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Can Yorkies Eat Eggs?

Can Yorkies eat eggs? - picture

Your Yorkie is always watching you while you are eating? Well, I’m not surprised 🙂 Yorkies are fluffy little dogs who are full of energy and love towards their pet parents. If you have a Yorkie you have probably experienced its lovability and intelligence. The Yorkshire terriers are awesome as …

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Yorkie Lifespan: How Long do Yorkies Live?

Yorkie Lifespan - picture

One of the most common questions we receive from our readers is: How long do Yorkies live?  Actually we receive different questions about the Yorkie lifespan from both Yorkie owners and also people who are still in the decision making phase to become owners of this wonderful breed. We also …

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Can Yorkies Eat Oranges?

Can Yorkies eat oranges? - picture

Establishing a healthy diet for a Yorkie is a must. As a small and very delicate dog it does require lots of attention and preliminary investigation of each taken food product in advance. Fruits, as you know can serve a lot of good to Yorkie’s organism. Most of them contain …

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Can Yorkies Eat Watermelon?

Can Yorkies eat watermelon? - picture

Who doesn’t like watermelon? Especially in a hot summer day? Don’t say, your Yorkie, because you haven’t tried to treat it with this tasty and delicious fruit yet. And if you make an attempt, we can be almost 100% sure that your puppy will love it. Yet, is it actually …

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Yorkie Clothes – Best Clothes for Yorkies

Yorkie Clothes - picture

The Yorkshire terrier’s clothes are not only made with the purpose of making your pet look adorable, although that is one of the results for sure. Instead, in many different cases, clothes are necessary and totally functional. Our information will be very helpful to you if you are searching to …

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Yorkie Seizures: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Yorkie Seizures - image

Here we are going to talk about Yorkie seizures. Just like humans dogs might have seizures, too. So do Yorskhire terriers specifically. It is natural to get stressed and shocked seeing your 4-leg friend to suddenly collapse and lose conscious, but you need to know that you need to calm down …

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Spring Care Tips for Yorkshire Terrier Owners

Yorkie spring care - picture

It is certain that spring time is the best and most favorite time of the year to each dog breed, including to a Yorkshire Terrier! However, alongside with the fun, you need to take some precautious measures under consideration regarding the upcoming season. After all, it is the time your …

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