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Teacup Yorkie Lifespan: How Long do Teacup Yorkies Live?

How long do teacup Yorkies live? - photo

Are you one of those who have a Teacup Yorkie?

Are you worried about your pet’s life and well-being?

Here we are going to talk about the lifespan of a Teacup Yorkie.

Just as adorable these dogs can turn out to be, at the same time, their lifespan might be just one of the biggest concerns for their owner.

These tiny dogs are becoming more and more popular because of their cuteness but unfortunately, most of the people are not familiar with the fact that the teacup Yorkie lifespan is shorter

than the life expectancy of the regular Yorkshire terriers.

And if you’re someone who really loves your Teacup Yorkie, then it’s important to gather the truth about its lifespan and do your best in order to extend it as much as possible.

So, relax, it’s time to stop worrying about your little dog because right here, we’ve straightened out all the facts you need to know about the average Teacup Yorkie lifespan.

Teacup Yorkie lifespan - picture

Teacup Yorkie Lifespan or How long do Teacup Yorkies live?

A lot of people are worried regarding their pets, but for the lovers of Teacup Yorkie, one of the biggest questions is “How long do Teacup Yorkies live?”

Their lifespan may range from 3 years minimum to a maximum of even 10 years if taken proper care of.

However, the average age is mostly found out to be 7-9 years after which these pooches may be affected by natural traumas or health problems.

The lifespan of your Teacup Yorkie may vary depending on various factors like its parents, genetics, and the care it’s provided with.

Hence, no single lifespan can be stated for Teacup Yorkies and eventually, it’s all in your hands to be extra careful with your dog.

Why Teacup Yorkie Life Expectancy is Shorter than the Lifespan of Regular Yorkshire Terriers?

Teacup Yorkies are basically a miniature version of the regular Yorkshire terrier. They are not a different breed, but only smaller Yorkies than the standard.

Though it may sound fancy and attractive to have a pet that you can carry around in your purse, generally Teacup Yorkshire terrier lifespan tends to be shorter than regular Yorkshires by a great margin of 6-7 years.

This is due to several factors affecting their life expectancy like size, poor breeding techniques, health issues, and traumas.

Let’s discuss these in more depth:


The first and foremost cause of a shortened Teacup Yorkie lifespan is their extremely small size as compared to a regular Yorkshire terrier.

These dogs weigh not more than 4 pounds and some of them are only 2-3 pounds as adult dogs, which is a major factor contributing to a shorter lifespan.

Such tiny dogs are more prone to be injured by falling off furniture or heights and are at more likely to be attacked by larger dogs.

Teacup Yorkies are so small in size that they can even fit into your Teacup – this is why you need to watch your step at home to be careful not to trod over them.

Accidental stepping on your pet can even lead to the death of the pup at the spot.

So, if you’re a family with little children who enjoy running around the house or carrying the dog with them, then you need to be vigilant at all times without exceptions.

Poor Breeding

Teacup Yorkies are bred in an unethical and unreliable way the majority of the time.

Due to the high market demand of these adorable Miniature Yorkshire terries, many breeders will just produce these dogs in any way they possibly can; often competing to produce the smallest breed.

They can lure you into buying the wrong dog, which will be hard to identify when the pup is only a few weeks old.

Growth stunting methods make it easy to mistake and buy a Yorkie which is not even a purebred Yorkshire terrier.

Irresponsible breeders also produce Teacup Yorkies by breeding undersized dogs so that the resultant offspring is small but eventually becomes prone to a large number of congenital diseases.

This is because the smallest dogs of a litter are already weak and are the unhealthiest ones.

In the race to produce small-sized pups, breeding unhealthy dogs with one another may give Teacup Yorkies initially but will also prove to be a major cause of complications, traumas, weakened immunity.

All of this results in a shorter lifespan.

Health Issues

In comparison to the standard Yorkshire terrier, Teacup Yorkies are prone to a large number of health issues and congenital birth defects responsible for a limited lifespan.

One of the major problems faced is hypoglycemia, also called low blood sugar level in common terminology.

This disease is more susceptible to occur in 8-16 weeks old Teacup Yorkies and leads to weakness, shivering, fragility, and lethargy in your pet.

It is related to their small size and low body mass, which is unable to store enough glucose; hence, they cannot gather the required energy to stay active.

Also, due to continuous barking, Teacup Yorkies can have a collapsed trachea leading to breathing problems.

Congenital heart defects serve as the leading reason for their shorter lifespan.

Other diseases that are common for these tiny dogs are weakened gums, fractures, Legg-Perthes disease, diarrhea, and vomiting.

You can also check our article about Yorkie health issues.


Teacup Yorkies are emotional and sensitive pets as regular Yorkshire terriers. They easily get stressed out by excessive socialization or big life changes.

Due to their small size, they often have a tiny heart to accept the big world around.

This is why stress in these dogs can lead to separation anxiety and loneliness. In severe cases, it can cause death too.

Undergoing emotional trauma can also aggravate physical problems in your dog, so it is crucial that you keep your pet in a loving and caring atmosphere that feels like home.

How Can We Extend the Lifespan of Teacup Yorkies?

Teacup Yorkie life expectancy - picture

It might seem hard, but it is not impossible to extend the lifespan of your Teacup Yorkie.

It just requires a little extra vigilance, attention, and maintenance of your pet.

If you’re willing to buy a teacup Yorkie, then you should also be willing to keep your pet in the best health and lifestyle possible.

Taking care of your pet’s hygiene, feeding it with the best food at the right time, and spending time with your pet can greatly create a visible and positive impact on the lifespan of your Teacup Yorkie.

So, it comes down to your willingness and attention to make your pet’s life a joyous and cheerful one!

A few basic guidelines on how to prolong the lifespan of your Teacup dog include:


Most dog breeders vaccinate the dogs beforehand, so you just need to make sure that all the required vaccines are given to your pet.

If your pet hasn’t been vaccinated, then the first thing after buying it is to get it vaccinated from the vet.

Don’t take your dog out of your home 2 weeks after its vaccinated.

This will help you avoid health complications in your dog.

Consult a Vet Time to Time

For basic guidelines on how to keep your pet, you need to visit the vet once in a while.

Discuss the eating and sleeping habits of your dog and get it checked for any irregularities in its lifestyle.

Many diseases are easier to be treated if caught at the right time and thus can prevent life-threatening situations.

Visiting the vet will help you learn more and establish a wonderful relationship with your pet.

Health and Hygiene

Never compromise on the health and hygiene of your pet.

Don’t let your dog sniff or lick feces and urine.

Get the hair of your dog trimmed regularly and keep a strict check for ticks and fleas.

Bathe your dog every 3 weeks to get rid of the excessive body oils, and use only high-quality dog shampoos.

You can see what is the best shampoo for Yorkies here. This is a complete guide when you choose a shampoo for your pup with lots of helpful tips.

Every day, specify 5 minutes of your morning routine to brush your pet’s teeth.

Get your dog to have its basic medical checkups once a month to maintain steady health.

Taking proper care of health and hygiene will bear countless benefits for you in the long run.

A dental visit for your dog would also be highly appreciated. Teacup Yorkies are prone to face many periodontal diseases. Plus, weakened gums would also disturb the eating habits and the mood of your dog.

Teeth infections can also be tracked out instantly, which otherwise can lead to a severe infection.

This is why it’s highly advisable to spend on the health of your dog because the rewards would sure be promising in the form of a longer lifespan.

Eating Schedule: Monitor your dog’s eating habits strictly.

Teacup Yorkies normally have a small body size that cannot store enough sugar sufficiently.

For this reason, your pet needs to be fed every 3 hours so that it can replenish its energy levels fully. To prevent hypoglycemia in your dog, apply honey or glucose syrup on its jaws.

In this way, the lifespan of your pet can be improved by regulating its eating schedules.

Grooming is one of the most important things when we talk about Yorkshire terriers.

That’s why we have a complete guide on How to groom a Yorkie.

Physical Fitness

One of the biggest treats for a dog-lover is to train their pets.

Teacup Yorkies are highly intelligent animals, and they will quickly learn what you teach them.

A walk, some basic stretching, and exercises improve the mood and fitness of your dog. You’ll be surprised to see how the life expectancy and well-being of your pet increase when you start regular exercises all around the year in all seasons.

However, be careful not to burden your dog with heavy exercises, or it may lead to lethargic behavior.

Trauma Prevention

The importance of keeping a strict eye on your dog at all times cannot be denied.

For Teacup Yorkies that tend to be so little in size, it is important to keep them safe.

The determination of how long do Teacup Yorkies live is based on your own attention and maintenance provided.

At night, make sure not to let them sleep on the floor because they may be stepped on easily. Don’t let your dogs climb onto high furniture or fall off from heights because it can lead to fractures in their tiny legs.

Also, avoid handing over your little pup to children who can throw or drop it.

Moreover, your dog can easily be run over by a car or chased by larger dogs, so keep it away from main roads and don’t let it run away and get lost.

Since Teacup Yorkies are emotional in nature, it is advisable not to keep them locked up at home.

Don’t ignore them when they demand attention and play with your pet.

Providing adequate love and affection for your little pet can win its heart!

You can also check our article about the regular Yorkshire terrier lifespan where you can find even more tips to improve your dog’s life.


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