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Parti Yorkies: What is a Parti Yorkie (with Pictures)

Parti Yorkie - picture

What is a Parti Yorkie?

Parti color Yorkie is not a different breed. It is a Yorkshire terrier with different color.

The Classification for Parti Yorkies has been included by AKC since 2000.

Yorkie lovers know that a true Yorkie comes with specific traditional colors which are black and tan, but there is a Parti Yorkie, which comes also in white, except those two colors.

There are also other different color combinations that can occur in Parti Yorkies such as Chocolate Parti or Golden Parti Yorkies for example.

And for sure there will be more colors appearing for Yorkies as soon as the breeders get a better understanding of the Yorkie genes.

There is for example White and Black Parti Yorkie that does not have any tan color.

It is a controversial topic..

But to tell you the truth, there are so many debates about Parti Yorkies and the issue if they are even true Yorkshire Terriers.

There are many breeders who refuse to admit that there is even a white gene existing in the Yorkies.

They usually say that this is nothing else but ‘behind the kennel bred’ mutt, and they claim that there is no breeder who has been showing and breeding Yorkies for more than thirty years that has ever produced a Parti Yorkie.

When we talk about the history of Yorkies, it is more likely that something could have happen then when we compare things with today’s usual routines, because records and selected breeding was not kept so close then and for sure there were a few “occasional” pregnancies in their canines.

It is also known from history that originally the breed was with broken hair and short, coarser coats. That is why, in order to enhance the length and the texture of the dog’s coat, the Maltese was bred to the Yorkie Terrier.

From what was documented back then, we also know that the foundation of the breed was with dogs with unknown heritage and cross-bred dogs.

Parti Yorkshire terrier breeding

Parti colored yorkie - picture

Even if the colored Yorkies did not look like Parti Yorkies then, they could have harbored this gene into their DNA. So when you get this recessive Parti gene now, no one could tell if the dog’s great grandmother or great grandfather was or not parti colored.

Can traditional Yorkies have parti color offspring? 

The answer is Yes.

Parti colored puppies can appear even if the parents are standard color Yorkshire terriers.


There are some Yorkies with traditional coloring which are carriers of the Parti Yorkie gene and may have white spots on the feet, chin, chest or combination of the above.

But usually the carriers of the Parti gene can’t be recognized because they do not have “off standard” or white coloring.

It is important to understand that should only one of the parents possess the Parti gene, then the litter will not have any puppies with the Parti gene.

In order to get an offspring that contains a Parti Yorkie, you need to breed two dogs carrying the gene.

When you get two such dogs, 25 % of the offspring will have traditional Yorkie colors, 50% of the offspring will also have traditional colors, but the dog will carry this gene, and 25 % of the offspring will be Parti Yorkies.

But should there be only one parent with the Parti gene, then it might pass that gene to part of their offspring but these puppies will only be carriers but won’t possess the marks of a Parti Yorkies. If that is so, this gene might be passed to many generations.

In this event, the Parti gene will be dormant and will be hidden in the dogs.

It will be important only if a purebred Yorkie with the Parti gene is being mated with another one which is also purebred and possesses the Parti gene – then the litter will show the traits of Parti Yorkies.

This condition should be met in order for the offspring to have Parti Yorkies but not all descendants will be such.

So the Parti Yorkie will also have black and tan, but also some white on the chest, feet and the chain.

History and Origin of Parti Yorkies

You might not quite understand everything we wrote above, but we’ll tell you some of the Parti Yorkies’ history in order to help you clear this confusion.

Before that lets start with a little bit of history of the traditional yorkies.

When we talk about establishing the origin of the breed – this is quite a difficult task, and the information is mostly gathered from books and publications in the UK, written by reliable fanciers.

Before 1800s most of the British people worked in agriculture, but Industrial Revolution led to many changes in family life, and especially in the area of Yorkshire, people began dealing more with factories, textile mills and coal mines.

And because these industries were well developed at that time, they brought here people from other parts of the country. Clydesdale Terrier - picture

That is how Clydesdale Terrier was brought to the area. These were terriers with longer bodies that were used for catching small animals, such as rats.

They were then crossed of course with other types of terriers, such as the Skye Terrier, the English Black and Tan Toy Terrier, the Maltese Terrier.

Unfortunately, there are no records kept for the breed’s pedigrees when all these crossings were made. But for sure the early breeders know how things really are, because there is a great deal of information about the people who bred the breed.

But for the present moment the official version concerning the Yorkie’s origin is stated as unknown.

It is believed that the Yorkshire Terrier comes from crossing three types of breeds – Dandie Dinmont, a breed with uneven top line; a Maltese, a breed with totally white color and Manchester Terrier, smooth coated breed, which sounds a bit not so realistic.

What is sure from all the gathered information is that no one can give an absolute proof about the origin of the Yorkshire Terrier.

It is not realistic according to some authors like for example – the crossing with the Maltese Terrier. This is a breed with totally white color and there is no tan or blue presenting into its coat. But with the things that we know today, using the Maltese terrier for improving the breed becomes more apparent.

It is a fact that the genes that control the color and the genes that control the texture are separate so any breeder could have used a Maltese Terrier in order to improve the quality of the dog’s coat.

When doing this, there is a possibility to have produced Yorkies that carry the recessive genes of the white color that can be found now in the Parti Yorkies. This is one of the possibilities where the white gene appeared from in the Yrokshire Terrier.

This is also rare, because both of the parents need to carry this recessive gene. The puppies get one part of the gene from each parent.

Parti Yorkie History

Parti color Yorkshire terriers - pictureHow did Parti Yorkies appear and what their origin is, is quite a hot topic nowadays, because there are mainly contradictive points of views. Many writers tried to find out what the right answer for their origin is, but it appeared to be a very difficult task.

Usually, the breeders who are in that field for many years, perhaps more than twenty, stick to the dominant colors of the Yorkies, which are associated with the Yorkshire Terrier family – black and tan, and also brown, but there is no real proof of the Parti Yorkie color that can be the evidence that they are part of the Yorkie group.

A dedicated article writer did a research for establishing the origin of the Parti Yokie, by asking breeders who have been in this career for more than two-three decades but they were not able to tell where the white color came from.

The research in the library was also not as satisfying as expected, it turned out that there isn’t actually a document that can illuminate the truth. It is a fact though that there is a record available confirming breeding the genes of Maltese with those of the Yorkshire Terrier.

And in the nineteenth century Scottish people also bred Maltese with Yorkies to produce a dog for chasing vermin. And having in mind the changes that Industrial revolution brought, Parti Yrokies could have appeared at that time.

They are as old as the Yorkshire Terriers, the problem that occurs about them is that there are no real evidence about their appearance. There were no such detailed records kept during the 18th and 19th century as the way they are kept today.

In books dating from the 1800s is seem the first reference about Yorkshire terriers with three colors.

In one of Hemingway’s books we can see that the writer mentioned he was extremely fond to one of his grandparent’s Yorkies – a white Yorkie by the name of Tassel.

After the beginning of the dog show era, not only could the reputable breeders of Yorkies be identified, but this was also the time when the selective gold and blue Yorkies breeding started.

But during this period, the reputable breeders didn’t want anything to connect them with the tri-colored Yorkies appearing in their litters for they considered them to be “trashy”.
This was the time when the Parti Yorkies were thought to be of low-quality.

Because of this reason, the breeders would willingly put the Parti Yorkies down or secretly give them away and make agreement with the new owner to keep them in secret.

During this period, the breeders didn’t want the people to know that in the litter of their purebred Yorkies were “low-quality” dogs.

Parti Yorkie puppy - photoYou may find it hard to believe this but through the years the breeders performed such cruel acts and even at present time there are some breeders which put down the puppies of their litters which are Parti Yorkies.

We already explained that the Parti gene is recessive and might be hidden until both of the mated dogs are carriers of the Parti gene.

But once the people didn’t know that and since the Yorkies which carry the Parti gene don’t have distinguishing marks, people couldn’t tell which Yorkies carry this gene.

This was the way the recessive Parti gene was passed through many generations and sometimes in the litter will suddenly appear a white Yorkie.

What old books say about Parti color Yorkies?

There are some statements in the books of a few authors during the years, where they mention the colors of the Yorkies.

published a book in 1976, where she states that there could be seen white spots on the dog’s chest, paws, jaws or skull.

It is also written in the book that:

“They can be born all black; all tan; tan with black points; tri-color: black, white and tan; all blue; bluish-grey with tan points;”

According to the writer they were found mismarked and incorrectly colored and she tells that such puppies should not had been sold as rare, but just a loving home should be found for them.

In 1895, Stonehenge published a book with a title “The Dog”, where he states:

“Sometimes the Broken Haired dog is white, more or less, marked with blue..”

Mrs. Leslie Williams published a book in 1904, called “” where she also mentioned White Yorkshires as “a new variety that some folk have tried to push in”.

She describes these Yorkies as lovely, merry souls and good companions.

So actually there were such type of Yorkies during the years, but since they were considered as non-standard, there were just two possible variants for them – they were killed when born or they were quietly sold out the back door.

Most Famous Parti Yorkie Lines

Perhaps the most famous founder of the most prolific known line,  is Nikko, an AKC Champion.

There were two breeders in California that had a strong fight for getting this line of Parti Colored Yorkies and Parti carriers. This line comes from a well known and famous show breeder who is in this business for over forty years.

AKC approved for registration at the association forty-two litters and generations, and Parti Yorkies have been allowed for registration since the year of 2000.

There were strict rule standards concerning the color of the Yorkies, but they have changed during the years.

It was only blue and tan color at first that was considered as the standard and everything else was “off standard”. But after some time, black and gold Yorkies and black and tan Yorkies have entered into the showing and they won their place there, so things have changed since the late 1800s, not only for the dog size, but also for the color, so more darker coated dogs appear on the ring.

So these changes might also open the door for Parti colored Yorkies.

Actually Parti Yorkies are not something like a genetic freak, they are just RARE for the breed, and they are in fact healthy dogs. The demand for these types of Yorkies is getting higher due to the reason that they appear quite rare and due to this fact their cost is higher.

The two most famous lines for these dogs are Nikko’s line and the California line. Of course that these are not the only ones but Nikko’s line is the one that is the most recognized, the one that is talked about, the most well known for producing Parti colored Yorkies in the USA.

The line started in the 1980s, when a show breeder refused to destroy the tri-colored puppies, but instead he sold them even though they were not registered.

Nikko’s Kennels started in 1969 and then years after that 17 Yorkshire Terriers of that line has won titles.

Some of the most famous dogs of that line are: CH. Nikko’s Rolls Royce Corniche, Ashley, Mickey Spillane (was the first Parti), Silk and Sale, Nikko’s Great Expectations, Nikko’s April in Paris, Nikko’s Golden Charm II.

So after Ashley, which is after 1984, where the gene actually appeared to show, all litters had been quietly sold, and people were asked not to tell where they had go the puppies

The official Parti Yorkie registration

Parti Yorkshire terrier - picture

The reputable breeders’ litters had much more Parti Yorkies that people were aware of. Most of these puppies would be killed or secretly given away to an owner which won’t tell where they got the dog for this type of Yorkies was regarded a “low-quality” one.

Among the few people who refused to put their white Yorkies down was Mrs. Gloria Lipman who is from Nikko’s Kennels.

She not only refused to execute them, but also found them loving homes where they would be taken well care of.

Once the lady Ms. Bogren saw a beautiful white Yorkie. She thought it was charming and followed the owner for whole 5 miles in order to find where he bought the dog from.

She found out that Mrs. Lipman’s kennel was where the dog came from and met with Mrs. Lipman in order to negotiate buying couple of these white Yorkies.

Mrs. Gloria Limpan told the potential buyer that the big problem is that you cannot register the white Yorkies with their true coloring with the AKC.

But she found a way to register her Parti Yorkie – Nikko’s Mickey Spillane – she registered it as blue and gold. Then there was no particular color code in the AKC for these new Yorkies.

But Ms. Bogren definitely wouldn’t want to register her puppies as blue and gold. She decided to do something and change this.

There were really long negotiations but at the end Ms. Bogren agreed that she would buy every Parti Yorkie puppy form Mrs. Lipman if the latter asks DNA testing to be performed but the AKC on the parents of the white dogs.

Mrs. Lipman finally agreed to ask the AKC for the DNA tests. This procedure was very long and Mrs. Lipman had to pay quite a high price.

The AKC closed Mrs. Lipman’skenel for a year and a half during the testing and the breeder couldn’t run her business. During this time, forty-two litters – both the males and the females of them – were tested by the AKC.

But the AKC wanted more information – they weren’t satisfied only with these from Mrs. Limpan’s dogs and they got in contact with other reputable breeders in the country and abroad in order to gain more information about tri-colored Yorkies.

Every one of the breeders confessed that they had had white Yorkies in their litters.

During this period, the AKC found one breeder who had more newborn Yorkies who were tri-colored than Mrs. Limpan had.

AKC approval of Parti Yorkies

Parti Color Yorkie - pictureAt last, Mrs. Lipman’s difficult times were over.

The AKC had completed the DNA studies and was ready to announce the final decision.

They made it by investigating the Yorkie’s roots and ancestors, collecting information from the breeders who worked with purebred Yorkshire Terriers and gathering the DNA data of the dogs of Mrs. Lipman.

The AKC concluded that the traditionally looking purebred Yorkshire Terriers can produce differently colored Yorkies. The AKC started taking registrations of Parti Yorkies with the color code of 014 since the 2000.

But do not forget that the AKC will only register the Parti Yorkie if its parents were both registered.

Once the Parti Yorkies were officially recognized, many breeders started breeding them. But since Mrs. Limpan actually changed the history and made the Parti Yorkies registerable, her kennel is still the most distinguished and famous one.


As a conclusion, the Parti Yorkies are indeed purebred Yorkshire Terriers and differ from the “standard” once only by their coloring – a factor which is determined by the recessive genes.

These dogs are not mutts or unhealthy. A lot of people won’t accept this but for them this is a matter of money. Since the demand for this beautiful Parti Yorkies is going high, as well as the interest is, the prices are also going really high.

We suggest that you only purchase a Parti Yorkie after a thorough research of the breeders. The breeders must provide the AKC registration of the litter’s parents and the documents of the DNA tests.

Looking for a Parti Yorkie?

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