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What is The Best Yorkie Brush? How to brush a Yorkshire terrier

The Best Yorkie Brush - pictureHaving a Yorkie is a true challenge – mainly when it comes to take care of its coat and hairstyle. The right cares are the right alternatives to have your puppy always in top shape and with amazing appearance. And what else could be more significant and essential about Yorkie’s appearance than its hair? We have already discussed the fact that unlike most dog breeds, a Yorkie has hair, but not fur. More about Yorkie shedding here. But what is so typical for the sweet Yorkie is its haircut. This is why the traditional Yorkie owner speaks for its puppy’s hair and look so much.

And he should! Because the wrong approach into keeping Yorkie’s hair shiny and healthy is the worst thing that you can cause to its appearance. Apart from this, wrongly chosen tools for brushing and combing could play an essential negative role for the dog. Sometimes, this negative effect, though, cannot be seen from the first times you use the inappropriate hair tools. Thus, the cumulation brings an enormous and sudden harmful impact. Eventually, itching and skin irritation can even occur. At last, you will not only ruin your Yorkie’s hairstyle, but you’re going to ask yourself what the heck went wrong and how things can get better.

Well, things will get better for your dog’s skin and hair once you leave aside the wrong combing approaches and brushing tools and you apply the right ones. Now you understand why we are writing this article. You need to, indeed, find the best brush and additional tools for your Yorkie. We are here to discuss the best options and alternatives you should try, as well as to warn about the disadvantageous combing techniques and products you should not use anymore.

How does the right, respectively the wrong brush can affect your Yorkshire terrier?

Let’s start with the basics about the influence of a brush and brushing on a Yorkie. Below, we will prove you that brushing your puppy isn’t as pointless or insignificant as you think. The difference between the wrong and right brush is the final effect they will produce. If you get to know all of these differences, you will realize how important it is to invest in a really good brush. So here is what you need to take under consideration about the influence of a brush on the Yorkie’s hair and skin.

• Dullness or Shininess?
Of course, we want our Yorkies to have healthy and extra shiny hair. If you have the right brush, dullness will be overcome. The thing is that a Yorkie produces oil daily. This oil gets out of the skin’s pores. When you take the dog to the bath, though, the oil is thoroughly rinsed. Almost the same thing happens when you brush the puppy. However, if the brush is not qualitative enough, it will stick the oil inside the dog. In this way, the pores get clogged, the skin – irritated. On the contrary, the right brush spreads the oil all around the hair, which makes it as shiny as you actually want
• Frizzing or Smoothing?
Smoothing Yorkie’s hair is something a puppy owners wants, but cannot achieve with a brush of a poor quality. Frizzing comes due to lack of smoothness. And you know quite well that frizzy hair makes the entire coat damaged for a short time. Plus – many people get scared to brush the puppy looking how frizzing its hair becomes. And they realize that the more they brush it, the more frizzy it gets. So they stop. And knots cover the entire coat. So how can we avoid the frizzing and make the Yorkie’s hair smoother? It’s easy – you only need to invest in a really high quality brush. The high quality can be recognized by the number of pins, the head size of a pin and even the distance between the pins.

• Resistance or Pleasure?
Let’s say the truth loudly: it is harsh to take care of a Yorkie’s hair, because in most cases, the puppy itself does not want you, too. Many people would say it’s because this is a dog and you cannot make a dog enjoying its beautifying and spa days. It is an animal after all. But there’s no truth in this. As a matter of fact, first-class brushes make the puppy feel a big pleasure during brushing. The tiny and flexible pins relax the skin and bring a sense of joy. On the contrary – the wrongly chosen brush annoys and sometimes, even hurts your dog.

What is the solution? The secret formula: combing, brushing and spraying!

Indeed, things are not lost with your puppy’s hair. And you can change them very fast. The simplest thing is to rely on this formula: combing, brushing and spraying. If you apply them, soon, your Yorkie will look and feel really well.

How to Choose The Best Brush, Comb and Spray for your Yorkie

The comb

How to comb a Yorkie - photoIt is a common mistake for Yorkie’s owners to believe brushing is completely enough for the coat. It is not. Combing is a very essential pre-treatment for the hair. Because there are things a brush cannot do and only the comb is able to. Experts say that the right combing with the right comb is the best preparation for an efficient brushing. Plus – let’s not forget that combing is able to treat the hair in details, leaving the hair separated into pieces, which can be brushed easier and more efficiently later. Last, but not least, the tiniest tangles you might not even see can be overcome only with combing. But what is the right comb to buy? Well, for perfect results, you will have 3 combs and each will help you improves puppy’s coat in a different manner.
• basic all-over body comb to go over the coat before brushing
• small facial comb to thoroughly go over the face and ears (or other small body areas with hair to comb and brush)
• de-matting comb for the least tangles inside the puppy’s coat

The brush

It is hard to name a particular type or brand of a brush that could be called truly fantastic. There are too many suggestions for the case. However, indeed, a brush can be fantastic, but other can be so bad that can cause serious damages on your Yorkie’s hair and skin. The ideal way for us to give you directions for the best brush selection is to point you out the main qualities it should posses. Of course, the top element you need to be careful for is the pin type, size, distance from each other and etc. Check out the factors that make a brush a top quality one now:

• First-class pins – as we said, they are the main “agents” of a great brush. If the pins are of a poor quality, soon they will break or start losing their shape, bending. This is how a brush becomes useless and inefficient.
• The pin heads – gentle and sharp at the same time, because they are the main touch to the Yorkie’s skin.
• Middle rate of tension – because if too high, irritation can occur and if too weak, no result will be achieved.
• The perfect brush size is the size you can comfortably hold in hand to have it relaxed and flexible during each movement, but also small enough to brush the hard to be reached places
• Consider boar bristle brushes, because they are indeed some of the best options on the market. They are very suitable for Yorkies with long hairstyles.

The spray

The spray is the other word for the typical puppy’s leave-in conditioning product. If you use such, not only good-looking, but your dog will also enjoy healthy skin. How to choose the right spray? See again the factors to look for, when purchasing brushing products and specifically a spray for your puppy:
• Extra protective function is a good thing to consider, because let’s not forget that Yorkie’s contact to the ground, the floor, different items is always indirected with the hair. When hitting carpets or other items the dog loses the shininess and even the strength of its hair.
• Against the surrounding environment negative factors like wind, sun, snow and etc. All of these climate conditions can cause serious damage to your Yorkie’s coat. So, make sure you add a spray with a protective function against them.
• Long-term protection of breakage – because the worst thing that can happen to anyone’s hair (including yours and of course, your dog`s) is split ends, hair breakages from the middle of the hair or even the roots.
• And finally, keep in mind that choosing the right spray does not guarantee you that it will work finely on your Yorkie. Because you also need to use it properly. Traditionally, such a leave-in condition is applied right before brushing. If the coat has numerous tangles, applying a little bit of the spray is essential. There are sprays that can be applied for protection between the baths and the brushing times, too.

How to brush a yorkie? Top tips:

Below, we will provide you with the best tips and tricks to apply, when brushing your dog. These are only the essentials, but even if you rely only on them, it will be enough for healthy and good looking hair. Check out the top tips for Yorkie’s brushing now:

How to brush a yorkie hair - pictureThe right duration for brushing is between 10 and 15 minutes. However, if the dog has hair problems like knots and tangles, the time should be longer, because you will need to separate the hair into pieces by combing first.
• Brushing the puppy on a regular basis is essential. We have already said that brushing always comes right after bathing. However, if you take your puppy to the bath only once per month, it does not mean you have to brush it so rarely. On the contrary: long or medium hairs require at least 2 times of brushing per week. If your dog has long hair, three times per week are recommended. The more times you miss this ritual, the worst it gets for your dog`s hair and skin – dull hair, tangles and a big excess of oil.
• The right brush is not always the most expensive brush. There are organic brushes for 20 USD, which could be great investments, but for short time. Indeed, if you prefer the budget-friendly brush, but still of a middle and high quality, you need to replace it more often. Otherwise, its pins will no longer be efficient enough for the delicate brushing and the right tangle prevention.
• Brushing is like art. You need to get used to be patient with your dog’s movements during the procedure and to stimulate it with the right approach to love the entire process. If your puppy is not happy with brushing in the beginning (for instance, when being too small and not used to these procedures), try again later. Find the right moments your dog gets more peaceful and eventually, look for the signs of its enjoyment. Eventually, this enjoyment will come.

We have decided to list you several brushing products you might enjoy and like. Below we will make some reviews of the most appreciated brushing and combing tools for your Yorkie’s healthier, shinier and stronger hair. Do not hesitate to consider them, because, as a matter of fact, they are quite affordable and really efficient. All of them are tested and checked!

The Best Yorkie Combs:


Safari Grooming Comb for Dogs, Stainless Steel.

We like and recommend it because of its
smooth rounded teeth that lets you accomplish complete grooming easily and quickly without making it suffer or get too annoyed to start torturing you with movements left and right.

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Andis Pet Steel Grooming Comb

It is recommended by the experts (so do we!) due to its hair growth stimulating features. It is also tender to the skin and perfect against knots and tangles. The comb is great for small dogs, no doubt.

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Master Grooming Tools Face & Finishing Ergonomic Comb.

This is a brilliant product for Yorkies. For its 40 tightly spaced 1/2″ stainless steel pins to rid hair of debris from tear stains, food, and dirt, this tool becomes the professional comb for any amateur. Besides, its convenient plaster holder is so comfy to be held.

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Safari De-matting Comb

It is our favorite pick-up for the comb with the ideal pins to deal with knots and tangles. Once you start using it you will never give it up, because it works so efficiently and causes zero damages even on the longest hair. Recommend by real professional Yorkie groomers. Use it on the direction of the hair growth. The modern design of this tool will make you feel like a real grooming expert.

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The Best Yorkie Brushes:

Madan Pin Brush

Definitely one of the most amazing tool you can buy for your Yorkie. Plus- users review that it is extremely solid and long-lasting, so you can invest in it a little bit, but use it for a long time. What is also curious about this tool is that it is designed by the International Dog Show Judge. It contains no balls on the heads of the pins. This approach helps the pins to go more smoothly through the hairs (including through tangles). On the other side, the heads of the pins are beveled, which is a guarantee to avoid skin irritation.

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Chris Christensen 16mm Pins T-Brush, Mini

Unique for its design and its durability. This type of a brush glides through the coat with less wrist movement. Speaking of which, if you have a Yorkie, which is not used to be combed yet and you cannot teach it to stay still, while grooming, then having this at hand is great. You will hold the brush more easily and will use the support to relax the puppy.

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Chris Christensen Little Wonder Pin Brush, 20mm

The German number one dog’s brush. It has specially tailored tips right on the pins – fully polished and extremely soft for the skin. We love this product, because it is affordable and the investment is worth it, no doubt.

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Chris Christensen Soft Tufted Boar Brush

Better version of the previous budget-friendly brush coming from the German producer. The update in this model is that it is a typical Natural Boar Bristle. Plus – it is soft tufted. To be honest with you, it does not cost so much more than the cheaper version from above.

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Recommended products for coat spraying:

Miracle Coat Leave-In Conditioner and Lusterizer for dogs.

We just cannot start with other suggestion, but this one. It is capable to prolong the unparalleled luster and, meanwhile, it nourished both: the coat and skin. The product is 100% organic and it can be used on a regular basis with no risk.

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Cloud Star Buddy Splash Dog Spritzer and Conditioner, Lavender/Mint

Made of natural agents only. It can be used during bathing, but if you apply on it between the baths, you will not harm, but nourish even more your dog’s hair. The best thing about it is that it has a triple active formula: to soften skin, to make the hairs shinier and to refresh the overall coat.

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Nootie Daily Spritz Pet Conditioning Spray

It is the best organic product for leave-in conditioning with no parabens or GMO. Use it not only for freshening up or protective purpose, but also to remove the dog’s bad odor and to achieve fantastic and natural deodorizing effect.

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