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How to Cut a Yorkie Hair?

How to cut a Yorkie hair - pictureCutting your Yorkie’s hair is essential part of the grooming process and all cares you owe to your pet. There are many tutorials and guides, including videos in the video social webs like YouTube you can watch, to become better and better. But if you are a beginner in the field of owning a Yorkie and having a Yorkie at home at all, then you will need to know some basic we are about to tell you in advance.

You have to know that grooming is not just essential, but on mandatory. Without proper and regular grooming not only aesthetic but many health problems will eventually occur. This is why experts claim that in many cases taking your Yorkie to a professional groomer is sometimes better than making some experiments you will fail in. Still, don’t think that grooming is that harsh or tough. You only need to follow some common instructions and you will see that cutting dog’s hair is just like making your own beauty rituals (you can check out our Yorkie Grooming guide here). But let’s go back to the bad consequences of not grooming the yorkie at all before giving you those instructions.

First of all, you need to be aware that there are zones that need to be fully cut and left with no or at least quite short hair. For instance, the rectum zone, as well as the ear channel zone, are delicate and need perfect hygiene. That is why we strongly recommend you to check them out on a regular basis and cut the hair finely! And now our tricks and tips as to how to cut your Yorkie’s hairs….Follow them below and you will see that with this article you will not need any professional groomer at all!

Preparation is a must!

How to cut a yorkshire terrier hair - photoOr in short, what you have to do before trimming and cutting any hair is to prepare the area you will cut. In most cases, Yorkie owners at first take the puppy for some bath. This is a good idea, because after washing, the hair becomes softer and easier to be shaped in a way you want to. Also, in case of tangles, don’t cut directly, but use your own fingers to split them off and then, comb and brush carefully. As a matter of fact, combing and brushing are the key preparation steps you need to do. Do it on a wet hair – after bath or after applying some organic oils, a little bit of your favorite leave-in conditioner and etc.
Attention: never apply any hair product on your Yorkie’s hairs if it is specially made either for a human, or for some other animal. You need to remember that dogs have other, different pH level. This means that buying a leave-in conditioner to your Yorkie means you need to buy a product made especially for dogs. If think to use your human shampoo when you bathe your yorkie think again! You can see our article about yorkie shampoos here.

What do we need to cut a Yorkshire terrier hair?

First of all, having some extra hands for help is always welcome. If you have someone by your side to hold the dog, it will be easier for you to act. Also, have the right tools like dog scissors and comb. All of these can be found in a professional store for dog’s supplies, as well as online, where you can find some really good deals with some really good discounts. Clippers are also important and make sure they are at least 1 inch long. With these tools, you will separate the hair you want to cut from the hair you want to leave: for instance, if you have already liked a particular hairstyle and you want to copy it.

Now, proceed with the procedure, itself.

See below some steps you can follow for the first haircut of your Yorkie:
1. Put the clippers on and make sure that are not very hot to burn the dog. Also, oil them finely for a better result. Continue checking them out for oiliness and hotness level during the whole procedure.

2. Never use the clippers directly on the Yorkie’s head or anywhere. Sometimes, a puppy can get really scared of them, if this is its first time. The first time will pass and the Yorkie will get used to the clippers, though.
3. Shave the dog gently on the area you have chosen. If the dog starts moving, give it a break for a while and use the same trick you used to bring its attention, when introducing the clippers for the first time. Now go on again and proceed till you see that the zone of hairs is fully shaved.
Cutting yorkie hair - picture4. Use the scissors to make the design of the hairstyle you want. Of course, this requires more practice, but eventually you will get used to. Also, know that when it comes to the Yorkie’s head: especially the ears, you also need to use the scissors, but the clippers or any other shaving instrument.

Now when you know the least details in first attempts to groom a Yorkie, you can move to action. Make sure you have read the article attentively and you have remembered everything important. This is a tiny and a delicate dog. Even if you don’t hurt it physically, there is always a chance for you to harm it mentally. And Yorkies are too emotional to forget fast even while they are not yet understanding that you are doing this for their own good, for their own healthy hair and skin. And if you are not going to use a professional groomer, then do not hesitate to take a look at the professional hairstyles. Among them you can find some really awesome ideas and conceptions for a haircut to follow and to give it to your sweet Yorkie!

Good luck with your first grooming attempts!

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