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Yorkie Barking: Do Yorkies Bark a Lot?

Do Yorkies Bark a lot?

Yorkie BarkingIt is typical for the dogs to bark. In such a way they show their owner that they feel bored or excited. And it is quite typical for the Yorkshire Terriers to bark a lot, and the problem is when they get carried away and this barking becomes endless. They can not help themselves but react to every little noise they hear outside the house, and sometimes they bark just because they like doing this. This sound makes people angry after some time, so if you do not want to get some problems with your neighbors and as well for your good comfort, you should control this barking with the special methods for training.

Why Yorkshire Terriers bark?

There are a couple of things that you need to know about dog’s barking. You should try to understand when your dog is trying to communicate to you in such a way, and quickly guess what is wrong. And every unnecessary barking should be controlled.

The Yorkshire Terrier is a dog breed which is known with its high intelligence and a really good characteristics of this breed is that they really like to please their owners. So with the proper training, after a short period of time you will have a calmer and peaceful dog.

In order to control excessive barking, the owner should understand his own dog and quickly guess what the reason for its barking is. When the Yorkshire Terrier barks, the dog believes that there is a good reason for doing this. There are different types of barking, when the dog is trying to say different things. Find out what they are and what the steps for calming down your dog are.

What Your Dog is trying to Tell You and the Different Types of Barking of the Yorkshire terrier

As an owner of a Yorkshire Terrier you need to remember that there are actually many noises that the dog can do, and some remind barking, but they are actually not. And these different noises, as well as the tone of the dog’s barking can guide you what exactly the problem is. This is the first step of your training – you need to understand what the reason for barking is.

1. Howling

This type of noise is the dog’s way to communicate with other dogs. Dogs have really sharp senses, so they can feel and sense the other dogs, even though you can not see them in your view.

2. Barking in a low tone

Summarized in one sentence, when your Yorkie barks in a low tone this means that the dog has seen something new in your environment and it considers that this might be a threat. This is the dog’s way to warn you that it senses a change around you and feels that it might be dangerous, because it is something unfamiliar. Sometimes Yorkshire Terriers bark because there is a change in the normal circumstances. This means that they can bark if they hear a loud noise of a car outside, a flock of birds, or such type of similar noises.

3. High Pitched

Barking in a high tone means that the dog wants to get your attention. Usually this barking is connected to the dog’s needs. It is trying to communicate with you and tell you that it is time to go outside or that it wants to play with you.

4. Growling

Dog’s growling is a warning. The process of warning its master usually starts with growling which is followed by a low toned barking. The dog protects their own territory, so when a person or an object (like a moving car for example) approaches, and the dog does not know it, it starts growling to warn that there is something wrong around the dog.

When you hear growling, this means that you need to go away; this is a very distinct type of vocalization that dogs use to warn the others (animals and people) that they should leave. And the dogs sometimes combine this growling with other noise or with a change in the position of their body. When you hear growling, together with ‘tooth snapping’ noises, this means that the Yorkie wants to tell you: ‘I have teeth and I will use them if I have to!’. And when you see it in a pre-striking position with a body lowered to the ground, this means: ‘I feel that you might hurt me, so I will bite you if you do not leave!’

5. Whimpering

This is something that the little puppy will do. The adult dog will whine and the puppy will whimper, these two noises are similar. This noise means that the dog is lonely, sad or hurt and it feels in distress.

6. Whining

When being in an emotional distress, the dog’s way to say this is by whining. The Yorkshire Terrier whines when it feels lonely, because it is left home alone, when it misses its owner, or when they want to be left to run free. Whining can also indicate you that the dog is in pain. In such a case they usually want to lie down and they don’t want to be touched. When the pain is really severe, the dog feels everything as a treat, because it is really vulnerable at this moment, and some dogs may even become aggressive in such a situation.

7. Yelping

This is the noise that means that your Yorkie has been injured. You can distinguish it from the barking that is trying to get your attention, because it is much faster and higher. Immediately the dog feels pain, it will yelp. For example, you will hear your terrier yelp when it steps on a thorn.

The good owner should immediately investigate what is wrong with the dog, because the dogs usually yelp for a few seconds and then stop when the most sever pain is gone. So there are cases when the dog is walking around with its leg which is not properly placed in its socket, but because they do not feel such big pain, they just do not continue with yelping or warning about this problem with any additional noise.

8. Moaning

Moaning means something different for human and for animals. People moan they are injured, and the dog moans when it feels happy. The things that make a Yorkshire terrier to moan is when you rub its tummy, when you touch and rub its ears, or when you tickle a part of its body that you know it makes it happy and feel good.

If your yorkie barks a lot you already know how to determine what type of barking is that and what is the reason. After you know the reason you can see our article “How to Stop a Yorkie from Barking?” which will help you to minimize or stop this unwanted behavior.

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