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Yorkie Carriers – Choose the Best Bag, Crate or Sling for Traveling

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If you take your Yorkie everywhere with you, you definitely need a Yorkie carrier.

It’s important to find a carrier that best fits your Yorkie’s needs.

Contrary to what Hollywood celebrities may have you thinking, carrying your pup in a purse or bag all day isn’t always safe or comfortable.

There are specialized carriers designed to provide optimal comfort without compromising safety.

Your dog will love feeling secure, and you’ll enjoy the convenience offered by a special Yorkie dog carrier.

In this post, we review the best Yorksire terrier carriers and give you information on how to choose one that best suits your needs.

If you are in a hurry and don’t feel like reading at the moment here is our best choice for Yorkie Carrier Bag:

Sleepypod Air In-Cabin Pet Carrier, Jet Black
  • Mobile pet bed, in-cabin airplaine carrier and car seat, fits pets up to...
  • Includes padded shoulder strap, machine washable Ultra Plush bedding and an...

Here are a few more quick suggestions to consider:

Sleepypod Air In-Cabin Pet Carrier, Jet Black
Sherpa Original Deluxe Airline Approved Pet Carrier, Medium, Black
Pawfect Pets Pet Travel Carrier, Soft-Sided with Two Pet Mats for Small Dogs and Cats (Khaki)
TOMKAS Small Dog Cat Carrier Sling Hands Free Pet Puppy Outdoor Travel Bag Tote Reversible (Black)
Sleepypod Air In-Cabin Pet Carrier, Jet Black
Sherpa Original Deluxe Airline Approved Pet Carrier, Medium, Black
Pawfect Pets Pet Travel Carrier, Soft-Sided with Two Pet Mats for Small Dogs and Cats (Khaki)
TOMKAS Small Dog Cat Carrier Sling Hands Free Pet Puppy Outdoor Travel Bag Tote Reversible (Black)
Sleepypod Air In-Cabin Pet Carrier, Jet Black
Sleepypod Air In-Cabin Pet Carrier, Jet Black
Sherpa Original Deluxe Airline Approved Pet Carrier, Medium, Black
Sherpa Original Deluxe Airline Approved Pet Carrier, Medium, Black
Pawfect Pets Pet Travel Carrier, Soft-Sided with Two Pet Mats for Small Dogs and Cats (Khaki)
Pawfect Pets Pet Travel Carrier, Soft-Sided with Two Pet Mats for Small Dogs and Cats (Khaki)
TOMKAS Small Dog Cat Carrier Sling Hands Free Pet Puppy Outdoor Travel Bag Tote Reversible (Black)
TOMKAS Small Dog Cat Carrier Sling Hands Free Pet Puppy Outdoor Travel Bag Tote Reversible (Black)

Benefits of Having a Yorkie Carrier

Without a doubt, dogs would prefer traveling the world in a carrier over being left alone at home if given the choice.

Take your Yorkie everywhere with you

The social nature of the Yorkshire Terrier makes it a perfect traveling companion.

Carriers offer a convenient solution to transport a puppy or adult Yorkie.

They offer a sense of safety and security when traveling.

While a very active breed, Yorkies can only walk so far on account of their small legs and bodies.

This limited range of movement can hinder you without even realizing it.

You may be forced to leave the Yorkie at home, cancel long walks or cut them short.

Having a yorkie carry bag for your pup will easily resolve these issues, and allow you to enjoy the day at your pace.


There are many circumstances where being down on the ground wouldn’t be safe for your dog.

Fast moving traffic can be intimidating for a Yorkshire Terries.

It also exposes your pup to the risk of being stepped on or run over.

A carry bag allows you to bring your pup to all kinds of places – malls, festivals, outdoor flea markets etc.

Dog carriers also come handy when you need to multi-task.

Spend more time with your pup

But perhaps the biggest advantage of these Yorkie travel bags is that they allow you to spend more time with your canine friend.

Types of Dog Carriers for Yorkies

There are four types of carriers for Yorkies i.e. sling bags, travel crates, strollers, and carrier bags.

Sling bags

TOMKAS Small Dog Cat Carrier Sling Hands Free Pet Puppy Outdoor Travel Bag Tote Reversible (Black)

These are made from soft materials and hang close to your body. You put the shoulder strap over your head, and wear the bag across your body.

It has a deep pocket into which a dog nestles safely.

Your pup can poke his head out to see what’s going on.

Look for a model with a deep sling made from washable fabric.

If you are fashion conscious, a neutral shade or a reversible bag with two color options.

Quality manufacturing and durable stitching are a must.

Travel crates

Noz2Noz Soft-Krater Indoor and Outdoor Crate for Pets

Otherwise known as pet luggage totes, travel crates are an excellent option for those who love traveling with their Yorkies.

They are used when bringing a pet onto an airplane, but can also be used when going to the vet’s office.

Crates can be soft or hard structured and aren’t recommended for everyday use.

Look for travel crates that are large enough for your Yorkie to turn around and hold a chew toy, water, and food.

This is particularly important when going on long flights.

It should be airline approved and be sized for under-the-seat capability.

The crate should be well structured, offer good support and have windows your pup can look out of.

Durable and washable construction is recommended.

Pet strollers

Pet Gear Travel Lite Pet Stroller for Cats and Dogs up to 15-pounds, Black

These carriers on wheels resemble baby carriers, with most having a roof that protects against sun exposure.

Most models have a zip that allows you to zip up the main compartment when needed.

The folding feature enables you to collapse the stroller for compact storage.

A crucial feature to look for in a pet stroller is a high rating for smooth riding.

Dealing with inferior wheels will make you want to pull your hair out.

The cabin area should be able to hold a blanket, treats, and toys.

A stroller with the ability to be a complete enclosure is great for securing your dog and keeping bugs out.

Yorkie Carrier bags

Dog Carrier Purse Pet Travel Bag Cat Portable Handbag,Soft Sided Tote with 2 Fleece Pads for Small Pets,Come with a Pet Comb,Up to 15lbs,Go Traveling Hiking Shopping with Your Doggy (Pink)

These are more structured compared to sling bags.

Some feature a lightweight metal framework while others are made from the thick material.

They can be worn on the back or front and may have leg holes.

If you do a lot of hiking or brisk walking, a pet carrier offers a more secure way to bring your dog along.

Think about whether your pup would be more comfortable having his legs free via the holes or sitting in a secure bottom.

Our Recommendations for Best Yorkie Carriers

Gorilla Grip Pet Travel Carrier

Gorilla Grip Premium Pet Cat Carrier for Cats or Small Dogs, TSA Approved, for Animals Up to 15lbs, Soft Sided Collapsible Travel Bag for Puppy Dog or Kitty, Comfortable Carry for Airport Traveling

Any dog or cat will be happy to ride in the Gorilla Grip Pet travel Carrier.

It is safe and comfortable.

Highlights include four soft mesh doors, including the top load option, that ensures good ventilation.

All of the exits are zippered and feature safety clips. The travel bag has an internal leash to keep your dog secure during travel.

The carry strap has adjustable padding for maximum comfort.

To keep the strap tangle free, Gorilla Grip incorporated rotating metal hooks.

The interior has a soft, removable and washable Sherpa insert.

It offers a firm yet comfortable bottom to keep your Yorkie snug and comfortable.

This dog carrier comes with a free bowl that’s perfect for feeding your dog on the go. It fits perfectly in a zippered pocket.

A unique zipper lock clips prevent your curious pup from opening the carrier during a flight.


• Airline approved pet carrier

• Backed by a 10-year guarantee

• Comes with a free bowl for food or water on the go

• Comfortable strap with adjustable padding

• Four mesh doors for breathability and view of surroundings


• Overall quality could be better

Check Price on Amazon

AmazonBasics Soft-Sided Pet Travel Carrier

Amazon Basics Soft-Sided Mesh Pet Travel Carrier, Large (20 x 10 x 11 Inches), Black

Available in three sizes, the AmazonBasics Soft-Sided Pet Travel Carrier offers plenty of bang for your buck.

It measures approximately 19.7 x 10.2 x 11.2 inches, making it a perfect carrier for small to medium size dogs.

It can hold up to 22 pounds and is an excellent carrier for those who travel frequently.

The bag has two connecting loop handles that allow for balanced carrying.

There are front and top openings, all with quality zipper closures.

The sides are made from mesh fabric to provide ventilation and clear views of the surrounding, a huge bonus for a curious dog.

A removable insert and fleece bed provide maximum comfort during long hours of travel.

This bag is built using a spring wire frame that fits nicely under airplane seats.

The shoulder strap is adjustable, making it suitable for hands-free carrying.


• Front and top openings for effortless loading

• Zipper closures keep the openings securely closed during transportation

• Mesh panels on all sides allow for ventilation

• Includes machine washable fleece pet bed and insert

• Conforms to under-seat dimensions of airlines


• Mesh panels tear easily when chewed

Check Price on Amazon

Pet Magasin Soft-Sided Pet Carrier

Pet Magasin Soft-Sided Pet Travel Carrier (Airline Approved) for Cats, Small Dogs, Puppies and Other Pets by (Large, Blue)

At 18 x 11 x 10 inches, the Pet Megasin Soft-Sided Pet Carrier is a perfect size for most cats and dogs.

It works with most major airlines as well.

It is designed to keep your pup safe and holds its shape nicely when zipped up.

It only weighs 2.2 pounds and has a fashionable design.

The carrier is made from the durable and luxurious material.

More importantly, it is designed to provide plenty of comfort for your pup.

It has a comfortable padding at the bottom and mesh window for ventilation.

The adjustable padded shoulder strap and carry strap ensure comfort during transit for you.

The bag folds flat for compact storage.

The material from which the carrier is made is waterproof and resistant to animal bites.


• Available in two colors

• Sturdy construction with waterproof and bite resistant material

• Mesh window provides ventilation

• Has an interior clip for pet’s collar

• Airline approved pet carrier with a fashionable design

• Comfortable to carry and for your dog


• Not for dogs who like chewing and clawing through the mesh material

Check Price on Amazon

PawFect Pets Pet Travel Carrier

Pawfect Pets Pet Travel Carrier, Soft-Sided with Two Pet Mats for Small Dogs and Cats (Khaki)

The PawFect Pets Pet Travel Carrier has been designed with the safety and comfort of your Yorkie in mind.

It fits under most airline seats and offers a cozy travel home for small dogs.

It is made with ultra-soft and durable reinforced polyester.

There is claw defense mesh on all four sides. These ensure ample airflow and ventilation while mini buckles keep your Yorkie from escaping.

The bag is easy to use, with three quick access openings.

Carry options offered include two hand straps and a padded shoulder strap.

A zippered side pocket provides storage for the leash, your dog’s favorite treats and more.

A leash tether is included to secure the collar so your canine friend doesn’t escape.


• Fits under most airline seats

• Top opening makes loading easier

• Has a sturdy frame that holds its shape

• Zipper closures have mini buckles to prevent the dog from escaping

• Made with reinforced polyester for longevity

• Comes with extra fleece pet mat


• The base is made from soft material

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SleepyPod Air In-Cabin Pet Carrier

Sleepypod Air In-Cabin Pet Carrier, Jet Black

The SleepyPod Air In-Cabin Pet Carrier is one of our personal favorites, because it puts safety as a top priority.

It is also great for flights and long drives.

The sides of the carrier fold up when flying to fit under the seat, a requirement for most airlines when traveling with a pet in the cabin.

A padded shoulder strap ensures comfortable carrying while a ultra-plush bedding keeps your pup comfy during travel.

There are openings at the top and ends, which allow for easy loading and access to the pet.

They have zipper closures for securing your pup inside.

There are large zipper pockets on the sides for storing small essentials like treats, keys, phone, leash and more.

The exterior of the carrier is made from luggage-grade nylon while the interior is made from ultra-plush polyester.

It compresses to a compact size and includes seatbelt straps on either side for securing the carrier to your car seat.


• Folds flat for easy storage

• Crash tested and certified by the Center for Pet Safety

• Adjustable shoulder strap and padded carry handle

• Features a removable privacy panel

• Can hold up to 18 pounds


• Bad choice if too much walking is involved

Check Price on Amazon

Sherpa Travel Original Deluxe Airline Approved Pet Carrier

Sherpa Original Deluxe Airline Approved Pet Carrier, Medium, Black

With multiple color and size options, the Sherpa Travel Original Deluxe Pet Carrier is one of the most popular carriers you’ll find at any pet store.

It is a perfect choice for travel in style by car or plane.

Highlights include a patented spring wire frame that allows you to push the rear end to conform to under-seat requirements.

There are top and side entry points for easy loading, as well as mesh windows for ample airflow.

The zipper closures ensure that your dog doesn’t escape during transit.

The no-slip carrying strap is padded and adjustable. A seatbelt strap secures the carrier to your car seat.

Faux lambskin material lines the interior to ensure comfort and warmth for your pup.

The rear pocket provides comfort for a leash, treats, keys, bags and other essentials.

Depending on the size, this carrier can hold 17 pounds.


• Available in multiple colors and sizes

• No-slip shoulder strap has padding and adjustability

• Easy to load pets

• Mesh panels offer ample ventilation

• Solid bottom has wooden stability board


• Quality could be better given the price

Check Price on Amazon

Outward Hound PouchPouch Front Carrier

Outward Hound PoochPouch Dog Front Carrier, Medium, Grey

Whether you love walking or camping trips, the Outward Hound PouchPouch Front Carrier will prove an invaluable purchase for you and your Yorkie.

It comes in two sizes and is ideal for ferrying small to medium sized dogs.

It features lightweight, mesh siding that keeps the pup cool.

The carrier is constructed using water-resistant nylon fabric for longevity.

The large front and inside pockets provide storage for extra essentials while an interior safety harness attaches to the collar to secure your dog.


• Backpack version available

• Great for a variety of outdoor activities with your Yorkie

• Sturdy build with nylon fabric

• Comes with a waist belt to reduce side to side movement


• Medium size carrier is not suitable for dogs weighing more than 12 pounds

Check Price on Amazon

Yorkie Sling Carrier

Tomkas Small Dog Cat Sling Carrier

TOMKAS Small Dog Cat Carrier Sling Hands Free Pet Puppy Outdoor Travel Bag Tote Reversible (Black)

Available in nine colors, the Tomkas Small Dog Cat Sling Carrier is a less structured carrier that makes it easy to move around with your dog while doing errands.

It is made from a machine washable fabric that is thick enough for longevity and optimal comfort.

It holds your Yorkie securely thanks to a security lock that attaches to the ring on the collar.

You can adjust the size of the opening by moving the belt. This helps keep your canine friend safe and secure.

Perhaps the best thing about this carrier it is has a reversible design for a two-way look.

The thick grey side offers warmth on cold days while the thin plaid side is ideal for hot summers.

It is perfect for those walking, weekend adventures and traveling. It has a holding capacity of 10 pounds.


• Durable build with 70% polyester and 30% cotton

• Reversible design offers increased versatility

• Warm enough for winter yet cool for summer

• Adjustable opening ensures your dog is safe and secure

• Offers adequate convenience for different outdoor activities


• Not for adult Yorkshire Terriers that weigh more than 10 pounds

Check Price on Amazon

Yorkie Bike Basket

If you are the kind of person who loves afternoon bike rides..

Yorkie Bike Basket - picture

PetSafe Solvit Tagalong Bicycle Basket

PetSafe Happy Ride Bicycle Basket for Dogs and Cats - Sport Style Light Nylon Material - Detachable Carrier with Shoulder Strap - Removable Sun Shield - Multiple Storage Pockets - Best for Small Pets

The PetSafe Solvit Tagalong Bicycle Basket is a worthy contender for Yorkie pet carrier.

Designed complete with a canopy to protect your pup from the sun, it converts to become an over-the-shoulder carrier.

It offers plenty of space for your pup and has a water bottle slot to keep him hydrated.

This versatile carrier comes with an adjustable, removable shoulder strap.

The safety leash keeps your pet secure during travel.

Installing the bicycle basket is easy thanks to three-way adjustment on the bracket.

These allow for a good fit on any bike, and you won’t have to worry about pinching the brake cables.

There are large zippered pockets for storing small essentials like sunglasses, treats, leash, and keys.

The sunshade is removable and stows in the basket when it’s not in use.


• Removable sunshade and breathable wicker construction offer ample ventilation

• The adjustable leash keeps your pet secure while riding

• Removable sheepskin line offers superior comfort

• Designed with an elegant, traditional look

• Converts to become an over-the-shoulder carrier


• Clamps may too small to fit around the handlebars of some bicycles

Check Price on Amazon

Yorkshire terrier Car Seats

Here is one suggestion for a car seat suitable for small dogs. It is not expensive and it is a good choice:

Animal Planet Booster Pet Seat

Animal Planet Puppy Booster Car Seat Cover for Small Dogs - Portable, Foldable, Collapsable Pet Car Carrier with Safety Leash - 12Lbs & Under - Black W. Green Trim

This is quite the adorable gift for pets who love looking out the window but are too short.

It is a dog car set designed with a built-in harness clip that allows for easy installation.

The seat offers an excellent place to snuggle down on longer car trips.

The adjustable tether attaches to your dog’s collar for extra safety.

This booster pet seat is designed to hold up to 12 pounds, hence perfect for  Yorkies.

It collapses for compact storage and the Sherpa liner keeps your car seat fresh and clean.


• Washable Sherpa liner

• Adjustable tether attaches to your dog’s leash or collar

• Easy to install and secure to a car seat

• Keeps your pup safely contained and comfortable in the car


• Could be more versatile

Check Price on Amazon

What to Look for in a Yorkie Dog Carrier

2PET Airline Pet Carrier Under Seat - Perfect Soft Sided Pet Kennel for Small Dogs and Cats - Mesh windows for Excellent Ventilation and Comfort - Dual Access Doors - Strong Built - Major Airlines



Regardless of the type of carrier you purchase, it will be useless if your dog doesn’t fit inside.

Know your dog’s measurements before start shopping.

You will need to know its full height and add about three inches to ensure room for standing up in a cage-style carrier.

The length is also crucial.

It extends from where the collar sits at the back to the base of the tail. Again, add a few inches for a cage-style carrier.

Consider the weight of your pup if getting a backpack-style carrier.

The additional inches allow room for your Yorkie to turn around and get comfortable.

Intended use

Do you need something for long-distance travel, quick trips to the vet or running errands?

A simple style carrier will suffice if you want to keep your pet contained and calm on the way to the vet.

Something with soft sides is easy to store when not in use, while a hard-sided carrier is more durable and the better option for larger dogs.

Airlines have specific requirements when it comes to traveling with pets, so purchase something that’s airline-approved.

Comfort and safety are more important when traveling over long distances, and carriers with hard-sides are the best choice in this case.

Riding on bikes calls for carriers with safety belts to keep your pup in place.

Multi-purpose carriers that can board airlines and used for a variety of activities are also available.


This is always a must when purchasing pet accessories.

It is more important to prioritize your pet’s safety and comfort than save a few extra bucks.

If you get a chance to purchase at a physical store location, test the openings and straps.

Make sure the carrier has durable stitching.

The last thing you want is the carrier ripping mid-trip and your pet escaping.


Now that you have narrowed down your choices, have fun traveling with your Yorkshire Terrier.

Go for a carrier that not only fits your budget but also appeals to your dog’s personality.

It should offer safety and comfort in equal measures.

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