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How to Groom a Yorkie at Home? Yorkshire terrier Grooming


How to groom a Yorkie at home - picture

Taking care of a Yorkshire Terrier is by all means not so harsh or tough. However, there are some parts in the overall cares of a Yorkie that need from you to be very careful and what is more important fully aware as to what and how to do.

Grooming is one of these cares. And because this, is indeed, quite long and important topic, today we are going to give you the entire significant information about Yorkie grooming. Below, you will read everything you need to know from the very first days you start grooming your lovely little puppy…

Yorkie Grooming: What is included in the process:

We will go into details but first we have to clarify some points about grooming and, in particular, what this is and what is included in it.

Grooming actually is all the procedures, which are related to maintaining the proper health, hygiene and good appearance of the Yorkies plus the preparations for exhibitions.

You should frequently take your Yorkshire terrier to grooming for this is a necessity for this dog breed. The exact frequency is dependent on the length of the hair, the age of the dog and what is the pet’s health condition.

The health and the comfort of the dogs can be ensured by providing proper grooming.

Here are the main Yorkshire terrier grooming procedures:

• Cleaning the eyes and the ears

• Brushing the hair

• Cutting the nails

• Cleaning the body creases

• Bathing

• Drying

• Dental care

• Trimming – body, face and paws

• Stripping

• Top knots

Yorkie puppy first grooming: When you should start grooming your Yorkshire terrier?

yorkie puppy grooming - photo

It might be good if your dog is introduced to the grooming tools and techniques at young age.

If the pet is younger, it will get used to the grooming procedures quicker no matter if you do the procedures or take the dog to a professional grooming salon.

How Often Do Yorkies Need To Be Groomed?

The frequency is determined by the individual needs of each dog.

Grooming is generally recommended once a month. This ensures proper maintenance of the ears, eyes, hair, nails and sensitive areas of the dog.

However, you can bathe the pet more often than once a month. The perfect solution is one every 1-2 weeks.

Nevertheless, you should ensure that you have purchased the best sh

ampoo and conditioner for otherwise the hair of your Yorkie might get too dry.

How long does Yorkie grooming usually take?

This also varies depending on the dog’s needs. One cannot easily determine how long the grooming session will be.

You can approximately estimate the duration by taking into consideration the dog’s age, the hair length and condition, the temperament of the Yorkie and its habits.

If you maintain your Yorkie properly and the pet is used to the grooming, then the procedure might last 40 to 60 minutes.

However, there might be pets who need more careful approach, which may last up to 2-3 hours.

Why you should groom your Yorkshire terrier on a regular basis?

1.) Regular grooming helps keeping the chance for dermatitis, candidiasis, scratches and such skin diseases to a minimum;

2.) Checking if the dog has any limb problems, swelling, temperature or temperamental changes for these things might indicate a health problem;

3.) Maintaining the general hygiene.

Yorkie’s having a bath

Yorkie bathing - pictureYorkshire terriers need to have a bath occasionally. You need to fully handle the bathing process, because unlike bigger dogs that can jump into the river and discharge you from this week’s bathing procedure, the Yorkie will need you at a full value.

How often should you bathe a Yorkie?

One of the most common question when we talk about Yorkie bathing is how often should you bathe your Yorkie.

Normally, you should bathe your dog which  not too often and not too rare.

Some groomers and the experienced Yorkie owners claim that this dog breed needs a bath per 3-4 weeks (once a moth). And we think this is completely enough to keep it nice-smelling and hygienic.

* Some experts say that if you bathe your Yorkie too often, the excess of sebum will be so reduced that eventually the puppy’s skin will get quite dry.

This might cause unpleasant irritation and even allergic reactions. Attention: it does not matter how mild the Yorkie shampoo is and it does not matter if it is written on its label “For everyday use”, the Yorkie cannot stand too often baths.

Also, if you scrub the Yorkie too harsh, some inflammation process is also possible. Plus: this can cause weakening of both: Yorkie’s hair and its skin.


many cosmetic and veterinary products exist nowadays. Thanks to them, the dogs can be showered even every week if this is necessary.

How often will you bathe your dog depends on how long its hair is and if a bath is necessary.

If not necessary, we recommend to stick with the 3-4 weeks rule between bathing.

Of course, if there are any “dirty circumstances” with the Yorkie, take it to the bath.

It is really important to use only high quality dog shampoos and conditioners, otherwise different problems with the hair and the skin of your dog might occur.

* If you bath the Yorkie too rarely, then you can expect some serious problems, too.

First of all, the skin pores will clog so much that eventually dermatology issues and diseases might occur.

The long hairs will tangle and even high quality conditioner won’t help.

Last, but not least, the poor hygiene will lead to nasty smell and too oily coat.

Now, when you understand what is actually grooming and how it helps ensuring the proper health of the dogs, here comes a guideline for the process of grooming.

How to Groom a Yorkie: Complete guide

First of all you should prepare all tools you  will need for the grooming. Of course, this includes bathroom and hot water but also toothbrush, nail clippers, hairdryer, brush and the equipment for clearing the eyes and ears.

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1. Start with Brushing.

It is essential to find the proper way to brush and comb your yorkie. The better you become, the bigger the chance to maintain its coat and skin healthy, glowing and beautiful.

Moreover: the right brushing and combing techniques are key to the faster hair growth, so if you have already chosen a long and stylish haircut for your dog, begin with these little steps:

You cannot brush the hair of the Yorkie when it is wet. This is why before brushing you can apply some leave-in conditioner to soften the hair and to avoid breakages and damages.

Therefore, the brushing should be done before the shower. After you have showered the dog, you have to wait until the hair dries out completely and brush it again.

You MUST brush and comb the hair of your Yorkie at least once every day in order for the hair not to form any tangles (more about mats and tangles below). Sure, if your pet has short hair, then you may only brush the areas with longer hair or do the brushing not that often.

Brushing should take about 10-15 minutes.

However, the duration should be longer if you pet’s hair is tangled or knotted for you should first comb it and separate it into pieces.

Do not worry about those tangles, but gently remove them before bathing. Every girl has this problem, if the hair is long, right?

What is very important is to use your own hands to get rid of the tangles, but don’t do it when you hurry or when you are nervous, because you might ruin your dog’s coat.

You can make the process much easier if you make yourself a schedule and follow some kind of pattern. Another helpful tip is to have all of your equipment before starting to brush or comb the dog.

Here is what you’ll need:

• Pin brush

• Steel comb with fine and wide teeth

• Coat conditioner in spritzer bottle

• Towel

• Special spray for detangling

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Coastal Pet - Safari - Dog Dematting Comb
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The Yorkie should be placed on the towel. Afterwards you should start spritzing the specific area you will brush and make it slightly damp.

If your dog’s coat is dry, do not brush it for this can create static electricity, which then leads to tangles. In addition, when your Yorkie’s coat is dry, it can more easily break.

You will find it much easier if you first split the hair into different areas. Then brush each of these areas twice and very carefully. It is best if you start from the dog’s head and neck. Afterwards you can move to the body, followed by the legs.

Then it is time for the chest and the belly. The tail should be brushed last.

The hair should be brushed until it is straight and remember to be gentle. When you are done you can prize the pet, congratulate it and even give it a treat.

How often should you brush your Yorkie?

Yorkie brushing - pictureThe brushing sessions should be a part of the daily routine. Maybe at night while you are watching TV.

The process will be far easier if your pet is used to lie down (maybe on your lap, on a little higher than lap level table or on the sofa) and the dog will get used to the sessions to a level in which it will fall asleep during the brushing.

Remember, do not pull the tangles and use a soft brush.

Consider purchasing high-quality grooming brush for if you use quality or professional tools, you will find the brushing much easier.

Moreover, a boar dog brush is the right choice if you want the hair of your dog to be kept with long length.

Matted Yorkie: Dealing with Mats and Tangles

Every area of the Yorkies’ coat may form mats and tangles. However, usually the hair tangles in oily areas – behind the ears – or in areas of friction, like the armpits.

You can pull the hairs with fingers if tangling is just a small knot. You can also use a detangling spray.

Do not comb the mat out of the hair but the opposite – the hair should be combed out of the mats. For larger mats, you have to pull them apart and split them lengthwise.

There are situations where cutting the mat is the best option but if this is the case you should really watch out not to cut the dog’s skin.

If you want to cut the mat out with scissors, put a comb between the skin of the dog and the mat you are cutting out. If the mat is tight, you cannot easily distinguish where it ends and where the skin exactly is.

In these cases the comb serves its role as a barrier so just be careful not to cut on the “skin” side of the comb.

Professional care might be required if the mats are extensive. Should the hair be too matted, then the skin beneath will probably be fragile, bruised and unhealthy because of the bacteria which the mats cause to appear.

Still, cutting the mats will help the Yorkie feel better. In addition, the coat can grow again.

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Well, after brushing come the other procedures which you should do before the bath:

2. Cleaning the Eyes

Yorkie eyes cleaning - picture

You should clear the pet’s eyes. Do not forget that the accumulated tear stains should be removed.

If the Yorkie is already an adult, the eyes cleaning will require more care which is usually provided with the use of special lotions made exactly for eye care and you can buy those from the pet store.

Or you can try these:

No irritation or redness is seen in healthy eyes. In order to maintain this area properly it is best to cut the hair around the dog’s eyes. However, do be careful while doing so for this area is extremely sensitive.

The irritation can be prevented if you cut the hair, which is around the eyes. Moreover, this will also help your Yorkie to see well.

3. Ears Cleaning

This is also very significant, when it comes to Yorkie grooming. To be 100% sure that your dog’s ears are fine, examine them on a regular basis. Look for rashes, bad odor or any strange thing.

If the ears have earwax it is fine but should there be bad smell, red or black color, swelling or irritation, this might indicate infection.

Ear bacterial infections might be treated with specific products, such as Tresaderm, but you had better see the vet first before starting to treat the dog.

If there are no signs of infection, you should clean the earwax accumulated in the ears, starting from the outside area. Since cold water can harm the dog’s ear canal, you should clean the ears with warm (but not hot) water.

The inside of the ears should be cleaned with ear stick or tampon soaked with ear lotion. First you should lift the pet’s ear (be gentle!) and then you should remove the dirt with the ear stick.

Do not put it too deep in the ear neither rub too hard for this way you might hurt the ear of your little doggie.

Also there might be some tiny hairs inside the Yorkie’s ears. Make sure you remove them no matter how hard it would be to act quickly at this zone.

You can skip the trimming process, but quickly to pull the hairs out. Use forceps ear tools that are specially made for dog grooming.

The dogs usually do not like this part of the cleaning process so they might be nervous while you are cleaning their ears but this does not mean you are not doing it right. It just means that your pup does not feel very good about having someone sticking something in its ears.

Repeat the procedure with the other ear. Then dry both ears completely.

On mandatory, go straight to the vet cabinet, in case you see redness or something else that concerns you.

4. Yorkie teeth cleaning

Yorkie Teeth Cleaning - picture

Some statistics show that oral cavity problems occur in about 80% of all Yorkshire terriers. This type of medical issues can affect the kidneys and liver negatively. In addition, if the teeth are sick, the dog cannot eat properly.

The Yorkies usually do not respond well to someone cleaning their teeth but this is also true for most of the human beings when they go to the dentist.

In addition, although the dog does not like having his teeth cleaned by you, do not forget to repeat the procedure 2-3 times a week.

When doing so, remember that both the toothbrush and the toothpaste should be designed for dogs cause if it is a human toothpaste and the dogs swallows some (which it will usually do), this may cause stomach problems.

While cleaning the teeth, do not miss the spaces which are in between them.

Dental plaque can occur if you do not clean your Yorkie’s teeth regularly but it can also happen even if you are doing so. This cannot easily be treated at home so it is better to take the Yorkie to the vet.

5. The Nails

Cutting the dog’s nails is not only about the beauty; it is also about health. If the pet has too long nails, they can be caught somewhere and pulled out.

If this happens, every step the dog takes will worsen the problem for the normal toes position will be displaced. This may lead to splaying, discomfort or lameness.

Should your dog has dewclaws – which is how the wrists’ “thumbs” are called – remember that they are even more prone to be ripped out. Moreover, with them there is the possibility of growing back into the dog’s leg. You can easily fail to spot them for they are hidden under the hair. The easier option is to cut them yourself but you can also have the groomer or the vet take care of this.

Start cutting the dog’s nails during puppyhood. That way your pet will get used to it. Prize the Yorkie with treats and try as hard you can not to cut the quick and your pet will stop hating the procedure.

Clip the nails frequently and use a good nail clipper in order for the nails to be short enough.

The frequency of the procedure is determined by the individual needs – for example, it might be enough to do it once in 3 months or you might have to clip the nails once every month.

Usually it is normal to do it once every 2 months but you have to check the nails’ length and determine when to clip them.

The rear paws nails might be erased if the dog spends a lot of time outside and because of that, you should cut the front paws nails a little bit more than the nails on the rear paws.

The Yorkie’s nails may be cut both with the guillotine type nail clippers and with the scissors type. However, one condition here is that the nail clippers must be sharp otherwise, the nails will be crushed and hurt.

Nail grinder is also fine. Just do not allow the heat to build up.

Moreover, you should be careful because the long hair may wrap around the shaft and to avoid this you may put a nylon stocking over the dog’s foot and push each of the dog’s nails through it before doing the procedure.

One more thing to remember is that you should not let the dog put its head near the grinder for its hair might get caught in it, which will harm the pet.

Cutting Technique

Pulp is the name for the nail’s inner part where there are a lot of blood vessels and nerves. This part is very sensitive. If you touch it, this can lead to bleeding and pain. This can happen sometimes, even the professionals do it by mistake.

How to set a limit when cutting the nails?

You have to provide yourself with comfortable access to the dog’s nails and then press the paw pad with thumb while the dog’s paw should be in your palm. This is how you can make the nails go out which makes the cutting easier.

The dogs are very sensitive if you get close to the pulp so when you cut the first nail off you will understand if you are too close because the dog’s reactions will show you.

After a while, you will understand how long or how short your dog’s nails should be. When cutting the first one although just cut off a small segment. This first cut will help you finish the process properly.

Take a look under the pet’s nail. This way you will see where it starts to get hollow and this hollow appearance means this area is quickless. There is where the nail begins to get much thinner and the thin areas can safely be cut.

Should your dog has light-colored nails, the redder areas on their nails indicate where the blood supply is. The quick (which is sensitive area) ends a little bit further down the nail after the blood supply.
There are different angles if cutting and some people say that there are “wrong” and “right” cutting angles, but you should not worry about that.


As we mentioned above, sometimes one may cut the dog’s pulp low (which even happens to professionals) and then the paw may start bleeding. Although it looks bad, you don’t have to worry too much for the dog is okay.

Get a tampon and soak it in potassium permanganate in advance. If you see any bleeding, press the tampon with the potassium permanganate to the injury and the bleeding will stop after you hold it for 4 to 5 seconds.

The bleeding can also be stopped with styptic powder and your feelings of guilt can be put to an end by giving your pet plenty of treats.

As a matter of fact, to avoid bleeding the best thing you can do is to make the nails softer and more flexible to be cut. You don’t have to use any special products, but only to do the trimming after bath, when they are much more adjusted to trimming procedure.

A few words Dewclaws

To be more specific, these are some additional claws that are placed highly, directly on the paw of the dog. The location is that high that to some Yorkie owners, they are not actually standing on the dogs’s paws, but on the lower legs.

On the other side, your Yorkie might have used to have the dewclaws, but today it is with removed ones. Know that this removal is very early after birth and you cannot do it after the 6th day of its birth.

However, no one says that it is on mandatory. There are even vets, who will tell you that if born with them, a Yorkie actually will eventually learn not only to leave with the dewclaws, but will also use them as extra tools for catching or holding things.

However, whatever your decision will be, make sure you don’t trip the dewclaws on your own. This is supposed to be done by Vets.

6. How to bathe a Yorkie

After these “frightening” procedures have been done you can proceed to the bath time.

People usually want to know how often the bathing should be done. Since there are many quality products these days, you can even bathe your pet once every week.

Thus, the frequency is up to you. It is determined on the look of the Yorkie. If its hair is longer, more appropriate is to bathe the pet more often – like once a week – or the hair may start to stink or get oily for the longer hairs get dirty really easy.

However, for Yorkies with shorter hair, not only the combing and the brushing will last less time but baths will be required less frequently. Since shorter hair does not get dirty this easily, the baths may be once every 3-4 weeks.

Preparation before bathing

Put the dog under the shower or in the bathtub. If you do have a bathtub, full it with water before placing the dog in it, because the pet might get scared by the sound of the water.

You should wet all of the dog’s hair but be careful with its ears and eyes for no water or shampoo should get in them.

Shampoo time

Put shampoo on the neck first and then proceed to the body and spread it properly all over the body in order for the rinsing to be easier for you. Do not apply the shampoo directly on to the dog’s body.

Rub some on your hands and then apply it to the body.

The head should be washed last and no shampoo should be used around the dog’s ears and eyes. The area around the mouth and the nose should also be treated carefully.

Since human shampoos are produced with other formulas, you should not use them but only dog shampoos of high quality. The pH levels of the Yorkies are different from ours.

Thus, if you bathe the pet with human shampoos, the pH levels will be destroyed. This then may lead to irritation, itching and dry skin.

Baby shampoos are also inappropriate no matter than some people think that using them on Yorkies is fine.

Here are our top choices for the best shampoo for Yorkies

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Rinse, Rinse, Rinse

Rinse all of the shampoo carefully until there are no more foam bubbles seen on the dog’s hair for leaving any shampoo on the body may lead to redness, irritation or hair loss.

Thus, do not stop rinsing until you are definitely sure that all of the shampoo is rinsed off.

Use a high quality conditioner

Repeat the washing procedures using a high-quality dog conditioner but when you apply the conditioner it is best to rinse after 4 to 5 minutes.

There are many people who do not understand how important the conditioners are. They make the hair silky and soft but they also protect the skin and prevent the matting.


After you have done with the bath, you should dry the dog out as much as you can with towel. Repeat the procedure with hair dryer but remember that the hair should not be completely dried out.

That way the dog will not be wet and shivering and the hair will has flatter and sleeker look. Dogs with long hair should be brushed while drying. On the other hand, the hair may be dried out a little bit and then brushed.

Human blow dryers can be used just only with the lowest possible heat setting. If you want to use a blow dryer, you should get the dog gradually used to it.

To do so blow it first near the dog. Then keep some distance and blow on the dog. Finally, you can blow some areas of the dog’s coat but only a little bit at a time.

Usually Yorkies get used to this procedure and start enjoying it but they might be a scared when you are blowing the hair around their head.

Move the air around the coat and do not aim it for a long time at the same place for the skin might be burned. The delicate areas – under the tail, the ears, the face – should be left for last.

In order for the hair to dry faster you may separate it with your fingers. You should monitor the air in order not to let it get too hot on the skin.

When the hair is not wet anymore but only damp, then you can brush it with pin brush or wide-tooth comb while drying it.

The paws must be completely dried out or otherwise fungus may develop if they are left wet.

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Here is one Yorkie that really loves hair drying:

7. Brushing after bath

Yorkshire terrier combing - picture

Here comes the brushing and the combing. Special lotions are recommended for dogs with long hair for they make the detangling easier. However, these lotions cannot be used on completely dry hair.

Then use a metal comb or a quality pin brush to continue the brushing. This should be done throughout the entire coat length from top to bottom and one of your hands should keep the dog’s hair, which is close to its skin.

Use the other hand to brush the first third of your dog’s hair (this is the part, which is farthest from the skin). Do this until the comb can freely pass.

Afterwards the rest of the dog’s coat should be brushed. Slide the comb from the roots of the hair to the tops. This is actually a part, which Yorkies enjoy.

In addition, this will stimulate the circulation of the blood and will remove the dead hairs.

8. Yorkie trimming

Yorkie grooming - picture

These are not the details, which the professional groomers should know but the information about how to maintain the proper hygiene of your Yorkie by keeping the necessary areas short enough.

This is another grooming procedure you need to be very careful about, when performing. Also, take under considerations our tips, because we have gathered for you some.

For instance, know that there are zones you need to trim on a regular basis and it is in the sake of the good hygiene and health for your Yorkie.

However, the rest of the coat can be trimmed upon your desire, if you want to achieve a specific hairstyle.

Yorkshire terrier Ears trimming

Most dogs of this breed are with short top of the ears and this should be kept that way in order for the Yorkie’s ears to be properly straight.

If the hair in this area is left, then it will pressure the tiny ears of the dog and this pressure makes the ears fall down because they are too small to hold it.

When the Yorkie is still a puppy, you should clip the hair of its ears upper part short. Since the Yorkie’s ears are really thin, the slightest weight can cause them tip forward.

If this happens even when it is adult the ears will never stand straight. After the pup has grown into adult, you can let the hair on the ears grow fluffy or keep it traditionally clipped.

In order to make the skin nearly naked, the pros use a #30 or a #40 blade. However, since you are not a professional, the best choice for you is a #15 blade. This way the chance of cutting the skin is much lower.

Alternatively, you may even do the ears clipping with a moustache trimmer. You should not nick the skin and in order for this not to happen, the ears should be clipped in the direction in which the hair grows.

In other words, clip the pet’s ears from the base toward the tip. Keeping the ear steady during the procedure can be done by placing a finger on the ear’s opposite side.

  • The hair should be trimmed on the front and the back of the ear’s upper third.
  • Trim the hairs on the rear side so the bottom border of the shaved area has a V shape.
  • The hairs from the ears’ edges can be cut with scissors (but you should be careful) and the proper form is the one in which they can come to a point on the top.

Yorkie Paws trimming

yorkie paws - photo

The hairs which are between the footpads of the Yorkies should be trimmed for if they are long the dog may slip. In addition, if these hair are long, they will accumulate debris and dirt.

When trimming the paw pads area you should be absolutely careful. If the clipper is powerful it may badly hurt the dog’s tiny paw pads.

Professional dog grooming scissors are the best option but you may use also small scissors, which are blunt-nosed. This area usually causes tickling to the dogs so the paws might be a little jumpy.

You should first trim the edge, which is along the foot’s outside. The hairs should be in rounded edge and must not reach the ground. Then you can start trimming the area, which is between the pads under the dog’s foot.

Trimming around the eyes

yorkie eyes trimming - photoAgain, every hair, which impairs the Yorkie’s vision, should be trimmed. Use proper scissors designed for dog grooming while trimming this area.

The eyes area is really gentle and sensitive. Should you have any second thought about your ability to handle the trimming, opt for visiting a professional groomer for even the slightest mistake may injure the dog’s eyes very seriously.

Trimming the anus area

The anus hairs should be trimmed in order for this area to be clean.

That area should be regularly cleaned for if there is even the smallest obstacle your pet may feel tension while relieving itself. If this continues, the puppy will start feeling discomfort and in some cases, some internal injury might occur.

It is recommended the hair around the anus to be trimmed in order for this area to be healthy and clean. Another obstacles in this zone can be removed with brushing and bathing.

The same is true to the area around the pet’s vulva if it is a girl – the area around should be trimmed in order for this zone to be kept clean.

Don’t underestimate the professional grooming services that are offered specially for Yorkies. But if you want to do it yourself, don’t forget that the right tools are the first key important elements for the right grooming.

Also, do not exceed with trimming. If the hairs are too short, in summer your dog might be seriously damaged because of the summer that can burn out its gentle skin. In winter, on the other side, such a short haircut might cause the puppy too many gold nights and getting a cough becomes quite possible and concerning.

Can you shave your Yorkie or cut its hair really short during the summer?

Some people believe that the Yorkie’s hair should be cut in the summer in order for the dog to feel cooler but this is absolutely wrong.

Dogs (which, of course, includes Yorkshire terriers have sweat glands only between their paw pads. Because of this, they can only cool off by breathing with their mouth open.

Thus, cutting their coat will not help them cool off. The only thing the trimming can achieve is to expose the skin directly to the external environment, which can actually cause harm to the dogs.

The coat serves as an isolation. This is why it is useful in preventing the body of the dogs from overheating.

However, you should not forget to take care of the dog’s coat – keep it clean and healthy.

And this was the most important information and the answer of the question “How to groom a Yorkie at home”. Of course, for every step there are many more details.

Yorkie Top Knot

How to make a Yorkie top knot - picture

This is one of the most important details of Yorkie’s grooming. Now we will show you some information about the Yorkie top knots, which are actually iconic.

A top knot is a specially tailored Yorkie’s hairstyle that is a must, if the dog has long hair and it has not been shaved for a long time.

On the other side, recently, it has become very popular for Yorkie owners to shave the whole body, but leave only few zones like tail, legs, and head to make upper top knot. It is indeed original and practical as to the faster and easier maintenance.

Though, stick to the top knots, because otherwise, this long hair will fall inside the dog’s eyes and you already know how sensitive these eyes are.

Special care is necessary for the long hair, which grows on the head of the Yorkie, and it should be tied up for otherwise it will get into the dog’s eyes.

This is what is called topknot and it can be done with a few steps.

First, remember that the Yorkie should be turned with his face to you. Start combing the face, neck and check while being very careful in the area around its eyes.

The hair from the corner of the dog’s eye to its ear should be divided into a straight horizontal line and you can give the coat maximally voluminous hair by separating one piece of the Yorkie’s coat.

Volume sprays may be used on Yorkies with soft hair.

Tie the hair up using a hair clip but do not pull too hard and you should not grab some of the skin for then a blank space will form between the pup’s ears. If you have to reduce the pressure, first move the hair clip backwards to loosen it a little bit. Then gently move if forward again.

Home top Knot

This is the easiest way to keep the Yokie’s hair away from its eyes and face. It can be done just in a few minutes and can remain in the same

position for up to three days. However, do not leave the top knot any longer.

Otherwise, the hair on the dog’s head may form knots and tangles.

Gather the hair which is on the top of the head of your Yorkie. After you have done this, you should use an elastic band and put it around the hair. Finish with a bow. Be gentle and careful.

The hair should not be pulled too tight for this will cause discomfort to the pet. Some owners split the hair and use not elastic bands but special clips, which are designed specifically for this breed.

Super important Yorkie grooming tips to take under consideration

Grooming a Yorkie is about following concrete rules and principles. If you do so, you’ll have no problems with this task.

Moreover: we will give you all the important grooming tips to take under consideration and to make fine parts of your personal grooming process at home, too. So check them out right away:

1. Avoid any experiments with your own shampoo on your Yorkie’s head and body. No matter how dry your hair and skin is, your ultra luxurious shampoo for this case won’t be useful for a dog.

Dogs have their own pH level and any human’s shampoo will make their skin irritate, while their hair – fall. Better invest in a high quality conditioner and shampoo (or 2 in 1 product) and you will use it for a really long time. Check out our article about best Yorkie shampoo and conditioner here.

2. Brushing and combing is recommended to be done before and after the bath. In both cases, you will make the Yorkie’s hair shiny and strong. Besides, the tangles will be gone and the combing, itself, will be easier later on a wet coat.

3. On mandatory, rinse thoroughly during the bath. Even a little bit leftover of the shampoo or the conditioner can cause your Yorkie serious problems. For instance, the wax elements can cause allergic reactions and other

ingredients will dry and make it harder to comb the Yorkie’s hair.

4. Invest in a canine bath brush. It is a very suitable grooming tool for a Yorkie, because it has ultra stimulating taste to the skin. The hair will grow

faster and the skin will be healthy.

5. If your Yorkie is male, then on mandatory have a canine cleansing wipe to remove the urine excess out of the coat after the urination. Besides the

poor hygiene that can be caused, if your grooming ritual lacks of this procedure, doing so after last bathroom trip and just before going to bed will help your dog to be clean during the whole night.

In case you own a female Yorkie, it is important to check out for feces stuck around the anus area. Males can suffer from a bacteria or infection, too, but females are more threatened about it.

It is also very good to wipe out the Yorkie (male or female) after bowel movement, too.

6. Also, have canine facial wipe for daily needs. The most important purpose for this wipe is to clean the eye zone. Eyes are very delicate and Yorkies usually get some serious diseases, if the hygiene level is low.

Nevertheless, the information we have listed is enough for dog owners who are new to grooming.

Again, a very important detail is that you need to have quality products and grooming tools because this will make the procedures easier for you and will ensure the best results for your Yorkie.

Don’t forget to make all these grooming procedures a positive experience for you and your Yorkie and give him lots of treats and prizes!

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  1. I recommend cutting yorkies nails right after bathing. The nails are softer and easier (and less painful) to cut.

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