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Chocolate Yorkie – Everything you need to know

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Standard Yorkshire terriers have only four specific colors – black and tan, and blue and gold.

However, there are Yorkies that are different from the AKC standard.

and the Chocolate Yorkie is one of them.

More and more people are interested in these dogs, but there is no official information about their origin and history.

That is why everyone can believe in different theories. 

To be as helpful as we can, in this article we will provide a few different opinions from different people and will present you with opposing arguments as well.

But before that, let’s see what exactly is a Chocolate Yorkshire terrier and how it is different from the standard.

What is a Chocolate Yorkie

The Chocolate Yorkie (also known as Red Yorkie or Brown Yorkie) is a Yorkshire Terrier which is carrying a double recessive gene for a brown or red coat.

The result from that is a Yorkie which is different from the traditional ones when you compare their coat color.

The best of the gene can lead to liver or brown pigmentation of the nose, eye rims, and the paw pads.

As puppies, the traditional Yorkshire terriers usually appear with a black coat, but the ones that carry the double recessive gene for the brown coat have a lighter color even at birth.

So the chocolate Yorkshire terriers are fully brown from their first second.

Many breeders and people think that some dogs carry a recessive gene for a brown coat as a result of a crossbreeding with some other breeds like the Dachshund for example.

If you have an interest in the Chocolate colored Yorkshire terriers you can read more about them and make an educated decision if they are the right dogs for you.

What breeders and other people think?

Some of them think that the Chocolate colored Yorkshire terrier is a mutation, others say that they are just a lack of pigment and everyone who advertises them as rare is dishonest.

Another group of people says that this color results from a genetic defect which can cause different health problems.

Now let’s discuss these statements in more detail.

The Chocolate Yorkie is a mutation

The Chocolate Yorkie is just an overload of red gold and is a mutation for the breed, so these dogs should not be bred, because they are a complete loss of pigment.

Well, this statement is a little confusing.

If the chocolate color is just an overload of the red and gold pigmentation there cannot be a complete loss of pigment.

Because there are pigments – red and gold.

If there is a complete loss of pigment it should result in an albino Yorkie, which is not the case.

The other thing is that an unexpected color in the offspring can occur in a couple of ways:

1.) DNA sequence change within a chromosome or gene of the organism which can result in the creation of a new trait or character that is not found in the parents.

Either of the words mutation or evolution can be used for the change to be described.

2.) There was a gene responsible for the unexpected color change in one or both the parents or their ancestors.

Actually, there is no medical documentation that is indicating that the Chocolate Yorkies are a result of a change in the DNA sequence within a chromosome or a gene.

But there is some information about the so-called “chocolate” gene which had been brought into the breed by using the tan and black Terrier mostly known nowadays as the Manchester Terrier.

That way was utilized the Skye – black and tan Terriers crosses then crossed with Waterside Terriers.

The black and tan were referred to as a crossbreed Terrier with dark brown color.

So the second reason may be more likely to be true. But again, all this is just an assumption!

The Chocolate Yorkie is a result of the lack of pigment

The people that are advertising the Chocolate Yorkie’s color as rare are dishonest and they are trying to get more money for the dogs in spite of the lack of pigment,

which can lead to genetic problems to the breed afterward.

The definition of rare is something uncommon, something that is not occurring very often.

Many show breeders, at least in their early years of Yorkie breeding, would neuter or spray or even dispose of the puppies which are born in different colors than the standard.

This practice is making the gene pool even smaller for the chocolate color dogs, which can result in the Chocolate Yorkies to be even more rarer and uncommon.

Whether the Chocolate Yorkie is a result of a recessive gene from the ancestors or from a mutation, the chocolate color puppies are not born very often and should be indeed considered as rare.

The Chocolate color might be a result of a genetic defect that can affect the health of the dog

One of the issues regarding the breeding “off-colored” Yorkies is that the same off-color might be a result of a genetic defect that can even affect the well-being of the dog.

Some health issues can occur for example skin problems, complete hair loss, allergic reactions, and even long-term sickness and death.

The good and responsible breeders should not intentionally breed Chocolate Yorkies.

The only Yorkie colors that meet the AKC standards are black-tan and blue-gold.

Any other color such as chocolate or chocolate-tan can be considered as “off-color”.

Do Chocolate Yorkies have health problems because of their coloring?

There is no documentation that supports the statement that these dogs might have health problems because of their pigmentation.

Even some breeders with a lot of experience confirm that they have not heard anything about that.

After all, the breeders must consider every health issue as an undesirable trait.

When it comes to the physical appearance of the Yorkies like their size, weight and color – the show breeders and the general public might have different visions.

Something that is highly undesirable for one group of people might be highly desirable for another.

So we should respect the opinion of every group even when it is different than ours.

Teacup Chocolate Yorkies

Teacup Yorkie is a term that describes smaller than the standard Yorkshire terriers.

Teacup chocolate Yorkie is a chocolate colored Yorkie, which is less than 4 lbs when it is fully grown.

If you are looking for a tiny micro dog please read our Teacup Yorkie article here.

Here is a video with Tinker Bell – She is a Teacup Chocolate Yorkie and her weight is about 1 pound 3 oz. only.

Can Chocolate Yorkshire terrier be AKC registered?

Usually, people think that these dogs cannot be AKC registered because this color is not considered a breed standard,

but the truth is that Chocolate Yorkshire terriers can be registered, but they are not allowed to participate in shows.

Do they have health issues?

As we already said, for now, there are no medical documents which state that these brown Yorkies have health problems, because of their coat color.

Of course, like any other dog, they are living creatures and might experience different health conditions.

For more information, you can check our article about Yorkshire terrier health.

Chocolate Yorkies for sale

If you are looking to buy such a dog, you should make your own research and find a reputable breeder.

Please note that there are people and “breeders” who will try to sell you a crossbred dog for a lot of money, by telling you that it is a chocolate Yorkie.

Do not buy in a hurry and do your research!  Always ask a lot of questions!

If the breeder doesn’t answer directly to your questions or you receive canned responses, or he is too pushy just run away.

Finding an honest and responsible breeder is really important for you and for your future pet!

The Price

As we said above the Chocolate Yorkshire terriers are not very common, but at the same time, more and more people are interested in buying them.

This makes the price higher than the standard Yorkie price.


There might be a lot of things people say for the Chocolate Yorkies, however very few of them are factual and most of them are just opinions.

So what we can say for sure is that the Chocolate Yorkies do exist and are considered rare and they do not meet the breed standards of the AKC.

There are other Yorkie colors that are different from the standard and if you are interested you can check our article about the Parti Yorkie here.

Do you have a Chocolate Yorkie?

Feel free to let us know in the comments below and if you would like to send us photos just contact us.

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