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Spring Care Tips for Yorkshire Terrier Owners

Yorkie spring care - pictureIt is certain that spring time is the best and most favorite time of the year to each dog breed, including to a Yorkshire Terrier!

However, alongside with the fun, you need to take some precautious measures under consideration regarding the upcoming season.

After all, it is the time your Yorkie can finally be let playing at the outdoors.

Indeed, cold, windy and snowy conditions in winter aren’t the most appropriate for long outdoor playing.

So when Spring arrives, you will have to compensate your puppy at a full value like this:

And of course like this:

Yet, make sure to do so with safety and preventive health measures in mind. Below, we are about to give you some really helpful spring care tips. Use them as a start for your seasonal Yorkie cares.

Consider your region climate

Depending on your region, you can expect different climate changes and conditions. However, in all cases, mosquito risk is probably a thing to be aware of.

It is normal for mosquitoes to activate during spring time, because the weather is getting warmer.

But what does this have to do with dogs and Yorkies, specifically? Well, mosquitoes are the top heartworm disease transmitters. This is a very serious and dangerous disease you need to protect your dog from.

What you can do is to buy some preventive medications. Unfortunately, there are two problems about these products.

First of all, not all dog owners consider their dog breeds when buying such a medical drug. You certainly need to ask your vet what the best preventive medication against heartworm disease for a Yorkie is.

Also, some dog owners prefer to skip this precautious Yorkie spring measure, because the medication isn’t very cheap. However, only dog owners, who have faced the heartworm disease understand how much a preventive measure actually worth it.

Fleas also activate during Spring time

Fleas are super common in dogs, including Yorkies. These are the most common dog pests a dog owner usually faces.

Thankfully, there are a lot of modern products you can buy to protect your puppy from fleas.

Just know that fleas are super active in Spring and if did not see any risk of fleas during the winter season, now it is their time to attack. Yorkies aren’t insured against them at all…

Ticks are probably the biggest danger for a Yorkie during spring

Ticks are also very common for spring, but unlike fleas, they are much more serious for a dog’s health condition.

Numerous infections, as well as the Lyme disease, might be caused to your dog and sometimes, the consequences are both: scary and irreversible.

Have in mind that ticks are basically found in greenery and wilderness. However, your personal top-to-bottom maintained garden isn’t 100% protected from ticks at all.

There are a lot of medical products you can apply on Yorkie’s coat in advance. However, experts claim that even with them a dog owner should examine his dog after a walk regularly.

Be aware that ticks usually hide in these areas: neck, ears, forelegs and chest. The first symptoms you will observe in your Yorkie are itching, scratching and pain.

Two of the most popular Tick and Flea control products:

Check out your Yorkie’s medical papers

Spring is the best time to assure that everything with your dog’s medical papers is fine. Mostly, it is time when a Yorkie gets a new or missed vaccination. In all cases, visiting the vet during this time could be a very good idea.

Like humans, dogs experience some weaknesses during the winter season, so in spring health prophylaxis is a must. Last, but not least, it is during the spring time, when a lot of vet clinics decide to arrange check-ups for dogs, mainly because of often kennel cough cases.

All types of infections and diseases that are contagious are common for spring time, because dogs get in contact more often during these days.

Prepare your garden area for your Yorkie’s outdoor spring time

Spring time comes with the desire for every property owner to do some spring cleaning. The procedure does involve some cleaning job at the outdoors, too. In all cases, whether in the interior or the exterior, cleaning detergents for stain removal and disinfection will be used.

All of them might be very risky and dangerous for your dog. This is why you need to make a preliminary check for each cleaning product. Make sure it is harmless for your Yorkie before applying it.

Here are a few Pet Friendly cleaning products

As to your garden, it is a must to protect your soil from pesticides and chemical substances, too. Yorkies and most dogs in general really love digging. If they come across some toxic fertilizers, they might be poisoned. Some specific bulbs could be also dangerous for a Yorkie: hyacinths, tulips, daffodils and certain lilies.

Beware of poisonous plants

Poisonous plants are the last, but not least spring risk you need to be careful for. A Yorkie can come upon such in both: your property garden and on a meadow or some public park space, where there are plants. We will try to list you the most common poisonous plants, but knowing them is not enough.

You need to check out how every plant looks like and to avoid it during a walk with your Yorkie. Plus – the following list of the top common poisonous plants isn’t exhaustive:

• Bulbplants (including most varieties of lilies, daffodils, etc.)
• Tomato plants (the leaves and stems)
• Azaleas
• Castor Beans
• Fox glove
• Oleander
• Mushrooms and fungi
• Rhubarb plants
• Philodendron

Basically, spring is the best time of the year to spend some really lovely time with your Yorkie at the outdoors. You might not believe it, but your puppy is looking forward to be enjoying it, too.

So make sure you make the spring experience with your Yorkie safe and secured.

Check out our Complete guide for buying a Yorkie shampoo

Give your puppy the necessary and required love and cares. And you will have the most amazing and cheerful outdoor spring time, as well!

Have a great spring with your yorkie fellow!

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  1. I just wanted to thank you for going over these care tips for Yorkie puppies. I actually didn’t know that it could be good to prepare and clean the garden area or even the interior of a home with disinfection. My sister has been thinking of getting a puppy so perhaps it could be good to research these different products in advance to know exactly what would be good to use.

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