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Yorkshire Terrier Price Range: How much does a Yorkie cost?

One of the most common questions that future Yorkshire terrier owners ask is about the Yorkie price and how much does a Yorkie cost?

Yorkie price - picture

The thing is that this dog breed seems to be not only an expensive investment for sweet home and love emotions, but also it can vary depending on numerous factors.

When it comes to buying a Yorkie, you can make a bargain deal for under 300 USD, but you can also spend thousands of American dollars and yet, left not that certain if you’ve paid enough.

Below we will talk about what are the main factors that determine the yorkie puppy price.

But first we want to show you one little book, which will help you with the buying process of your new puppy.

Because you aren’t simply purchasing an animal…

No, you are taking a new member of your family who’ll probably be with you for more than 14 years.

It will be not only your best friend but also a child and companion.

There are lots of tips and information that will help you buy a healthy puppy!

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Yorkie price: What are the main factors that determine the Yorkshire terrier price?

Getting ready to become a Yorkie owner? Trying to figure it out if you need to have your son’s college savings or it’s enough for you to spend your next monthly salary?

The people who do research on the Yorkies’ prices tend to get confused about the huge variety of the prices of dogs from the same breed.

Puppies who look absolutely the same might vary from 300 USD to 10 000 USD because there are many factors which are considered when determining the Yorkies’ prices.

Better, figure it out how a cheap Yorkie of a price of 500 USD can differ from an expensive Yorkie that costs 3000 USD and that right now, at this very moment, you are not ready to pay…

Here is what determines the final Yorkie price:

The bloodline

Among the most important factors is if the puppy is a purebred Yorkie.

Actually, when it comes to determining the Yorkie’s price, this is factor number one. If the breeder is a backyard one, they might want a really high price for puppies which aren’t even purebred and this might lead to plenty of problems.

Among the most expensive puppies are these who are AKC champions and have aristocratic pedigree. The price of the puppies is higher if the lineage has won more titles. The puppies of such lineage might cost as much as 10 000 USD.

If the breeders own dogs of such lineage, they will mate them regularly in order to breed litters of the same high-class bloodline.
They usually even travel to another states in order for their purebred dam to be mated with another high-class Yorkie.

If you are getting a dog for a contest and it’s going to be a Yorkie contest, you will have that 10 thousand dollar deal.

However, having a Yorkie for a pet cannot be linked to such high prices. Meanwhile, you might be still able to have a dog with pure and aristocratic bloodline, which will cost you a 4-number price.

Documents and papers

A very important factor is whether the puppy has all the necessary documents.

The registration documents are used to confirm the dogs’ bloodline. The USA has several registries. Still, the most recognized, well-known and reputable one is the AKC (American Kennel Club).

Why Documents are important factor?

The documents guarantee that the dog you’re buying is a purebred one.

They state the puppy’s name, the kennel’s number (the kennel where the puppy was bred), the name of the breeder and the names of the dog’s siblings. From them you can understand the names, ratings, descriptions and other information about the puppy’s parents and other ancestors.

But what is more important – theses documents guarantee the hereditary qualities of the puppy – the healthy, working and exterior qualities.

If the Yorkie is registered, it will cost more than one that isn’t registered.

This is logic for there are certain fees for the registering process and the breeder will have to pay them. Plus, this not only costs money but also effort and time.

Indeed, you can buy an unregistered Yorkie and then register it yourself but this has no sense for you’ll have to pay the same costs and, furthermore, some of the documents require the signature of the dog’s breeder.

Health condition

Here is the most important factor you need to have in mind when getting a Yorkie and worrying about its price. If you by any chance come upon a deal for a Yorkie with papers and a price of somewhere near 1000 USD with good bloodline, beware.

There’s actually something wrong with this deal. And probably, there’s something wrong with the Yorkie. The thing is that vet papers are another type of documents, which though represent the overall health condition of a dog.

And you need to have in mind that buying a completely healthy Yorkie is essential.

These dogs are too tiny and delicate. Every health problem – even the least – is a serious risk for the dog. Plus – Yorkies as any other dog breed are prone to some illnesses. Yorkie’s weak organism tends to develop additional illnesses during a specific disease or the recover after the treatment.

What we are trying to tell you that the risk does not worth it all. Buying a cheap, but ill Yorkie is a very bad offer you should avoid. And we don’t even mention the fact how much negative emotions you will spend yourself if you get an ill dog.


  1. Yorkshire terrier price - picture

Few factors determine the price of a Yorkie.

First of all, it’s the size.

There has been a certain tendency lately – the smaller the dog, the higher the price.

It is not exactly clear why this is the case but there is certainly a higher demand for smaller Yorkies, no matter if because they are fashionable or simply because the people like them more.

Logically, since the demand is higher, the price is also higher.

Naturally, Yorkies are in general sold at this range of weight: 4-7 lbs, but if you are not an experienced buyer, a breeder can offer you a fraud deal.

It means he might try to sell you a smaller dog, which is not ok.

First of all, it might be not an original Yorkie.

Second of all, the smaller sized Yorkies are yet not ready to be detached from mummies or require very expensive cares that cost a lot.

If you are looking for a “teacup” Yorkie we recommend you to read this article first.


Another appearance factor for the final Yorkie price we can point, though, is the coat.

Color combinations in the breed standard, and the coat must be glossy, fine, and silky in texture. If your puppy’s coat is coarser, then he might be for sale for a less expensive price.

If, however, your dog’s locks would be the envy of Hollywood celebrities, rest assured you will pay for it!

The breeder

The dog’s bloodline is what counts for the breeder’s reputation. Exactly this is what makes the breeder trusted and well-known.

The information about the well-known breeders is pretty easy to find. Be careful if there isn’t any information about a given breeder.

Usually, the Yorkshire Terriers from the reputable breeders meet all of the criteria above and this is why their price is higher.

If you purchase a puppy from a reputable breeder who has lots of knowledge about the breed and passionately loves it, then you’ll meet almost no problems at all.

How much does a Yorkie cost? What is the Yorkie puppy price range?

Since you already know why you want a puppy and what are the factors which affect the Yorkie prices, now you have to decide what your budget is and which if the price range in which you’ll fit.

We cannot give you the exact numbers. Instead, we can provide you with the average prices which are according to the mentioned above factors.

Averagely, a Yorkie enthusiast is supposed to spend somewhere between 800 and 10 000 USD depending on his own expectations, needs and consumer culture.

There are lots of people who are looking for cheap yorkie puppies, but think twice before buying!

Because, let’s not forget that like with any other purchase, getting a Yorkie comes with the old, but gold saying that you get what you paid for.

And if 500 USD sounds to you a really exclusive hot deal for a Yorkie, don’t rush to give you money away like that. Such a cheap offer might be the most expensive thing you have ever bought.

The price range between 800 and 10 000 USD is quite wide, which is why it is impossible to name you the exact or even an average price for a Yorkie.

When you ask how much a Yorkie costs, don’t expect a concrete amount of money.

Ask for what you are going to pay for, because it’s not just a dog, it’s about documents, pedigree, you name it…

Purebred Yorkie Prices with Documents and Papers

The puppies who are registered with the AKC can be more than 1 200 USD and even up to 1 500 USD or more if their bloodline has champions in it.

If you haven’t seen the prices of dogs from other breeds, you might think that this price range is quite high.

But if the pup has the needed papers and it’s from a champion bloodline, these are quite “normal” prices.

You shouldn’t care about what the price is, if you want to own a Yorkie from a well-bred bloodline and high-quality ancestors.

If the pup has AKC papers, certified pedigree, health guarantee and comes from champion bloodline, then it can cost even more than 2 000 USD.

You might wonder if it’s worth paying such a price but if you want a show dog,

you has to spend such amount of money in order to have a dog which will be able to win a lot of competitions and became a champion of the Yorkies’ shows.

We mentioned that there are pups which are worth 10 000 USD but these are descendants of the most elite bloodlines which have been used for breeding champion line.

They are champions of the most prestigious shows and events.

Usually, their owners are the people who are absolutely devoted to this kind of business and lifestyle.

Price of Yorkies without Papers

If you are okay with buying a puppy that isn’t AKC registered and doesn’t have the documentations, then the price will be much lower – you should be aiming at the price range of 600 USD to 1 200 USD.

Indeed, there are many advertisements that offer Yorkies for 400 USD or 450 USD and yes, you can easily find a cheaper Yorkie on the market.

Still, we recommend you to carefully consider if you really want to purchase a Yorkshire Terrier puppy which is at the bottom of the price range.

As we all know, sometimes, if we try to save money and buy the cheapest things, this ends up costing us much more than we would have paid for the more expensive stuff.

The Yorkies are very tiny canines. There are a lot of health problems the Yorkies are prone to for they are fragile creatures.

If you purchase a pup that is potentially ill, you’ll have to pay a lot of money for the vet bills.

If you try to find the cheapest Yorkie pups, then they probably would be bred not by reputable breeders but by breeders who do this as a hobby or are entirely new to this.

Some backyard breeders indeed have dogs who are healthy and high-quality ones but it is up to you to judge the health and the quality of the puppy.

The best way to make an informed and correct decision about which puppy to buy is to visit the kennel yourself and to check on the potential puppy’s parents.

You should see the kennel because this will show you a lot of information about if this breeder is a reliable, reputable and quality one.

Yorkie Rescue and Adoption

Instead of buying a puppy from a random kennel, you might want to consider rescuing one.

To rescue a Yorkie you might need to pay as little as 100 USD.

Giving a warm home and loving family of a dog that has been left ownerless is such a great feeling that is difficult to describe.

Other Yorkshire terrier Costs You Should Consider

When planning your budged, you should consider several other things apart from the puppy’s cost.

Yorkie Puppy Supplies

Well, if you have a baby, you’ll have to prepare your home for its arrival, right? It is exactly the same when it comes to puppies.

There are some necessary supplies which you must purchase in order for the puppy to have normal living conditions.

These are things as treats, food, toys, water and food bows, shampoo and other hair products, collar, harness, training pads, dog lead, bed and brushes.

Yes, you can purchase many other things – transport carrier, clothes, car seat, etc. But the things we mentioned before are the ones that are a must for the pup.

For purchasing the supplies which are necessary for the puppy you should plan about 100 USD.

Transport from the Breeder

You’d better visit the breeder, see the conditions in it and talk to the puppy’s breeder. But that is not always a possibility.

Even if you can do it, sometimes the distance will be really long and you should consider the fuel cost for the trip.

If you cannot travel to the breeder and back, then you should consider what your other options are.

First, sometimes the breeders offer this service. Thus, talk to the breeder and understand if they do offer it. If they do, the price will be calculated according to what the distance is and what the service charge is.

Second, you might want to consider some special pet transport company. They transport the dogs by air or by car, depending on what is the distance.

This option is more important because they usually use special crates for pets, make insurance and so on.

Depending on who is doing the transportation, what the type of transport is, whether there will be an insurance, etc. the price will vary but on average this will cost about 100 USD up to 400 USD or more.


It is recommended that you visit a vet whether your puppy is bought from a backyard breeder or a reputable one.

By doing this, you ensure that the vet will see its future patient, will perform an overall checkup and you’ll have all the required formalities filled.

Considering what the age of your new puppy is, the veterinarian will tell you when you should apply the vaccines and give the dog medicines for deworming – both inner and outer.

Other daily cost you should keep in mind:

Of course when you have a dog there are other daily expenses like, food, grooming supplies, treats, toys and etc.

You can reduce some of them like learning to groom your dog instead of going to a professional groomer.

There are so many haircuts, some of which are relatively easy to maintain.

We have a complete Yorkie grooming guide, where you will find lots of helpful tips.

It is up to you.

Conclusion on Yorkshire terrier Prices

When someone wants to buy a new dog, they will first think about how much this would cost them.

We cannot give you a straightforward answer, because there are a lot of different factors that we already discussed here.

It turned out that “How much are Yorkies?” is not so simple question.

Nevertheless, I hope you already have a better idea on how much does a Yorkie puppy cost.

In a nutshell:

If you buy your pup from rescue, the price might not be higher than 100 USD. But most of these pups are chipped and with unknown bloodline or other information.

The price will be different and will depend on whether you simply want a companion and buy it from a rescue shelter, or you want a show dog, or a dog which will be a champion.

The prices might simply be from couple of hundreds of dollars to more than 5 000 USD.

And don’t forget the future expenses!

Having that in mind will help you be prepared for unexpected situations and you will be ready to give your little friend the best possible cares.

Tips for buying a Yorkie puppy

Yorkie Puppy Price - price

We are happy to tell you that a bunch of experts tips are listed below to help you with the Yorkie terrier.

It’s essential to establish a good communication with the breeder, as well as to consider the expenses for the preliminary and the final date deal meeting.

After all, you will have a lot of expenses for the Yorkie’s cares. And it is high time for you to learn to act wisely and reasonably.

But let’s move to our specially tailored tips for buying a Yorkie puppy:

Get to know the breeder you are buying the Yorkie from

Besides investigating this guy in advance, you can also talk to him.

This is how you will get to know his activity more closely and you will be certain you are choosing the right offer.

Unfortunately, there is no such a thing as a licence for Yorkie breeding, which is why you can’t say a breeder is fake or not.

However, it is possible for you to figure it out how experienced he is and how well he understands the Yorkie standards.

If you have come upon a quality Yorkie breeder, he will let you get to know him.

So begin with standard questions like the duration of time he has been in the business and whether he has practice to sell pedigreed Yorkies.

Also, talk about the documentation part. Even if you have no idea about the exact papers you will need, you will see if a person lies to you when listing you some specific sheets or not.

Like any other product you buy, buying a Yorkie is a deal you need a guarantee for, so it is among your rights to require return guarantee and additional charges for the deal.

Last, but not least ask about the vaccination history of the dog you are buying.

Appoint a face to face meeting with a breeder you think might worth it for the final deal

When you make several phone calls with the questions and the topics for discussion from the above, you will be able to list few suggestions that are the best among the completion.

So these are the breeders you can afford to breed.

Don’t let yourself get mislead by factors distance between you and the breeder. It is more worth it to travel a longer distance, but, though, to come upon a quality breeder.

Check out the area the little puppies were taken care of.

Also, see if the facilities are clean, and that each dog has comfortable living quarters with its own food and water bowl.

The kennels they are kept should be individual, which means that a puppy receives its own kennel.

Name all of your questions in case you see something wrong in the environment for Yorkie breeding.

Even if you are not professional, you will be able to notice the unprofessional job the breeder has already done or shown. Avoid such breeders.

Puppy mills aren’t good idea

Puppy mills are large organizations with large, but of a poor quality kennels crowded with puppies kept in one place to be sold.

These organizations care about nothing else, but the final profit.

Ok, there’s nothing bad for a breeder to want to sell a dog for a larger price, but the puppy mills are those that never actually care properly for the Yorkies or other breeds they are interested in.

Unfortunately, puppies of these places are not taken care properly.

They are ill or not social enough. Being raised in risky conditions and environment makes the risk for serious illnesses for them huge.

Puppies from mills often come home with giardia, parvovirus, and other diseases that would be addressed by a proper breeder.

They often overbreed and inbreed their dogs, resulting in genetic health conditions that will reveal themselves as the puppy grows up.

It is not recommended for any person to buy a Yorkie or any other breed of a dog from such inhumane place.

Make your selected Yorkie’s visitation, when it’s still among its family

In other words, see it how it acts with its mum and sisters and brothers even it is yet too little to be given to you.

The early age shows the very first signs of Yorkie’s character in social environment.

Also, this is its growth stage when you can get a clear idea about its behavior issues or health problems to know in advance.

Some future Yorkie owners tend to check how shy the puppies are, because they are more likely to get the most social one among them.

According to the experts there is a tendency that shows 1 in every 5 born puppies to be braver than the rest.

Of course, this one is the hottest pick-up when a visitor comes to check out Yorkies in a liter.

Even though rarely, there is a possibility for a Yorkie Terrier to show aggressiveness and anger from an early age.

These signs are important, too. Puppies require frequent vet visits for vaccinations and checkups in their early months.

Have the puppies already been treated for heartworm and parasites or been given their vaccinations?

If not, you will have to pay for all of those procedures out of pocket. Be sure that all of the medical papers of your future Yorkie are in top condition.

If they are not, require assistance in having them or at least get yourself informed about the next medical procedures, like vaccinations, you need to provide your Yorkie.

It is the breeder’s duty to give you a hand in this, especially if you are a newbie in Yorkie growing.

Speaking of health, here are the top things you need to check when visiting a breeder to see or to directly buy a Yorkie Terrier

First, make sure to see the papers and the dog, itself.

There might be visible sign of illnesses. Also, see puppy’s eyes, rear, ears and fur. All of these should be shiny and clean.

Otherwise, they alarm for some bad condition, recovery or current treatment. It is a good idea to see if the puppy hears well.

Such a test can be done only by following the dog’s reaction.

Choose your Yorkie with your heart

Of course, last, but not least, try to choose your Yorkie with your own heart, listening to your intuition, trying to recognize your body for life.

Many puppy lovers see how cute and beautiful they are, while others will test their social skills and will get the most joyful dog.

In all cases, the connection between a puppy and its future owner can be seen from the very first communication they make.

A true animal lover knows what we are talking about.

And by all means, it is never up to be a real professional or expert in Yorkie Terriers or some other dog breed.

It is about loving animals. It is about truly desiring of a puppy. Love can be felt from the very first sight, indeed.

So choose the Yorkie Terrier that has touched your soul, too, but not only the one that has all the criteria a canine expert will list you in advance.

In the giant market of dog breeders you can find your Yorkie by the price factor, but never forget that every cheap thing has its expensive side.

And every cheap product eventually becomes the most costly thing you have ever bought.

Besides, we are talking about a living creature here, but not about some good.

So feel free to use all of our tips for getting the right Yorkie puppy.

And on the other side, yet, do not underestimate the price tag.

It cannot be overrated at all. After all, a Yorkie requires a big budget. Its cares are a lot, so you need to consider your future expenses for the puppy, too.

And in our conclusion, we would like to mention you that when speaking about the cares, you might be curious to hear about one popular offer on the market.

Some Yorkie breeders include personal training in the price.

This training is either for the dog, itself, if this is your first Yorkie, for example, or for the owner.

In all cases, such an additional training program might be costly, but brings a lot of benefits you should consider.

Such help in advance is a guarantee you will be able to meet your puppy’s needs finely.

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