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The Yorkie Who Loves Drying With a Hair Dryer

If you own a yorkie you already know that grooming could be very challenging thing to do. Every dog breed has different grooming needs and you must know how you should care for your own dog. In case you have a yorkie you may need to dry its hair after bathing. Some yorkies love drying with hairdryer, but others.. not so much.

Here is a yorkie that really enjoy hair drying :

Not all yorkies are comfortable with this procedure. The hairdryer blows hot air and it is noisy which could scare doggies especially little puppies. Some of them will just try to run out but others might become aggressive and start barking at the groomer or the drier.
If your yorkie love drying it’s ok, but you need to be careful. Avoid too much air and too much heat because yorkies have sensitive skin and this could cause different skin problems. It is better to lower the drier to the minimum.
However, it’s always fun to see a yorkie enjoying the hair drying session.

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