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Top 10 Reasons for Owning a Yorkie

Why Yorkshire terrier is a special and very awesome dog breed that could be one of the best choices you have ever made in your life. To ensure you in this, we have gathered for you 10 reasons for owning a Yorkie. The list, actually, is exhaustive, but these 10 reasons are completely enough to believe that a Yorkie is a great positive challenge and a wonderful experience in your life. So let’s go directly to the reasons one by one now…

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1. Yorkies are small

If speaking about reasons, here is the reason number one why parents, a wife or a husband will not let you have a dog in your home (regardless whether it is a flat, or a house): dogs need space and unlike small kitties, they are big, which means they need a lot of space. You cannot give such a reason to anybody of your family members, who want to bring a Yorkie at home. Yorkies are minuscule and even tiny. All of that means that a Yorkie does not actually need so much space. Moreover – even if you have a two-room small flat in the capital city of your country, there will always be plenty of space for your little friend.

2. They are mobile

Because they are small, Yorkies are one of the most mobile pets. You can carry your cute little puppy with yourself anywhere: on a vacation, to your parents’ place, to a business trip and so many other places. You need a standard female bag pack size, and you can put your puppy inside it. And it won’t disturb anybody with its presence. Actually, few people will even see and feel its presence. Taking your dog anywhere with you, as a matter of fact, saves you many troubles. Those dog owners, who have big dogs should leave them someone’s cares even if missing for 2-3 days from home.

3. Adaptive and adjustable to apartment living

We’ve mentioned that a Yorkie can finely live in a flat: even in a small flat. But it’s not its small size only that makes this dog breed one of the dogs suitable to be taken care in an apartment. Yorkies just adapt very fast, and when taking it while it is still small, you will have no problems or long time to wait for it to get used to its new home place.

4. Yorkies are always ready to play.

Your Yorkie will be always ready to play with you no matter if he is still a little puppy or adult dog. He is very energetic dog and just make him a sign that you want to play with him and look what’s going with the tail 🙂

5. Yorkshire terrier has a really special coat!

Yorkie puppies are born with two colors black and tan and when they grow up their coat color change and the adult yorkie has lighter coat in comparison to the puppy.
Also with the Yorkie you can choose to keep his/her hair long or short. Also there are lots of different styles and haircuts you can choose from.

6. Yorkies don’t shed a lot

These dogs don’t shed a lot, because they don’t have fur, but hair – like human hair. This is why excessive shedding and damaging of your home carpets and upholstery should not worry you. A Yorkshire terrier might have hair loss, but it is very very little and usually you could find some hairs on the brush after brushing to coat of your dog. In a case of heavy hair loss, consult with your vet, because this is not normal for this breed and it could be a medical issue.
If you groom and style your Yorkie’s haircut, you will have 100 times fewer hairs on your furniture than if you had a cat.

7. Yorkies are the most loving and devoted dogs ever!

Alright, some of the most loving and devoted! But they are really so cute when seeking your attention and love. And they always respond to your positive feelings and attitude. Be sure that your Yorkie will be grateful to have you as an owner and will make you happy about being his owner, if you are kind enough with your cares!

8. They live longer

According to the statistics and some of the latest science researches, it has been already proven that smaller dogs live longer than bigger ones. Yorkshire terriers can live up to 15 years, which is a very rare case for large dog breeds. This means that your little Yorkie will make your life happier and will be your best friend longer than large dog breeds.

9. Extremely intelligent

Most people thing that these dogs are very hard to train but here’s what: Yorkies are actually super smart and very easy to train with the right approaches. You will see this trend only few weeks after owing your puppy. And you will see that it takes only a few lessons, to teach your puppy to do what you want from him/her like to sit, to lie down, or some tricks and etc.

10. Yorkies are hypoallergenic dogs

Yes, Yorkshire terrier is one of the hypoallergenic dog breeds and that makes it suitable for people with allergies. But please note that there is no 100 % hypoallergenic breed, so consult with your doctor and vet if you have allergy problems before you get a yorkie.

Last, but not least, we will only add that Yorkies are extremely cute and beautiful! Of course, this is not a reason we can list above because you’re going to call us subjective, but just look at them…They are so adorable! You can dress and make their hairs as they are living dolls and at the same time, like all other dogs, they will still be your true best friends!

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