and compounds of both the fur and hair are naturally produced and the texture of the breed’s hair or fur doesn’t do anything to trigger any allergies.

But, the allergic people are more endangered by dogs with fur, for the fur is thicker and denser than the hair. Thus, it sheds more salient.

What else does the Yorkie benefit by having hair?

Well, not only it sheds less – but it also doesn’t suffer from dandruff as often as the breeds with fur.

If you have a pet with fur, then you should know that the construction of the fur is thicker for its several layers. On the other side is the hair, which is really easy to be looked after.

When it is about the coat of the dog, the next difference between fur and hair we should mention, is the phase of growth.

Yorkie coat – Growth phase

Every person who owns a Yorkie can tell you that the growth phase of the coat of this breed is much longer.

The anagen – the first phase of the growth of the coat – of the hair is, normally, more extended. This phase is when the follicles are becoming active.

The catagen starts after the end of this long phase of hair growth. That period – the catagen – is a transitory phase. During it we will see some growth but the root’s sheath bonds to the hair.

The inert stage, called telogen has no signs of growth. Indeed, it has no additional helping functions. It does not let a new hair to appear neither the old hair to dye off.

The exogen phase is the last one and it is then when the shedding begins. It lasts only for a short period of time – and this is true for all dogs with hair.

You can easily confuse the fur and the hair. But, if you see both a Yorkie and a dog with thick fur at once, you can obviously see the difference.

Even more, you’ll understand how different should the treatment approaches and cares of the owners be.

Do your best in taking good care of your pet – this includes proper grooming and following the best practices when it comes to your Yorkie’s hair.

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