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Best Toys for Yorkies: How to Choose the Best Yorkie Toys

What are the best toys for Yorkeis?

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Yorkshire Terriers and dogs, in general, do need and like playing with toys. You might not have discovered it yet, but the truth is that they are just like kids. They do need to be entertained by all means.

Otherwise, they will become too lazy and abnormal overweight is possible. However, it could be the least risky issue. Experts claim that toys are important for many more important reasons for Yorkies.

For instance, toys are essential for regular exercising routine for your dog. And exercises are top priorities for the Yorkie’s growth, health and mental advance. Healthy weight, though is definitely not the only benefit of keeping your dog in good shape with exercises.

It is also truth that toys stimulates physical and spiritual growth for a pet, which is why you are by all means supposed to offer your adequate cares in this matter.

But here’s what we truly appreciate about the most popular Yorkie’s toys – the big bunch of dental benefits they bring. You might not believe, but good teeth hygiene does depend on the good selection of dog’s toys.

No matter what practice a vet has, he or she would definitely agree on the assumption that dog toys are great against bad breathe, various mouth infections, as well as absences and serious teeth diseases. It’s because high quality dog toys stimulate saliva, diminish plaque, make teeth stronger and cleaner.

We strongly recommend Yorkie owners to consider buying proper chewing toys for their pets. And today we are going to give you some fine directions about your purchase, because the truth is that the market is full of various dog toys – including for teeth – but not all of them are ok or suitable specially for your pet, especially if it is a tiny and delicate toy dog breed as Yorkie is.

Everything you need to know about chew Yorkie toys for teething period

It is now clear for you that Yorkies love chewing toys. The truth is that from their first minutes of teething period, dogs do develop the habit to chew. Those owners among you, who have never bought any chewing toys, have learnt it the hard way.

Probably, they have several pairs of shoes completely damaged and destroyed by your puppy. And yes, it might be a small and really sweet dog breed, but a Yorkie can do wonders with objects around – especially if being in teething period.

This is a period of harsh pain. Gums might even get infected and horrible itching and aching torture the dog. If the Yorkie does not have anything to chew around, this discomfort gets even worse, which is why your pet won’t care if it’s your favourite pair of shoes or not.

The Yorkie will start chewing the object around to stop the gum discomfort. Now you understand that teething period is the first important Yorkie period to get it a chewing toy. The more high quality the toy is, the longer it will “survive” and the bigger your chance to soothe the pain is.

Your goal with a growing puppy is to provide irresistibly fun teething toys, so they find the relief they need and don’t have to – or want to – chew your belongings. If your puppy is faced with the choice of either specialized teething toys that are more fun, relieving and ultimately fulfilling to chew on in comparison to your household items, they will always – OK, mostly – aim for their toys.

Here are the top things to consider, when choosing best chew toys for Yorkshire terriers, while teething:

  1. You will understand that you have purchased the wrong toy as soon as you give it to your pet. Remember, if your Yorkie is not satisfied with your selection, it will drop the toy and look for an alternative around. The desire to chew something is too big and your pet is not going to stand it at all.
  2. Durability is the number one feature to consider when buying a Yorkie toy for chewing. The thing, though, is to either appreciate an extra strong toy you can rely on for months and even for years, or to get something on a budget in order to be able to replace it with a new one soon.Changing chewing toys might be a good opportunity for you, if you are a newbie in taking care of a Yorkie and you are not used to buy such accessories. Note that the toy should be durable enough not to break into pieces, because in this case, your Yorkie might swallow any of them and risk its health and even life.
  3. Chewing toys for teething must be also safe. It means they need to be soft enough to provide relief, but also well-made to be preserved hollow for longer. Try different shades and textures till you find the best toy for your Yorkie.
  4. Make sure you avoid buying any cheap stuffed toys with squeakers, because they are too easy to be torn apart and if your pooch eats the squeaker it can be very dangerous indeed! Also, avoid BPA toys, because this material is harmful, as well as toys that can be torn into pieces or that have many parts – plus too small toys.
  5. Last, but not least, we would like to remind you that it is also very important for you to keep your Yorkie’s interest to chewing toys high. Otherwise, your pet will eventually find something else to sooth its pain and gum itching.And you do care for your personal belongings, right?Besides buying some really interactive and first-class chewing toys, you will also have to rotate them once in a while.

    Eventually one toy will bore the dog, so you will have to switch it with a new one.Try popping toys in the freezer and you’ll see that it will make it attractive for your pet. The coldness soothes the pain faster and in an easier way.

    Plus – low temperature does help for the gums to restore, too.

Our top choices for the best chewing Yorkie toys for teething

We have made an improvised list of Yorkie toys for teething period we believe that fully suit the general requirements for high quality, entertainment and interaction, durability and safety. Here they are:

KONG Puppy Dog Toy – X-Small, Blue/Pink

This is the perfect choice for stuffing toy and a great rubber alternative for a puppy like your Yorkie. These particular toys are made from a long-lasting rubber that can withstand years of abuse and although they aren’t completely indestructible, it’s very uncommon and incredibly difficult for a puppy to be able to tear anything off to become a threat for choking.

Last, but not least the KONG toy helps to soothe sore gums, and gently clean your puppy’s teeth, it promotes healthy development of your puppy’s mouth and good chewing behavior.

Note that the toy is exclusively designed by KONG for a puppy’s mouth size. This American chewing toy is produced from tough, durable rubber so is safe and will last for even the most aggressive chewers.

Thanks to its uneven shape it has an unpredictable bounce, making it more fun for your pup than a ball during games of fetch. The only con we see about the KONG teething Yorkie toy is that isn’t stuffed with food and is overused.
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Nylabone Puppy Teething Rings

As to this teething chewing puppy toy, you can rely on the benefits that is designed for really powerful chewers, which means you will have it for longer time and your Yorkie’s interest high as long as possible, too.

In addition to these, the Nylabone Puppy Teething Rings encourage healthy, non-destructive chewing habits and it also help to control plaque and tartar. Made from durable interlocking nylon rings to satisfy the chewing instinct of powerful puppy chewers, and encourage non-destructive chewing.

Bristles raised during chewing will help clean teeth and prevent tartar build up. The toy is truly gentle to gums and to teeth. The biggest vet agencies have already approved the toy, including as a perfect choice for small dog breeds like Yorkies.

Plus – consumers claim that it is easy to be maintained, cleaned and kept in top condition.
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Nylabone Puppy Teething Keys – Extra Small

Here is one more alternative from Nylabone manufacturer. Once again, this toy is both: durable and safe for your dog, but it is also high quality and long-lasting enough to keep your Yorkie engaged and interested.

The Nylabone Puppy Teething Keys are gentle and fast in soothing the pain, which is why most consumers take it for a first chewing toy, when the teething period comes.

In addition to these, it comes with moving parts that make a sound when shaken – and toys that make ANY sound are always more preferable and fun for a puppy.

Because it cannot be staffed with treats, many owners prefer to switch the toy with a different one once in a while, but we should not consider this as such a big disadvantage as in most cases, changing chewing toys is important for a dog.
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Benebone Chew Toy, Bacon, Mini

A non-chemical, but super strong nylon chewing toy, this one is ideal for more stubborn Yorkies that have harsher gum pain. BeneBone is a growing brand of dog chew toys. T

he product line is a line of toys that can be chewed but not eaten. Benebone use nothing but nylon and real ingredients for flavour. Benevbone chew toy Bacon is as attractive as bacon to all dogs is.

Affordable and truly budget-friendly (it does come with one of the lowest rates for such a toy on the market), the toy has both shapes (wishbone and curved) are great at allowing the dog to grab it properly and give it a good bite. The curved version (dental chew) is better to clean your dog’s teeth.

Last, but not least, besides a few exceptions, these bad boys last for very long weeks. They get worn out slowly and they definitely hold themselves up well with bigger breeds too.

Yet, a Yorkie will definitely appreciate it or at least it is what most users of Benebone manufacturer and with a Yorkie at home say.

It’s important to know, though, that the toy is bacon or peanut butter flavored, but it is not an edible toy. So when it starts to wear out, it’s time to replace it before it becomes risky for your pet.
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Here are our reviews for the best toys for Yorkies

Besides the chewing toys while teething, there are other toy alternatives you should consider, when shopping for your pet accessories and home cares. We strongly recommend you the following toys:

KONG Cozies Dog Squeaky Toy

Small dogs will go crazy for KONG Small Cozies.

These Small Cozies have the same added layer of material (as the bigger versions) to last longer, plus a squeaker to entice play.

Small dogs and puppies will love to cuddle and lick the soft plush.

Parents beware – if there are kids in the house, you might need more than one Small Cozie.

Please, note that the toy is not for chew sessions.

So once your dog has stopped playing with it and just continued to chew on it, you should remove it.
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Multipet Nuts for Knots Heavy Duty Rope Dog Toy with Tug

This is an affordable idea for your Yorkie. No matter what your rough-playin’ pal decides to do with the Multipet Nuts for Knots Heavy Duty Rope with Tug Dog Toy, one thing’s for sure: that tail is gonna wag!

This extra-durable toy is perfect for interactive play between pets and pet parents, and also great for keeping your pal entertained when you’re gone from home.

The toy is available in multiple sizes. Key Benefits Perfect for interactive play that strengthens bond between pet and pet parents Knotted ball with tug loop.

Last, but not least, the nuts toy is substantial as it looks and promises superior durability to other rope ball toys on the market.
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Edible Chew toys for Yorkshire terriers

Supreme Bully Sticks by Best Bully Sticks – All Natural Dog Treats

If you are looking for edible Yorkie toy, we cannot think of a better idea than this alternative.

These sticks super healthy: high in proteins and vitamins, they are deprived of any chemical substances, but meanwhile, promising to make your puppy’s teeth stronger than ever.

Durable and Long-lasting, the bully sticks scrape away tartar and plaque.

Plus – they are greater alternatives to other chemically-processed treats and chews.
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Himalayan Dog Chew, Mixed Pack 10.5 Oz. (contains 3 pieces)

The Original Himalayan Dog Chew is a very long lasting dog chew.

Himalayan Dog Chews are made by boiling yak and cow milk and then dried for several weeks to create a hard chew.

Dogs must work the end of the treat for hours, softening it with their mouths before small parts of it can be slowly scraped off. It is 100-percent natural with no preservatives. It is an authentic type of cheese eaten by the people of the Himalayas.

When you give this Himalayan Dog Chew to your dog, you know that you are providing them with hours of high quality eating entertainment.

Packaged by weight, quantities and size vary. These chewing edible toys are made of 100% healthy organic substances only: Yak and Cow Milk, Salt and Lime Juice.
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The best interactive Yorkie toys to consider

Interactive Yorkie toys are also important for your regular routine of cares. Here is our list of the most recommended and highly appreciated interactive pet toys, which are extremely suitable for your Yorkie puppy:

Trixie Pet Products

The toy comes with 4 alternatives for entertainment.

These 4 games will keep the Yorkie’s interest high and the puzzles are extremely important for the mental development of your pet.

Also, this entertaining alternative comes with an instructional booklet with tips and tricks for challenging and training dogs of all ages through play.

The toy is 100% safe and washable in the dish washing machine.
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TRIXIE Dog Activity Flip Board

One more Trixie idea to entertain your dog that comes on a budget!

This toy is cool with its flip lids using knobs and slide disks to side. Lift up cones note that design prevents cones from being knocked over they must be lifted straight up to remove.

To begin, place your dog’s favorite treats in any or all of the compartments. By correctly sliding the covers or lifting the flaps and cones, the rewards will be revealed for your dog’s enjoyment.

Due to the unique design, the cones cannot be knocked over, so the toy is 100% safe for your tiny and delicate Yorkie.
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Nina Ottosson DogCasino Interactive game

Nina Ottosson DogCasino Interactive game is a very modern and easy to be maintained in top condition through the time interactive toy for a Yorkie.

The toy helps you in training commands such as wait, go ahead, find, sit, etc. It is durable and you can use it on your vacation, because it is easy to be stored and carried from point A to point B.
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Do not underestimate the necessity of buying proper and high quality toys for your puppy. It’s what will make them feel loved and cared for, too!

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