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What does a Yorkie look like?

what does a yorkie look like? - pictureWhen looking at this breed when the puppies are really small, most people think that this is one of the most adorable breeds they have seen. But you should carefully think if you want to get a dog of such a breed to be your pet, because after some time this little, cute dog turns out into a lean, long and even more beautiful adult.

This dog, the Yorkie is classified to be in the AKC toy group. Being assigned in this group means that this dog as an adult dog will be around 4 to 7 pounds, which is from 1.81 kg. to 3.17 kg. This is a rather tiny dog, because even its height is from 6 to 9 inches, 15 – 22 cm, and this is measured from the floor to its shoulders.

Usually, when owning a tiny breed dog, you should be more careful and watch out for the dog so that it does not get any unexpected injury when walking or jumping around the big furniture. But despite being a tiny breed, the Yorkies are really sturdy – they do all the activities that are expected from this kind of pets, such as playing, jumping, running, and there is not really a problem to do this.

This is a typical indoor dog, because of its tiny size, but it loves going outside, playing and running there, exploring the nature that is surrounding it, using its excellent senses for smelling and hearing. And what is also typical for the breed is that they love digging. But all this can be correct with the help of an appropriate training.

It is a really curious breed, and you can see these dogs often to trot along the house, trying to find out something new and interesting to be seen and heard. When relaxing, they love curling up like tiny little balls. These terriers can look quite different, depending on the way they are being groomed.

The Standard of Yorkshire Terrier breed

What a breed standard is? This is the description of the dog breed about the certain way the adult dog will look like. This standard is defined by AKC. This is an American dog club, which is the most respected one in the country and it sets these standards in order to function.

This is of course an average classification, so it is really rare that one dog of a certain breed will exactly match the officially set standards, but this description is used by the judges so that they can determine the winners of the dog shows, concerning dog’s appearance.

So if you are planning to go on such a show, even though your Yorkshire Terrier can slightly vary of these standards, this is the description that the judges are going to comply with.
The description about the toy terrier is – compact and well proportioned body, blue and tan coat, which is parted from the foundation of the face skull to the end of the dog’s tail, and which falls straight and equally to the both sides of the dog’s body. The manner of the dog should show pride and energy.

The skull is not too round, the head is small and a bit flat, the muzzle is not too extended. Black nose, medium-sized eyes, with dark color, sparkling from the dog’s intelligent expression. Small ears in the shape of V, dark eye rims. Both, scissors and level bite is acceptable. Compact body, which is also well-proportioned, but the back is short.
Straight forelegs and hind legs should also be straight when looked from behind, even though when looked from the side they are a bit bent. The elbows should not be out or in. Round feed with black toenails, and usually the dewclaws are removed from the legs, but removing them from the forelegs is according to the wish of the owner.
A medium-length tail, which is carried a bit higher from the back level.

Extremely important is the texture, quantity and quality of the coat. The texture of the hair should be fine and silky. The coat should be perfectly straight and moderately long. For achieving tidier appearance and easy movement, it could be trimmed to the floor length. The hair on the head is long and it could be made in two ways – in one bow in the centre or with two bows which are parted in the middle of the head. The hair which is on the tips of the ears and on the feet should be trimmed short so that the look is much tidier. But the hair on the muzzle of the dog is quite long.

What does a yorkie puppy look like? - photoPuppies

The little puppies are usually born black. The body color is usually darker. Until they grow up they show this combination of black hair in the tan. It is really important for the adult dogs to have a rich tan on the legs and the head and dark color of the body hair. The color is blue – not silver-blue or mingled with black hairs, but a dark steel-blue. The tan of the hair is darker at the roots than it is in the middle. It is getting a bit lighter and shading to the tips. The tan should not be mixed with any black hair.

Difference between Show and Pet Yorkies

Is there a difference between show and pet quality? The difference between the two of them could be really small when the dog is purchased from a trusted and ethical breeder.

In order that the puppy is categorized as a dog with a show quality, a good and trusted breeder in the United States will be looking to breed puppies that match closely the standards, defined by AKC that concern the Yorkshire Terrier conformance (appearance). Having such a quality show dog means that it is bred to compete in such type of shows and it looks promising to achieve a good result at the AKC conformance events.

So when you buy a dog from a trusted breeder, you can be sure that he will sell you a show quality dog, otherwise, when the dog does not match the guidelines, set by the AKC, the dog will be sold as a pet quality dog. It could go in this category even for a very little element that can not fit the classification like the shape of the ears for example. But for the dog’s new family, this little pet has the same value, no matter what quality it is specified to be.

If you are planning to enter into the world of dog shows, then you can consider buying such type of a dog, but if you are just looking for a good pet, there is no reason to spend extra money for a show quality dog. You can find a Yorkie of good pet quality and it will be as adorable as you have imagined.

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