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Yorkie Temperament and Personality

picture of yorkieWhen looking for a pet dog, for sure one of the most popular breeds is the Yorkshire Terrier. This is because of two reasons, it is really cute, because it is so small and fragile, and the other factor is its charming, friendly personality.

As whole, the dogs of this breed are really amusing and cheerful. They are great companions for adults and for children. Despite the overall review of the breed, each dog has its own unique personality, every dog has a special attitude and knows different tricks, and if the owner spends some time in teaching his dog, he might be surprised how intelligent the dogs of this breed are.

What are the things that define and shape the temperament of the Yorkshire Terrier?

There are a few characteristics that the Yorkies are known to poses in general: they are really intelligent dogs, which is above the average for canines and they are very easy to be trained when the owner uses the proper methods for doing this. Yorkshire Terries have lots of courage, even though they are so small. They show independence and have lots of energy, they are ready to play and have fun almost all the time.

What is also common, as it is for most of the toy breeds, is that besides they are so little, these dogs actually do not realize how small they are, so they show their courageous behaviour when they are out of your home. They can sometimes bark at strangers or other dogs, or on the contrary – they can greet people and dogs with kisses.

Really Dominant Personality

Yorkshire Terries need to be properly thought because of their dominant personality. They do not realize their small size and because they have a lot of courage they can often act aggressive towards people and other dogs. Their aggression is to actually start fights even though there is not obvious chance to win the fight. When they are not well trained and thought to behave properly, they usually show this behaviour often and that is the reason why they are then kept at home, on a leash, and the owners avoid to walk them in the park or to show them at other public places.

Yorkies like attention very much. They love being in the center of getting attention which makes them an ideal home pet for single people, and this is like that also because of the fact that they have the tendency to get really possessive towards their masters. These dogs give love and seek attention at the same time almost most of the time. They can feel grumpy when you ignore them, and even get disheartened. So if you want to avoid this bad temper from developing you need to have constant discipline and exercise your dog regularly.

Another common thing for these terriers is being quite stubborn. The origin of this behavior is in their history. When they do not feel in the mood of doing something, you will for sure understand this right away, because they often refuse even to listen to your voice or commands. So it is important to have a proper housebreaking for avoiding such behavior.

Yorkshire Terriers also tend to excessive barking and if it is not taken into consideration while it is still time, it could turn to be a major concern to the owner. They could become dominant and aggressive, and they need proper training and good discipline.

A Brilliant Breed

But even though the Yorkshire Terrier have a tendency of showing dominant and a bit aggressive behavior, there are methods for training this and after a good discipline is achieved, you can see and enjoy all the good sides that the temperament of the Yorkshire Terrier has. This is actually one brilliant breed. Yorkies have a great passion for learning new things. Actually their intelligence is above the average, they are one of the smartest dogs among all breeds and you can quickly see it.

Regular exercises for the Yorkshire Terrier can have only positive benefits, they train the dog, keep it away from being too attached to its owner, and they need to be done because the Yorkies have lots of energy to use.

Shaping the Behavior and the Personality of the Yorkshire Terrier

Shaping the proper personality and behavior of the Yorkshire Terrier is done during the first three months of the little puppies. The temperament and the dog`s personality depends quite a lot of the behavior and the training that it will receive during these first few months of its life. This is an important task, which is usually done by the dog breeder, and if the owner gets the dog, no matter if it is younger or older than these three months, he needs to continue with the proper training, because all the failures that you can see at the dog`s behavior are due to ignoring and not giving a proper care when it is the exact time for doing this.

Crating and having a happy and friendly dog – what is the most important factor for achieving this?

The most important element for having such a dog is socialization. This is the key factor that will help you achieving great results in teaching your dog, as well as when shaping its personality. While the dog is growing, it should be introduced to all the noises that it could hear in the house, which includes everything – the noise from the TV, from the washing machine, the doorbell and all other sharp and interesting noises that you can hear in your house.

It is vital that the dog gets accustomed to the human voice of his owner, of the other members of the family, of friends and other people. Human touch is also quite important for the dog. There is a big difference between puppies that are raised in a dog cage and puppies raised with lots of love and cuddling during their first three months. When a dog is bathed, held, groomed and receives lots of love from the moment it is born, you will finally have a dog that is comfortable with people and enjoys the world that is around it. A self-confident dog is a dog that is loved.

Even though the personality of the dog is shaped during these first important months of its life, even when the dog is a bit older, there is still a chance for doing this.

yorkie personality - photoA Properly Behaved Yorkie Depends on the Type of the Home

Having a properly behaved Yorkie also depends on the type of home that you will provide to your dog. There are even small elements that can help your dog feel happy and behave well. The key factor here is to create such an environment that the dog feels absolutely safe and that his is the place where it belongs.

What could encourage the dog to be more balanced and well behaving?

Daily schedule. When the dog knows what happens next and when, then it feels safe and happy. A daily routine which is scheduled will bring your dog the comfort that it needs to feel happy and loved. This daily schedule should consist of few important elements:
– Waking time. The best is when the dog wakes up at the same time as its owner.
– Feeding times. The dog feels happy when it knows the time for feeding and this establishes its owner as the leader in their relationship.
– Walking times. The dog needs to go out regularly and explore the environment outside.
– Exercising times. The Yorkie especially needs regular exercises, because it processes lots of energy.
– Grooming times. This toy breed needs regular and proper grooming for avoiding healthy issues.
– Play times. The Yorkie is ready to play all the time and it needs this type of attention so the owner should provide it to his dog.
– Quiet times. For relaxing between walking, exercising and playing.
– Bed time.

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