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Tan Yorkies – Everything You need to Know about Them


Tan colored Yorkshire terrier - photo

Yorkshire terriers are dogs with very recognizable coat colors.

You can say if a dog is Yorkshire terrier immediately, just because 99 percent of the puppies are black and tan,

and the adults are blue and gold.

But some Yorkies are different from the standard, and even though they are rare, they do exist.

Some of these rare Yorkshire terriers are the tan Yorkies.

Can a Yorkshire terrier be entirely tan without any black hair?

Tan Yorkie picture

The short answer is yes, it is possible but is very rare and uncommon.

Most of the Yorkie puppies are black and tan and as adults the black changes into a blue and the tan changes to a gold color.

But in some cases, a purebred Yorkie can be fully tan as an adult as well.

Another infrequent Yorkshire terrier coloring is black and red adult Yorkie, which is known as Red-Legged Yorkies, Chocolate Yorkies (Red Yorkies), and Parti Yorkie.

Bare in mind that this is an exception and not a rule.

For all adult Yorkies, the dark hairs will cover far less of their body than when they were puppies.

Coverage between 60 and 90 percent as puppy often can end to just on the back as adult dogs.

It is safe to assume that as the coat is morphing, there is more tan hair coming in, so the dark hair is falling or fading, and the tan overtakes most of the coat.

Tan Yorkies and Shows?

Tan Yorkies are not accepted in shows because they are considered as a fault.

This is basically a random event and it does not affect the dog in any other aspect from the aesthetical one.

Most people find the Tan Yorkies as some of the cutest dogs out there.

It is interesting that some people think that the tan color may be caused by a dog shampoo or too much brushing.

We can say for sure that this is not true!

It is not even caused by any bad breeding practice unless the breeder breeds on purpose Tan Yorkies.

This is just a genetic coloring marker that can appear on rare occasions without any warning and is invisible until the puppy matures.

For a Yorkie, it might take one to three years for the black to disappear completely.

If you are wondering if the black hair can grow again – there might be some rare and random occurrences about that, but in general, it doesn’t happen.

Other reasons for Yorkshire terriers full tan coloring?

Tan Yorkshire terrier - photo

Actually, there are a couple of different reasons that a Yorkie looks full tan colored:

With a short hairstyle, the Yorkie is looking tan.

In this case, you may think that the dog is full tan, but you might be wrong.

The Yorkies can have lots of different haircuts, and some of the most popular hairstyles are the short ones because of the easier maintenance.

In this situation, most of the darker hairs may be removed, and the dog might appear as tan colored, but of course, it is not.

When a Yorkie has a long or medium coat, the dark hairs (can be black or blue) stand out.

However, if the coat is cut short, there is much less dark color to focus on, and the tan takes over in our eyes.

However, if the coat of the Yorkie grows back, the coloring would appear very different again.

Of course, the coloring cannot be changed that easy because it is genetically preset, but the length of the hair can trick our eyes and change the appearance of the dog.

Yorkies may lose lots of dark hair while growing.

Tan Color Yorkie - picture

As a puppy Yorkie can have a coat, that is holding the majority of black hair but as it matures the black can become tan, and most of the dark can be lost.

In this case, you will have an adult dog, that is mostly tan.

It might hold the correct colors for the breed as a puppy which can change as the dog matures.

Moreover, you will notice that the long tan hairs on the back of your dog will flow over the darker ones, which can lead to the overall impression that the dog is majorly tan.

So in conclusion, we can say that:

Yes, tan-colored Yorkies do exist!

No, they can not participate in dog shows!

Yes, they are so cute!

Do you have a tan Yorkshire terrier?

Leave a comment below to let us know!

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