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Yorkie puppy cut

Yorkie puppy cut - pictureHaving a long-haired dog requires good maintenance of the dog`s hair so that you can avoid rising problems like skin issues and diseases. But even if you think that a nice and fancy haircut would be good for your dog, you might be wrong, because even if it looks good on a dog, it could cause more troubles making it feel quite uncomfortable. So if you don’t have enough time to maintain the long hair, the best option is to choose an easy-care style for your yorkie.

What is a puppy cut?

You know that there is traditional grooming that is required for Yorkshire terriers and any other separate breed, but a puppy cut is usually shorter and the hair is cut in such a way so that it is all one length. And the length of the hair that you can choose can vary, but it is usually much shorter than the usual standard for the Yorkshire terrier breed. Such a puppy cut is easy for maintenance and is usually made to puppies by kennels that is why these haircuts are also known as kennel cuts.

Yorkshire terrier puppy cut - picture

What are the advantages of the Yorkshire terrier puppy cut?

Dogs, just like any other live beings are different in character, so it is also valid for the way they feel about grooming – some love it very much, and others cant`s stand it. So perhaps the best advantage of that cut is that it requires less frequent grooming. It is nice to have a cut that is easy and simple and you do not need to take care of special details, pom-poms, ribbons, etc. Even thought such puppy cut is usually for little dogs, some owners continue this tradition of way of cutting even when the dog gets older.

What options do you have?

When you go to the groomer you need to be prepared what to explain. The usual way of looking of puppy haircut is to have hair of the same length on the body, face, tail, legs, ears and head`s top. But you should also be sure to specify any special demands that you have about these areas of grooming.

If you are still hesitant about the way you want your puppy`s hair to be cut, you can ask the groomer for advice. You may be planning to make a cut that is specific for the breed, but the best is to think about puppy cut when your dog  is still a puppy, mainly because it will make it feel more comfortable and it will look great, without the need of so frequent grooming.

And cutting your dog`s hair is specially needed when it is too long so that it could stay neat and clean for a longer period. Especially when you do not have any other plans, you can stick to the puppy cut until your dog grows up. It is easy to be cared of, makes your dog feel good and it reduces the grooming needs.

And you also have the variant to choose what you want. For example, you can specify how short you want your dog`s hair to be when you take it to the groomer. You may have requirements like coat to be shorter or longer.

The other variants that you can choose from are – Teddy Bear Trim or Lamb Trim. The first cut is for lovers of cuddly, cute bears. The hair is clipped the same length everywhere, but except the legs and the face – they are left round and full.

This creates the effect of having a puffy-haired dog. If you choose this style, you need to know that it requires a bit more maintenance than the traditional puppy style.

The second variant is similar to the first, but the hair is clipped shorter on the face and the legs. It is a perfect puppy cut for busy dog`s owners because it does not need a lot of maintenance, may be a regular cutting every six-eight weeks, and your dog will look really cute.

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